DOJ Psychologist Confirms That Trans Inmates in Women’s Prison Purposefully Impregnate Female Inmates to Create ‘Million Dollar Babies’

A school psychologist at the Department of Justice has corroborated rumors that biologically male inmates posing as transgender women in female prisons are purposefully impregnating female inmates to create “million dollar babies”—and U.S. taxpayers get to pay for it.

The DOJ under Merrick Garland just “rolls over,” the psychologist told an undercover journalist in a new O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) sting video released on Wednesday.

A source inside the Washington Corrections Center For Women (WCCW) revealed in secret video footage last month that she knew of trans inmates and female accomplices perpetrating this scheme to scam the system. “The slang term that they’re calling it is “million dollar baby,” the whistleblower said.

“That means that a woman gets pregnant by a man claiming to be transgender and they sue to try to get like a million dollars,” explained James O’Keefe at the beginning of the video.

The OMG journalist asked DOJ child psychologist Linda Noelle what she knew about the scheme during a dinner date.

“The man is in on it where he’s basically trying to get part of a lawsuit?” the journalist asked.

“What they all want to be after is money, they all want money” Noelle replied.

“How does that work though?” the OMG journalist pressed. “The woman basically is raped or says she’s raped? Whether it’s consensual or not, who knows.”

Noelle told him “they both play the victim card.”

Rather than putting a stop to the appalling situation, the DOJ quietly pays the miscreants off and sweeps the cases under the rug, according to the psychologist.

“The DOJ unfortunately under Merrick Garland rolls over,” the Noelle said. “It doesn’t want to go through the courts so they just pay people off. That’s the bad thing. And we pay for that. Our tax dollars pay for that. If they want to have all the transition surgery, they go through the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union.”

Noelle told the OMG journalists that the rights of female prisoners’ were being “trampled upon.”

“We didn’t have any of this even a decade ago,” she said. “It just started over the past decade with all the sex change operations.”

A new whistleblower from WCCW reached out to O’Keefe following the release last month’s undercover report and told him about a male inmate named Brooke Sonia (formerly Brett Sonia) who was placed “just a few doors down” from one of his victims.

Sonia is among about five biological inmates currently incarcerated at WCCW who were convicted of rape, among other crimes.

“This one really chaps my ass,” the whistleblower said. “He has a victim incarcerated there as well. And they did not give her (the victim) any justice by any means. They put Sonia in the same unit on the same tier, just a few doors down. This woman was molested by this guy and now she has to live with him and look at him every day.

Sonia was formerly incarcerated in New Hampshire on three counts of state sex offenses, incest of his biological daughter, child pornography, and other offenses.

He was transferred from New Hampshire to WCCW a year after filing a lawsuit in federal court claiming that his 8th Amendment rights were being violated. He argued that he was put into a cell with predatory male inmates in isolation when he complained against inmate threats and sexual assaults.

“He actually was recently moved to another pod because of sexual activity,” the whistleblower said. “He got to live out what he was there to do. He wanted to have sex with women and he got his wish.”

The source told O’Keefe that she had heard Sonia say that he had no intention of going through with any “transition” procedures.

He told a young lady that as soon as the estrogen is out of my system, ‘I’ll be able to produce healthy sperm again. I’m never going to get the bottom surgery.’

So he intends to be a man there with full testosterone in his system. He wants an intact, working penis, and he is actively working to make one of these million dollar babies. He is a well known, prolific sex offender and it was well known that he wanted to go there to sleep with women during his incarceration.

“You should have the right to further rehabilitate yourself and get back into society without being a victim of state sponsored rape,” the source said.

O’Keefe noted that Sonia’s claims in his lawsuit are the exact same claims the female victims in WCCW are making about being in a cell with predatory male inmates.

“The women inside this prison are saying that they are being retaliated against for making the same claims that the man pretending to be a woman claimed,” he said. The muckraker pointed out that rather than being punished for making false accusations, “Sonia was transferred inside the women’s prison.”


The Washington State Department of Corrections Issued the following statement on the OMG report:

Report inside facility that says in part that a “common myth perpetuated about people who are transgender is that they will commit crimes of assault against vulnerable populations:”

Thanks for the inquiry. The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) strongly emphasizes the importance of inclusion and representation by recognizing the unique challenges that non-binary and transgender incarcerated people face. DOC takes allegations of crimes seriously and any person incarcerated at DOC suspected of committing a crime, is subject to the same laws and investigations regardless of where they are housed or their gender. It is DOC’s position that a person’s right to safe and humane treatment does not change based on their gender identity. DOC continues to actively work with community outreach organizations to identify and address possible systemic issues regarding housing, mental health and medical services for people who identify as transgender, and the agency remains committed to the health and safety of all people in its custody.

The policy, DOC 490.700 Transgender, Intersex, and/or Gender Non-binary Housing and Supervision(pdf), establishes procedures to ensure equitable treatment of transgender, intersex and/or gender non-binary people during intake screening and determining housing, classification, programming and supervision. All people under DOC’s care and custody are assessed upon intake and, if they self-identify as transgender, intersex and/or gender non-binary, the policy provides detailed guidance on placement and programming. The DOC Health Plan(pdf) provides further guidance on healthcare related issues.
Often, people may think that those who are non-binary or transgender want to be moved to a facility that matches their gender, but this isn’t always the case.

In fact, a common myth perpetuated about people who are transgender is that they will commit crimes of assault against vulnerable populations. This is not the case.

DOC has developed a comprehensive housing assignment process to determine where an incarcerated individual is housed considering objective criteria that includes their gender identity. If a person identifies as transgender or non-binary, they participate in a thorough mental health assessment, healthcare assessment and facility evaluation. Several multidisciplinary teams must review all requests for transfer for a final placement determination. Each situation is considered on a case-by-case basis, with a focus on safety both for the individual and those who are housed at the facility.


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Photo: CHICOPEE, MA - MARCH 26: A pregnant female inmate at Western Massachusetts Regional Women's Correctional Center in Chicopee, MA poses for a portrait in the facility's visiting area on Mar. 26, 2014. (Photo by Dina Rudick/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)