The Postmodern Terraforming of The West 

One of the more common themes in science fiction is alien invasion. The storyline is typically one where the aliens gain a skulking foothold, first to transform the ecosystem, before launching a full-blown conquering of the world. Of course this theme draws upon our own history replete with one civilization invading another, in which success would not only require winning on the battlefield but also a thorough evisceration of the language, culture and traditions of the postwar survivors. 

Today, traditional Americans have an increasing sense of foreboding as they are besieged at every turn by some alien form of newspeak or attack on their institutions. They see poll after poll that suggests people of all stripes are rejecting this madness, yet elections are lost and the encroachment continues. In response, our not-so-intellectually-curious “conservative” firebrands have dusted off the old Red Scare playbook with claims of “American Marxism” and quoting excerpts from “Proletarians and Communists” to substantiate their assertions. But the specter haunting America is not communism, and the sad persistence in consuming this chum is causing the American Right to be outflanked and steamrolled by today’s radical Left. We are quickly reaching critical mass. 

“American Marxism,” and Marxism in general were discarded to Reagan’s ash heap nearly a half century ago, when the 1960s counterculture began to collapse and left-wing intellectuals realized the masses could not be wooed by material grievance alone. This scheme was particularly fruitless in the United States where all of the cultural bromides and institutions that brought people happiness proved impenetrable. As rebellious youth grew older they had to get jobs and pay to support families and mortgages—not to mention tickets to baseball games, the movies, and the litany of other treasures one can enjoy in this country. Hence, Communism would become an embarrassing “nursery tale” (as Marx himself pegged it) and left-wing revolutionaries would themselves begin to view it with contempt and ridicule. 

Still, the “existing order of things” remained unacceptable, so by the late 1970s they began exploring new strategies to wage war on the West. 

Enter Richard K. Ashley and his philosophy of “postmodernism.” 

While Marx and Engels challenged the legitimacy of such things as religion, the family, and property rights, Ashley and his acolytes argued that the definition and validity of virtually everything could and should be called into question. In their estimation, the hierarchy of values and definitions we put upon them were the exponent of thousands of random occurrences throughout history, and thus our reality had been constructed by an empirical rolling of the dice on a cosmic craps table. For this reason the postmodernists believe that everything should be “deconstructed” via “critical theory” in an effort to reboot our perceptions and clear the path to rebuilding a more “equitable” and just world order. 

One rudimentary application of this mumbo jumbo would be that Europeans only “discovered” America because they were able to build seaworthy vessels from nearby forests and that a storm had blown Columbus off course to stumble upon it. Another would be that Constantine just happened to see a cross-shaped cloud in the sky which serendipitously thrust the Roman military behind Christianity to expand its footprint throughout the world. 

By these same principles no single individual or group could be credited with discovering gravity or algebra or electricity or anything else because these items all would have been discovered by some other entity if events had played out differently. Clearly, the possibilities are endless, which is why we hear about such things as “white math” and the Pythagorean theorem is challenged as “invalid knowledge.” 

So by the early 1980s, a beleaguered Left was reenergized and began weaponizing these theories to finally, as Saul Alinsky put it, “overwhelm the system.” If history, math, and science were subjective, then how could we possibly determine what was a passing or failing grade? How could a human being be “illegal?” Might the perpetrator of a crime be the real victim because of the society that produced him? What’s the definition of marriage? 

While much of this remained on the fanatical fringe, these methods finally entered our political mainstream in 1992 with the Clinton campaign who’s minions began telling us “No one cares about bad real estate deals” or “The American people don’t care about sex.” They would follow up on these Jedi mind tricks by deconstructing any potential witness against them. Things all came to a head in 1998 when Bill Clinton infamously defended himself in front of a grand jury by arguing “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” 

This bastardizing of reality was taken to an entirely new level in 2000, when the original election denier Al Gore first conceded to George W. Bush and then retracted it to embark on a bizarre attempt at cherry picking and recounting certain counties in Florida. After filing a barrage of frivolous lawsuits, operatives began trying to alter the definition of a vote with all types of subjective interpretations such as “hanging chads,” “dimpled chads” and “pregnant chads” to selectively chip away at Bush’s lead. Mercifully, the Supreme Court finally intervened and put an end to this insanity. 

As we’ve moved further into the 21st century it’s not surprising that we’re now seeing revisionist attacks on great Americans and the desecration of monuments to them. Perhaps the most insidious of all is the weaponizing of sexual orientation with all of the endless pronouns, gender bending, and now the grooming and transitioning of our children. We’re being told that obesity is “beautiful,” while whatever words they find “offensive” are censored, as they bully corporations into woke virtue signaling. We have economics based around the imaginary fiscals of “modern monetary theory” and a Supreme Court justice who couldn’t give an answer when asked to define “woman.” From here, obviously, we can also find the origins of all of the COVID gaslighting, fake racism and “reimagining” the police. It’s all by design. 

While much of this may be Orwellian, to reduce it to mere “Marxism” is like saying that mixed martial arts is “just wrestling.” If a fighter were to step into the octagon with that approach he would be destroyed utterly. It should be no surprise that’s precisely what’s happening to traditionalist and “conservative” Westerners today. It saddens and angers me to see avowed activists flailing away at these phantasms when they haven’t a clue what they’re up against. They repeat the same dumb rhetorical questions like “Can you imagine if a conservative said that?!” and/or whine about “hypocrisy” with the worst rejoinder being “This makes no sense!” 

It’s not supposed to make sense, you idiot!

Like the alien invaders or Spanish Conquistadors these imposters are not seeking parity or some “live and let live” compromise. Their objectives are resolute and ubiquitous. They can best be summarized by paraphrasing “The Terminator” (1984): 

Listen, and understand! Those postmodernists are out there. They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop . . . ever, until you are dead!

A clarion call if ever there was one. 

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About Roger Sause

Roger Sause is a musical producer, futurist, and author of Left For Dead: A Digital Manifesto.

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