What’s the Deal With Women With Mustaches?

At this point, if you’ve watched any video or content online, you’ve surely encountered Amazon’s new commercial featuring a bizarre new angle on wokeness, women accepting their mustaches.

If you haven’t seen it: it’s a 30-second ad featuring what appears to be a high school girl who has a mustache. Rather than waxing or shaving it off (which would cost under $10), she watches video of Frida Kahlo (who didn’t always sport a mustache), Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America,” and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. She determines that her best move would be to buy a $100 Freddie Mercury jacket from Amazon and lean in to her mustache. At the end of the spot, she arrives in her classroom, dancing as if she is having a seizure in the bright yellow faux leather jacket, and smiles with her mustache.

Who exactly is the target demographic here? Women who have given up? Women with mental illness? I’m confused.

Even the actress playing the high schooler is a 30-year-old named Morgan Quinn who, if her Instagram and previous work are any indications, has never sported a mustache in her life.

So what’s the point of this advertising campaign? As far as I can tell, it’s to create a new demographic of victimhood for the left to exploit. 

This messaging and creation of victims goes to the Left’s current obsession with the falsified statement that there is a “trans genocide.” I didn’t know that there were crimes against the trans community to begin with, let alone a full-blown genocide. Trans activists have baselessly and widely used the statement through most of their corporate and social media channels—and without having to dive deep into what they actually mean by it, one can quickly surmise that it’s just that someone might use the wrong pronouns or not allow a man to use a woman’s bathroom.

The Left, in an attempt to stifle the First Amendment rights of their opposition, has long claimed that “words are violence.” Now they have taken the extra step of using terminology associated with the mass death of a group of people to describe their hurt feelings—and the results have been exactly what a reasonable person would assume they might be.

A group that once claimed every other word or phrase coming out of President Trump’s mouth was a “dog whistle” for violence by his supporters now calls its people to violence against those with opposing thoughts. The terrorist attack at the Covenant School in Nashville could very well have been a direct result of this call to action—and the physical violence against former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines is absolutely caused by their words.

What does one do when convinced his friends and family members are next in line in a “trans-genocide”? Lash out and fight back—even with absolutely no evidence of a shred of violence against the community.

This is how the Left has won, by deceiving people into believing that they are somehow not equal to others and that they could even be killed by some great boogeyman who is out to get them. They create the victims that then can only be saved by Democratic and Marxist policies. 

That next victim, young women who think they should keep and even celebrate their facial hair. And the messaging is simple: people who don’t call you beautiful when you dress like Freddie Mercury and dance with your mustache like you’re dry-heaving are the enemy.

At any other time in history, I would say that my logic here is too far of a leap. But when you look at the current media manipulation and propaganda, as well as an environment primed to profit and gain power from new victim mentalities, it isn’t a stretch at all.

And just for your information, of all of the people I’ve spoken with, no one has ever encountered a woman, especially a teenage girl, who is proud to have a thick mustache. Again, that even includes the 30-year-old actress who played the role of the high schooler with the mustache for Amazon.

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