Overcoming the Woke Mob

I was the target of the cancel culture mob. Led by a person against whom I have a protective order, the mob waged a smear campaign against me that ultimately got me fired from a science fiction franchise in which I had written books and stories for over 36 years. At the time, it was devastating, stressful, and nerve-wracking. 

In the last six months, however, I prevailed. The person who attacked me admitted to lying. I picked up an outstanding new publisher and solidified my relationships with my other publishing houses. I’m on schedule to release nine books this year alone. I am writing and selling more of my work than ever before. I now have an online interview show, appear regularly on podcasts talking about politics and my craft, and have a much larger audience.

Cancel culture will come at anyone its devotees decide to target. And anyone is a potential target of their wrath. The good news is that the woke mob can be beaten. They are loud, but ultimately they are a minority.

Here are a few of the lessons I have learned in this unplanned adventure that may help you if and when you become a target:

Don’t apologize or attempt to explain anything. The social justice warrior crowd will not accept your clarifications or apologies. If you respond in any manner, they will intensify their attacks on you. The woke do not care about the truth; they only seek popularity online by attacking others. Don’t give them an ounce of credibility by responding to their attacks. 

Communicate to your constituents. Stick to the facts and nothing more. This isn’t about fanning the flames of division—the woke will do that on their own—this is making sure your perspective is clear to the people who do care.

Keep track of conversations, dates, emails, Tweets, etc. Legal action may be forthcoming—and you should talk to a lawyer about your situation. In the meantime, document your calls, transcribe your conversations, monitor and track what your accusers write about you online.

Take necessary legal protections. If you are threatened, engage law enforcement. Contact a lawyer and make sure you are taking the appropriate actions to defend yourself. 

Be patient. Five different publishers reached out to me in the weeks following my cancellation. It didn’t happen fast, but it did happen. A number of fellow authors also engaged with me to assist in whatever manner they could. Some had endured what I had, and offered useful advice. 

Be prepared for the inevitable betrayals. Some supporters and so-called friends will turn on you when you are the target of a cancellation attempt. You will be disappointed—but you will survive. In some respects, being the target of the woke mob helps you see who is, indeed, a true supporter and confidant.

Control the narrative. Once I went public, I was interviewed by many websites, podcasters, webcasters, etc. I verified beforehand that they were supportive, and I simply told my story—sticking to the facts. This helped smother the lies and misrepresentations that the cancel culture crowd is so adept at spreading. 

Be wary of who reaches out to you. My stalker and his comrades spun up fake sock puppet accounts to give the appearance of more enemies and controversy against me. Some tried to befriend me, only to immediately use my own social media to attack me. Always be cautious about accounts with few followers that were just recently launched. Chances are these new accounts belong to the people who have targeted you. 

Don’t become a victim. You are the target of an attack, not a victim. We have all seen people who are attacked online attempt to garner pity from it. Don’t go down that path. It’s self-destructive and doesn’t move you forward. Pity is fleeting, whereas righteousness is forever.

This does not define who you are. When I am introduced to people, I tell them I am a bestselling and award-winning author. I am a person who likes telling great stories about extraordinary characters. Being targeted by the woke mob doesn’t define who I am, nor should it define who you are. Just be the best at what you do. Success is the best revenge against those who try to take you out. 

The woke are the byproduct of our participation trophy society. They are individuals who don’t contribute in the real world. They only have relevance online. They can be overcome and beaten. Hopefully this mindless madness will come to an end. In the meantime, we all must be prepared for the carnage they wallow in. 

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About Blaine Pardoe

Blaine Pardoe is a New York Times bestselling and award-winning author. He is a regular contributor to a number of conservative sites. His conservative political thriller series Blue Dawn, includes A Most Uncivil War, and the newly released Confederacy of Fear. This series tells the story of the violent overthrow of the government by radical progressives. His bestselling military science fiction series, Land&Sea, includes Splashdown and the soon-to-be-released Riptides.

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