The Real Pandemic in America Today: Obesity

According to the mainstream media, the most important health crisis in the world today is either COVID-19 or mental health. We all know why they say that; money. Money is the most important factor deciding what is and is not important in America today. Hundreds of billions of dollars are up for grabs yearly from these two “pandemics,” and companies like Pfizer are only too eager to profit from them. 

Pfizer boasts on its website that the company has “successfully manufactured more than 3 billion doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine in 2021 and expects to manufacture 4 billion doses in 2022.” Looking a little deeper, we can also see that hundreds of millions of prescriptions are written yearly for drugs that treat mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. Pfizer sells a lot of those as well. In 2020 alone, more than 20 percent of U.S. adults had been issued a prescription for such drugs. Those are frightening numbers. 

But no, the government and the profiteers don’t say a word about the real pandemic that faces the American people every day, and that is linked to far more depression, disease, and death. That pandemic is obesity. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, apart from tobacco, with roughly 300,000 people dying every year from its effects. 

But the government does not want to shine a light on this. Neither do big companies like Pfizer. 

Why? Because they make billions from our unhealthy lifestyles. Studies have shown that the less physically fit people are, the more likely they are to accept their supposed “mental health” problems Big Pharma tells them they have. But when you look closely at the “problems” many people diagnosed with mental health issues are dealing with, they turn out to be everyday human emotions. 

Feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness are all emotions that normal humans are supposed to experience and experience every day. It isn’t always the case that they need to be suppressed by medications. Indeed, embracing and attacking them head-on is often the only way for a person to heal. This ability to confront one’s emotions usually starts with physical fitness.

Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman explains that one uses one’s body to control one’s mind. He’s right. Huberman’s studies show that in order to control one’s mind, a person must put himself in uncomfortable situations that help one’s stress threshold to increase. Huberman believes this is healthy for humans because having more control over our minds allows people to face and overcome hard things, which is just a naturally occurring part of life. This ability to confront challenging things improves our mental health and confidence. Most of us are not going off to war or hunting for our food anymore, so what better way to expose oneself to a stressful situation than through physical activity. An extra mile on the treadmill or an extra rep on the bench press are easy ways to enter a stressful situation and allow your mind to grow.

This is not “fat shaming.” It is life encouraging. Instead of eating the extra donut or having the extra slice of pizza. Run the extra mile. Do the extra rep. Only this way will we be able to battle the controlling mentality of our government.

So, let’s think. What sort of population is harder to control? One that is fat, lazy, lacking drive or ambition, and stuck on “mental health” medication? Or a society full of ambitious, ultra-competitive, physically fit people who cure their own problems through effort and hard work? To me, it sounds like the second option is the winner. So get up and get after it.

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About Chris Buskirk, Jr.

Chris Buskirk, Jr. is a college student at Arizona State University studying political science. He is also the founder of F3 Supplements, a nutritional supplement company with the mission of restoring strength and vitality to the American people.

Photo: iStock/Getty Images