Is It Still OK to Be White?

Scott Adams’ viral rant advising whites to “get the hell away” from black people has received lots of media attention. Adams compared blacks to a radicalized “hate group,” citing a poll that showed nearly half do not agree with the anodyne statement, “It’s ok to be white.” Adams, of course, was summarily purged with the usual performative outrage. No one bothered to ask the obvious question: Why should blacks believe otherwise, when they are told that America is all about them? 

At work, school, and in the media, the overbearing cult of black idolatry and white guilt is the closest thing to religion that many Americans still encounter in everyday life. It has become an almost inescapable presence, so pervasive indeed that it often passes unnoticed. 

I was reminded of this in a most mundane way at a diner the other day. By the time I finished my eggs and coffee, my presumptuous, deeply insecure “local news” station had played some 45 minutes of propaganda lionizing black people. One of these “stories” was about a black medical student and the vague “challenges” he faces. Later that same day, I was pumping gas when I was greeted with more of this banal messaging on the pump’s electronic screen. It felt ever so slightly dystopian. 

This is how tyranny works, or at least in its more subtle form. It demoralizes by making its presence felt in the most trivial and intimate of situations. Conversation, even among friends, becomes evasive and strained by the terror of the all-seeing eye. This is the situation of American whites. There are magic, blasphemous words he dare not utter, patterns he dare not notice, for fear of being consumed by the cruel, avaricious monster of “social justice.” Most of all, he must not answer the firehose of racial calumnies directed his way, or question the narrative of black victimhood with which he is constantly smothered. 

The numbers don’t lie: blacks are significantly more likely to commit violent crime than other demographic groups, but we are constantly told that racist police are the problem. Far from it. The justice system routinely sets criminals loose upon the innocent. This it must do, because to do otherwise would violate a sacred taboo of holding blacks responsible for their actions. 

Chicago is having its mayoral election this week, but the outcome won’t really matter. The frontrunner is a mild-mannered white man named Paul Vallas. While hardly conservative, Vallas has distinguished himself by calling for law and order, although gingerly, in the required tone that is called moderation. 

The deference and adulation that blacks routinely receive would leave an ignorant foreigner to guess they comprised either an overwhelming dominant majority or else a Rhodesia-like ruling caste. Even conservatives participate in the bowing and the scraping. Ron DeSantis has been made out to be some scary, far-right figure, but he dared not let February pass without paying tribute to America’s most important demographic. 

Blacks receive more than obsequious token praise. The affirmative action regime has crushed untold thousands of dreams, while rewarding the underqualified. White elites make a loud but hollow display of penitence. Those who have paid the price are the white middle class, or what is left of it. These are the woebegone people whose wealth and taxes keep the welfare state afloat as the government harangues them with lectures about “privilege” that they and their downwardly mobile children don’t really have. If they dare talk out of turn, they can expect little charity, being the devils of a cultic belief system. 

Like all pagan cults, the idolaters populate public spaces with grotesque monuments to their unforgiving and insatiable god. America lost 600,000 of its finest men on the battlefields of 1861-1865, but the cult persists in picking at the scab of America’s greatest tragedy and disparaging men who perished in the smoke of conflict 150 years ago. Billions of dollars have been consumed in the fruitless “war on poverty” since the Johnson Administration. You can read about the victims of our systemic failure, nay, refusal to punish criminals any given day of the week. Yet, the cult presses ever more for “reparations.” Indeed, the intensity of these demands has redoubled the more ridiculous they have become. 

“Black history is American history,” Kamala Harris said at a White House event on Monday. But is “black history” a significant part or the whole of America’s story? These days, it’s sometimes hard to tell. We hear it said that America was “built by slaves,” that the European settlers who actually founded the modern Western society we still inhabit “stole” the land. 

No educated, self-respecting person can take this childish nonsense seriously, but it is what is expected of us now. It shouldn’t surprise when once in a while, the conditioned hypervigilant self-restraint of white society melts over in acts of Icarus-like self-destruction.

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Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

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