Trump, Martyr of the Republic?

For reasons that remain mysterious, Donald Trump’s tormentors chose Holy Week to begin their grand inquisition. The timing is sure to fuel an identification of Trump among more fervent supporters as a persecuted martyr. 

But you don’t have to be a Trump acolyte to believe that what is being done to the man threatens the foundations of our government. 

This phony “indictment” is an unprecedented attack on the American tradition of self-rule. Set aside Trump for a moment and simply consider the situation: a local machine prosecutor aligned with the ruling party, a man not known for being tough on crime, makes an exception of his normal policy of leniency to lawbreakers to pursue the primary opposition leader. 

Consider also the past seven years of constant anti-Trump hysteria, flagrant leaks of the grand jury material from Alvin Bragg’s office (which were given to Michael Isikoff, one of the reporters who helped midwife the Russian collusion scam), and Trump’s unrequited love for his hometown, where he is now persona non grata. If you can ignore all of this, you can begin to approach the idea that this “indictment” is somehow related to the law.

The weakness of the charges is itself disconcerting. What does it say about a government that is willing to be so nakedly repressive? It says that the ruler no longer cares to cloud tyranny in legitimacy. That’s a frightening, frightening development. 

CNN informs us that a majority of Americans, while aware that Bragg’s probe is political, approve of it nevertheless

Perhaps the country has been inured to the continuously escalating lawlessness of the Left these past seven years.

With Trump, we have been through a strange and remarkable journey. We have seen our government exposed as a corrupt, opaque, authoritarian sham, run by people who brazenly interfere with elections, neutralize outcomes they don’t like, sow mass unrest, cover up said unrest, concoct “fake news” incessantly, censor true information, and generally resort to all the nasty, no good tricks one associates with the former Soviet world.

Trump’s enemies have operated on the principle that absolutely any action is justified to stop him, no matter how illegal or unethical, so grave a threat is he to Our Democracy™.

No man in modern American history has been more ruthlessly investigated, harassed, and slandered.

One can draw a straight line between the FBI’s spying of Trump’s campaign in 2016, to mass unrest, including a violent siege of the White House, that was cheered by the press, to the thuggish raid of his family home last year, to this unjust arrest in Manhattan, and the Left’s ambition to dominate the political system totally and permanently. 

Trump’s 2016 victory frustrated those expectations and sent the Left into a frenzy from which they have never recovered. 

This indictment is about revenge for the election Trump wasn’t supposed to win.  

The real criminals are his persecutors, the people who have weaponized the legal system to destroy political opposition. These people have not been punished, indeed, they are thriving.

The long forgotten Russia hoax, which consumed the nation’s political culture for the better part of three years, was a fraud orders of magnitude larger than Trump’s “hush money” misadventure, but those responsible for the former have not been punished. Hillary Clinton escaped prosecution with only a fine for the dirty dossier that became the nucleus of the hysteria. (While they can’t be compared in terms of impact, Clinton’s offense, concealing campaign expenditures, is identical on paper to the “crime” for which Trump is now being indicted.) 

The corrupt spooks and lawmen who conspired to kneecap Trump’s presidency such as James Comey, who is now gloating over the so-called “indictment,” have not been held to account, either. Nor have the spies who maliciously put their thumbs on the scale by discrediting true information about the Biden family’s business dealings on the eve of the 2020 election. The FBI has had Hunter Biden’s laptop for three years, at least. Show me a man who thinks Hunter or his father will be charged with money laundering, and I’ll show you a fool.

The only people who believe Trump’s indictment is fair are blinded by partisanship. But there are some in the right-wing media  who have sadly missed the significance of the moment. They ascribe the indictment to a leftist conspiracy to make Trump the nominee, presumably because he is a weak candidate. To which I reply: when has the Left ever been rational about Donald Trump? In any event, if the government can lock up opposition candidates with impunity, and even induce the people to cheer through the manipulation of mass media, then our elections are meaningless. 

Trump is now the friend of every man who holds any love in his heart for the country of his forefathers, of which we may be witnessing the last days.

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Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

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