Don’t Be Surprised If Joe Biden Is Not the Democrats’ 2024 Nominee

If it wasn’t obvious by now, the writing is already on the wall for Joe Biden. It is becoming ever more apparent that he is unlikely to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 2024.

In the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, Biden’s already abysmal approval rating has fallen to just 36 percent, with 56 percent of Americans disapproving of his job performance. How his approval rating remains that high can only be explained by people who have been living in a witness protection program.

Even more damning, 63 percent of voters in the same poll believe Biden is mentally unfit for a second term.

Let’s put aside the fact that his record is one of failure across the board. Whether it’s his handling of the economy, crime, the border, inflation, education, Afghanistan, Russia, China, or Iran, he gets an “F” on all fronts.

It doesn’t so much matter that by every respectable metric, Biden cannot point to a single accomplishment from his administration, or that his son Hunter might soon be indicted for tax fraud, or that a whistleblower has come forward, under penalty of perjury, and said he has substantial evidence that Biden was selling our country out to foreign nations so his family could cash in while he was Barack Obama’s vice president.

U.S. Representative James Comer (R-Ky.), the Republican House Oversight Committee chairman, presented evidence of Hunter’s shady business dealings at a press conference on Wednesday. Comer revealed that Biden’s family members and business associates established a web of more than 20 companies—most of them LLCs that received over $10 million from foreign nationals, including companies in China and Romania—during and after his time in the vice president’s office. Biden, of course, famously said during the second presidential debate with former President Trump that his son never received money from China, a lie that has now been verified by bank records that Comer obtained.

But corruption has never been a problem for the Democratic Party.

The only thing that matters is that neither the DNC, the White House, nor the propagandists in the corporate leftist media can continue to run cover for a man who is becoming increasingly more incoherent by the day.

Somehow the sycophantic press only becomes observant when they’re analyzing the mannerisms of Republicans, but no amount of propaganda can protect Biden if he’s up on the debate stage and loses his entire train of thought for 20 seconds.

Everyone knows that Biden is not up to the job, which is why he put off announcing he was running for reelection for as long as possible and is refusing to debate any candidates in the primary, no matter how high their poll numbers are.

The reality is Biden was never mentally or physically fit to be president. His delirium, bouts of confusion, and senility were already on full display in 2020, but he was bailed out by COVID and was allowed to use the pandemic as an excuse to run his “campaign” from his basement, while the legacy media and Big Tech ran interference for him.

It is practically unheard of for a president to travel overseas without holding a single press conference, but that is exactly what Biden managed to do when he went to Ireland in April, and needed his corrupt son to help him answer a simple question he was asked by a toddler.

Since returning from that trip, Biden has been largely AWOL.

When he did finally “announce” he was running for reelection on April 25, it was with an embarrassing three-minute video in which Hollywood producers tried their damndest to make him look as sentient as possible. Since that announcement, he has held virtually no public events, given few public remarks, and, aside from receiving the daily briefing, has had a daily schedule lighter than that of a high school dropout.

The few public appearances he’s had have not been reassuring. There was the time he awkwardly wandered away from the Air Force football team, seemingly in the middle of the ceremony. Or the time he forgot the last country he had visited. Or the time he was caught with a cheat sheet that had the reporters’ question on it. Or the time he announced he would be holding a “major press conference,” only to have a White House flack clarify that he was referring to a softball interview with MSNBC that he somehow managed to stumble through.

As it stands, Biden has held the fewest press conferences of any president since Ronald Reagan, and remarkably he still has yet to step foot inside the James S. Brady Press Briefing room during his entire term.

The formula for Biden’s tenure in office has been for him to stick to the script, read from the teleprompter and say as little off the cuff as possible. But now it’s clear he can barely even do that.

Yes, it’s true that the Democrats have a very thin bench with no good alternatives, but even they understand that Biden is becoming too much of a liability to keep their increasingly unappealing regime afloat.

Keep your eyes on Susan Rice, who just stepped down as Biden’s domestic policy advisor a couple of weeks ago. Keep your eyes on Michelle Obama, and yes, keep your eyes on California Governor Gavin Newsom. Failing upwards is the Democratic way.

It might sound like a conspiracy but don’t be surprised if Biden is not the Democratic nominee in 2024.

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