Why Does This Keep Happening?

Another completely senseless school shooting leaves another city grieving and looking for answers. Authorities, as of this writing, have yet to release the shooter’s manifesto, but the victims were all Christians at a Christian school. They are members of a religion whose ontological teleology regarding the human person is rejected by our usurping, civilization-vandalizing elites. No surprise then to see the writers at Rolling Stone mocking the faith of flyover America. The globalist Left already has its answer for why this keeps happening: it’s the guns.

They have been saying as much year after year, supported by their friends who wield a stadium sized megaphone in the lying press, the lying entertainment industry, and the lying academy. They lie about men. They lie about Christians. They lie about white people. And they lie about guns. In the case of the Nashville murderer, like everything else, they use their cultural power to set the terms of the debate and then lie about the truth every step of the way.

Why do these mass shootings keep happening? It’s the lunatics and our own political powerlessness at the hands of the elites, stupid.

The Lunatics

Leftist and libertarian (what is the difference?) policies emptied the asylums. Medicare, passed by the Democratic Congress and signed into law by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson excluded mental asylums from federal funding. In 1967 California politicians pushed through a bill making the involuntary commitment of the mentally ill harder; libertarian leaning Governor Ronald Reagan signed it into law. We can also thank the Warren Burger-led Supreme Court (which had six judges appointed by Republican presidents) for Addington v. Texas which, nationally, made it extremely difficult to commit mentally broken individuals involuntarily. Today, George Soros’ Open Society foundation still pushes deinstitutionalization.

Since the 1950s mental asylums have been emptied out under the pretense that the maladies suffered by great masses of the mentally ill could be fixed with pharmacology rather than padded cells or straight-jackets. The result? Mayhem and death—for the mentally ill as well as the general population.

In 1955, when the United States had a total population of 165 million, over 558,000 individuals were in the nation’s public psychiatric hospitals; by 1991 with the United States total population at 250 million, there were just north of 71,000. Was there a miracle cure for mental illness? No, the overall picture is nothing so rosy. The institutionalized population merely went from the asylums into the prisons. Since the deinstitutionalization movement began, millions of Americans have been victims of the mayhem caused by the mentally ill who are themselves disproportionately represented among the prison population.

It is important to apportion the majority of the blame here on the power players who unleashed the mentally ill onto society. Heather MacDonald does an excellent job of revealing the hell on earth that the malevolent or naïve leftists and libertarians visited on their mentally ill subjects.

Time after time, mentally ill individuals have fallen through the cracks and been enabled by a criminally negligent state to commit mass murder. Time and again, those who cared for these psychologically broken people failed to have them involuntarily committed or kept in confinement. Ann Coulter went through the mind numbing catalog of these facts in an article written shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy 10 years ago.

We have a liberal and libertarian problem. The latter is always the handmaiden of the former’s chaos. Yet both practically believe that it is not the government’s job to protect the innocent from the deprivations of broken people. That same denial of reality is what makes them so susceptible to people who sell the notion that one can stop being male simply because one feels female more strongly than the reality of their XY chromosomes.

Powerlessness:  They’ve Got Us Over a Barrel

We also have a powerlessness problem. The solution to mass shootings is very simple. It is to undo the last 70 years of social vandalism committed by left-leaning ideologues in the courts, legislatures, and executive agencies. It means ending deinstitutionalization and putting far more people into involuntary asylums for the mentally ill.

Just kidding. That would be the simple solution if we were a proper nation-state. We are not.

We will not do any of that because, as has been abundantly documented, the Left has also thoroughly captured the corporations and professional organizations as well as the culture. Thus, an easily workable solution like red-flag laws is made impracticable because the psychiatric, medical, and pharmacological professions are captured by Lysenkoist adversaries who will happily act as willing accessories to leftist DA’s to weaponize red flag laws against us.

And our fears on that score are entirely justified. But does anyone ever connect the dots? We do not traffic in solutions because we know, deep down, our political antagonists will always use them against us. That is what not having power looks like, my friends.

We are headed to a place where an orthodox Christian couple with children who affirms that human sexuality is meant to be subordinated to the rational will are more likely to be labeled mentally ill than child mutilators. But it reflects the deeper malady which a dying America confronts. Our adversaries have us cornered and trapped. This applies to our leaders—see the recent indictment of a former president as the case in point par excellence—as much as it does to us collectively. Our leaders talk—because that is all they are allowed to do. Their politicians act because, let us face it, they are in the driver’s seat.

So, despite the obvious signs, we are content with inaction so long as nothing happens to us. Like fools we expect that, contrary to more than half a century of evidence, if we just muster the right arguments, our adversaries will change their minds. We have lost the youth, who now storm capitols in red states with impunity. But, so what? Leave us our 401ks intact, our sports ball on the tube on Sundays . . . just leave us alone. We seem content to wait like the dwarves in the Lonely Mountain for fate to take its course.

It is very clear where we’re going. Our political adversaries will keep using the mass shooting pressure point until they eventually get their way and convince enough dimwitted judges, legislators, and politicians to disarm us. Meanwhile, the pharmacological merchants of slavery and death who profit from sterilizing children, pumping little kids full of benzo and testosterone, who also profited while hundreds of thousands of our people were poisoned, and who have profited for decades while the deinstitutionalization experiment has brought mayhem to the country, go unpunished. Indeed, their wealth and influence are used to push the very maladies turning us into an even more chaotic version of Brave New World.

This is just a hard truth. Do any conservative politicians have the collective mettle to face hard facts, to stop selling copes (vote harder so another slate of 6 Republican appointed Burger-style judges can legitimize the next leftist revolution!), to stop pretending there are easy ways out following the broken and failed mold of the last 50 years, and to lead us out of the wilderness? Can anyone finally succeed where every Republican president since Richard Nixon has failed in stopping the globalist, managerial regime from usurping one bastion after another? God only knows. 

One thing is certain: Our adversaries are not going to stop lying or start fairly telling our story. It is up to red Americans to rediscover their dignity, self-respect, and desire to act as though they wish to live free.

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Charles J. Urlacher is a former public school teacher who didn't indoctrinate American kids into hating their country and the ancestors who built it.

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