Miller Lite Wants to Lecture Us on Feminism Now

I missed out on Women’s History Month this year. It was in March, and I didn’t even know about it until I saw a recent woke beer ad campaign that went viral from yet another major brand, Miller Lite.

Two months ago, pre-Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light marketing debacle, Miller Lite released a 90-second ad giving America a feminist lecture on how women helped invent brewing and instructing us that women in bikinis ads for beer are bad.

The campaign, which features comedian Ilana Glazer is called, “Bad $#!T to Good $#!T,” because in order to seem cooler, feminists always feel the need to swear. The ad indicates that Miller Lite is buying up all of its old advertisements featuring bikini-clad babes in order to turn them into mulch so they can give female brewers free hops—because apparently women, who helped invent beer, now can’t afford the elements necessary to make beer? It’s all very confusing when it’s not simply patronizing.

In speaking on the new branding, Elizabeth Hitch, Miller Lite’s senior director of marketing, sounds almost exactly like Bud Light’s vice president of marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid—who, by the way, is still on a leave of absence.

Hitch claims the brand’s position in the industry gives them a chance to create real change and to turn some “bad $#!t, old objectifying beer advertising into good $#!t, literal fertilizer to grow hops that will be donated to female brewers.”

“We recognize that Miller Lite played a contributing role in this in the past,” Hitch added. “We’ve been collecting our and other brands’ outdated, old sexist ads, displays, and posters for months. We have been buying and removing any pieces we could find on the internet.”

I’m no beer expert, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that absolutely no one wants a lecture on feminism in the middle of drinking cheap versions of the product. I’d also venture a guess that the marketing executives at these companies have never ventured into the places that sell most of their products— including the cheap seats at sporting events and dive bars. If you personally drink a $7 cup of coffee daily, there is no way you have the understanding of the American marketplace required to sell $7 a case of beer.

These marketing decisions also speak to the bubbles formed by elite marketing and sales programs in colleges—where liberalism has corrupted everything, including common sense. 

In a modern college or university, everyone can be a victim merely by proclaiming it. Moreover, your victimhood is automatically everyone else’s fault. In the recent Miller Lite ad, they insist women, the creators of beer, were victimized by being put into bikinis in ads for beer.

In order to follow that logic, one would have to forget that the models in the ads were paid, promoted, and chose to be in them. But because a blue-haired, single, feminist, cat lady might be offended by their images today, we must pretend they were somehow slaves to a modern misogynist system.

Whether you find the bikini ads offensive or not, nobody is interested in buying a product that comes with a lecture on how terrible they and their society are. The only people who could think such a strategy works are those who were coddled within the leftist bubble of American universities where one is rewarded for claiming she is unable to succeed in modern society because of demographics.

Unfortunately for these woke ad executives, woke people just don’t buy cheap beer at the same rate normal people do. At most, they are likely to buy one case for performative purposes in their lifetimes, like the Broadway cast of the “Book of Mormon” did last month.

The silver lining in all of this bad marketing is that the Right is learning not to hand over their money to companies that hate them. Bud Light felt the impact immediately—and is still feeling the financial losses. As mentioned earlier, their marketing executives took a leave of absence right after the campaign flop. Similarly, Disney+ lost 4 million subscribers in the second quarter of this year. People are waking up.

It’s time for all reasonable people, not just those who call themselves conservatives, to stop consuming garbage products when company executives presume to lecture them. Not only will it teach these woke companies a lesson, it should also improve Americans’ overall health and wellbeing.

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