Biden’s White House Is Infested with Foreigner Supremacists

To hear Joe Biden tell it, America is a dystopian hellscape uniquely cursed with unacceptable levels of injustice and bigotry. He routinely labels the purportedly cruel majority carrying out this supposed bigotry as “supremacists” who prioritize themselves over any minority group by virtue of their race, ethnicity, or gender identity. It’s a dark, cynical strategy that Biden has somehow parlayed into considerable political mileage.

As is often the case with Biden and his fellow travelers, however, whatever they accuse others of doing is exactly what they are doing themselves. While Biden’s accusations are supported by specious evidence, there are ample receipts showing the Biden White House to be infested with foreigner supremacists.

Foreigner supremacy is the belief that non-Americans are intrinsically endowed with greater integrity, work ethic, and value than American citizens. Therefore, local, state and federal policies should prioritize the rights of foreigners over Americans whenever possible because, after all, they deserve them more than we do.

The most glaring example of the Biden Administration’s foreigner supremacist beliefs can be found in its immigration policies. 

Start with the 5.5 million foreigners who have been allowed to enter the United States illegally since Biden took office. That deluge has run roughshod over border communities, ranches, police and healthcare resources. What about the rights of those residents who have had their lives turned upside down as a result? At the highest levels of our government, those people have no advocates, no voice, and no one concerned for their plight.

Under this pernicious ideology, those from other countries also have a greater right to work in the United States than Americans do. The White House is currently weighing a rule change that would allow temporary and seasonal workers to apply for permanent U.S. residency, which would only serve to increase the competition American workers face for jobs and drive down wages.  

Such a change, however, complies with the goals of agribusiness, Big Tech, and other sectors to flood the country with a pool of comparatively cheap foreign workers to reduce bottom-line labor costs. While farm work is often categorized by foreigner supremacists as work “Americans won’t do,” that talking point largely has been debunked by the lawsuits American farm workers have filed against employers who replaced them with foreign workers.

Perhaps because of the unholy alliance between big business and big politics, foreigner supremacy is practiced not just by Biden’s party but also among many Republicans. In South Carolina, Republicans and Democrats are working together on legislation that would let thousands of illegal aliens obtain professional licenses for white-collar jobs. Arkansas had a similar bill in 2021, which Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson signed into law.   

The particular brand of foreigner supremacy currently practiced by our ruling elites, however, only applies to foreigners here illegally. What about those who jumped through all the hoops, paid all the processing fees and took the required civics test to become legal citizens? Their dedication and hard work was apparently for nothing, as the same rights and benefits are now conferred upon those who jumped the line and broke the rules.

In other words, our political leaders have incentivized illegal immigration and removed the incentives for legal immigration. Is it any wonder we have an epidemic of lawlessness in other areas of society today?

There is little effort to hide this animosity towards our fellow Americans by politicians anymore. On the House floor in 2021, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) referred to DACA children as “the true and legitimate heirs” of our founders. The obvious inference is that we, the actual taxpaying, law-abiding citizens of America, are false and illegitimate heirs. Despite this, perhaps as an example of Stockholm syndrome, there is still a sizable number of our fellow citizens who hail Pelosi as a champion of the people.

We are now so far through the looking glass as a nation that we forget our leaders take an oath to defend our Constitution and our people, yet in many cases are doing just the opposite. Whether it is borne out of self-loathing, political opportunism or something else, foreigner supremacy is very real, and it is contributing to America’s decline.

If our leaders insist on grandstanding on the urgency to weed out various forms of supremacist thinking, Americans should insist that we do the same when it comes to foreigner supremacy and those in our government who practice it against our interests.



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About Brian Lonergan

Brian Lonergan is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and director of communications at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, and co-host of IRLI’s “No Border, No Country” podcast.

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