Montana House Votes to Ban Transgender Rep. Zooey Zephyr From House Floor For Remainder of Session

Republicans in the Montana House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to ban Democrat Rep. Zooey Zephyr from the floor, anteroom, and gallery for the rest of the 68th legislative session, after the transgender lawmaker allegedly egged on rioters during a protest in the statehouse.

Zephyr had been blocked from speaking since April 19, when he told supporters of SB99, a bill banning sex-change procedures on minors, that he hoped they would see “blood on [their] hands.”

“The only thing I will say is if you to vote yes on this bill and yes on these amendments, I hope the next time there’s an invocation, when you bow your heads in prayer, you see the blood on your hands,” Zephyr declared on the House floor.

Republican state House Speaker Matt Regier told Zephyr he would be blocked from speaking until he apologized for the impropriety.

On April 24, three days after Zephyr was banned from speaking, a pro-trans mob showed up to protest the Republican’s decision, chanting,  “Let her speak.”

Police in riot gear entered the House chamber and forcefully removed protesters, arresting seven of them.

The Montana Freedom Caucus (MFC) was the first to call for Zephyr to be censored, saying the lawmaker “helped incite and extend the rioting of far-left agitators on April 24 by failing to follow the directions to vacate the House floor.” MFC said Zephyr showed a “flagrant disregard for the safety and wellbeing of staff and fellow representatives by encouraging the far left rioters to continue.”

“I have been informed that during tomorrow’s floor session there will be a motion to either censure or expel me,” Zephyr wrote in a tweet on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, MFC applauded The Montana House Republicans for removing Zephyr from the House floor for the remainder of the legislative session.

As of 2021, there have reportedly been 77 “transgender,” “non-binary,” or “intersex” individuals elected to public office in the United States, including Minnesota State Rep. Leigh Finke, who recently introduced a bill that would remove the exclusion of pedophiles from the protected class of “sexual orientation.” In effect, Finke’s bill would make it illegal to discriminate against child rapists.


Montana Talks’ deep dive into Zephyr’s disturbing background:

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