“Rigid gender stereotypes are a public health crisis. For girls, gender stereotypes are the root cause of body hatred and shame, eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem, and low leadership ambition. For boys, gender role expectations are the primary driver of depression, risk-taking activities, substance abuse, suicide, and violence.” 

As Sir Bedevere (Terry Jones) put it in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” who is this who is so wise in the ways of behavioral science? As girls, boys, and their parents should note, it’s the Representation Project, a nonprofit headed by California’s “First Partner” Jennifer Siebel Newsom, “an award-winning filmmaker, and an influential advocate and thought leader on gender equality.” 

The first partner earned a B.A. from Stanford in “Latin American Studies,” with a minor in “human biology.” The thought leader on gender returned to Stanford for her MBA and her Representation Project is now “the driving force behind a global movement to challenge damaging gender stereotypes and norms” (emphasis added). Parents, students and taxpayers have cause to wonder how it works. Fortunately, Open the Books has been looking into it. 

As the watchdog organization has learned, the Representation Project’s films are freighted with woke propaganda, disturbing sexual content, and blatant promotional material for Gavin Newsom. The Project solicits donors from the governor’s supporters and receives public tax dollars through the state’s government schools. 

According to Open the Books, the project “transforms public school expenditures into activist training expenses, and in the process exposes children to objectionable sexual content.” Parents might think of it as the axis of Dr. Rachel Levine and the late Larry Flynt.

For example, the project’sThe Mask You Live In features website addresses of pornographic sites. The film shows naked or mostly naked women being slapped, handcuffed, and brutalized in pornographic videos. The images are tagged with descriptions such as “domination,” “face fuck,” “kinky couples,” and so forth. No word whether this content derives from Jennifer’s studies in human biology.

The project’s “Miss Representation Middle School,” includes a “genderbend person” telling children how biological sex, “gender expression,” “sexual attraction,” and “gender identity” exist on a spectrum, and can be mixed and matched. “The movie is not age appropriate for middle schoolers,” explains Katy Grimes of the California Globe, “and really should not have any place in school curriculum. It is pure propaganda.”

Consider also the project’s “The Great American Lie which considers the “privileged” to be “a cisgendered man,” “white,” “born in the United States,” “straight,” and speaking English as a first language. Though doubtless objectionable to parents, this pornpaganda cranks out big profits for the Newsoms. 

Since the Representation Project was founded in 2011, Open the Books found, Jennifer Siebel Newson has collected $1,501,727 in salary. Her current title is chief creative officer and she sits on the nonprofit’s board of directors. Jennifer also founded the for-profit Girls Club Entertainment Inc., which contracts with her nonprofit for the production costs associated with the movies and owns the license for “Miss Representation.”   

According to tax records, the nonprofit Representation Project has paid Girls Club Entertainment $1,647,376 since 2012. Open the Books requested comment from Jennifer Siebel Newsom and her nonprofit “multiple times,” with no response. That’s a terrific story, as Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) said in “The Godfather,” and newspapers might want a story like that. Trouble is, California’s press corps fails to ask the hard questions, and that comes as no surprise.

Inflation, crime, and government incompetence are soaring, but for the establishment media all is well in California and the nation. King Joe is on his throne, and the woke sturmtruppen keep the deplorables at bay. In similar style, California Attorney General Rob Bonta shows no interest, a departure from a similar case 30 years ago. 

In early 1993, a California court convicted state school superintendent Bill Honig on felony conflict of interest charges for approving $337,000 in public funds for consultants employed by the Quality Education Project. That was run by superintendent Honig’s wife Nancy out of the couple’s San Francisco home. 

California’s Political Reform Act prohibits public officials from reaping any direct or indirect benefit from any official action. The jury took only four hours to find Honig guilty on all charges. In February 1993, the court suspended a one-year jail sentence but handed Honig four years of probation plus 1,000 hours of community service. The convicted felon was to make restitution payments of $274,754 and pay a fine of $10,000.

The state superintendent charged that Republican Attorney General Dan Lungren was acting as a hit-man for the deplorables of the time. As it turned out, Lungren, who later served a term in Congress, was only doing his job.

In 1996, an appeals court affirmed Honig’s conviction but later reduced it to a misdemeanor and ended Honig’s probation. In 2011, recurring Governor Jerry Brown nominated Honig to the state board of education, but the convicted felon withdrew. In 2018, on his way out the door, Brown pardoned the former superintendent, whose time in office still needs explanation. 

Honig posed as a reformer but his real job was to oppose school choice and defend the government monopoly system, a collective farm of ignorance, failure, and fathomless waste. As taxpayer dollars trickle down through bureaucratic sediment, powerful players pick them off with ease. 

Honig did it through the Quality Education Project, run by his wife. Governor Newsom does it through the Representation Project, headed by the state’s first partner, a “thought leader on gender equality.” Unlike the Honig case, nobody has been held accountable. As the “Holy Grail” peasant Dennis (Michael Palin) said, come and see the corruption inherent in the system.

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