MIT Professor Calls For an Immediate Halt to ‘Failing’ mRNA Vaccination Programs

An MIT expert in analytics and risk management in health systems is calling for the immediate halt of worldwide mRNA vaccination programs due to “mounting and indisputable evidence” that the shots are harming young people.

“They should stop because they completely failed to fulfill any of their advertised promises regarding efficacy,” said Retsef Levi, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management since 2006. “And more importantly, they should stop because of the mounting and indisputable evidence that they cause an unprecedented level of harm, including the death of young people and children.”

In a video posted on Twitter Monday morning, Levi cited numerous studies that show how the mRNA vaccines are causing a significant increase in cases of myocarditis throughout the world.

The professor noted that he has decades of experience as an expert in analytics and risk management in health systems.

“I have more than 30 years as a practitioner and an academic in using data and analytics to assess and manage risk particularly in the context of health systems, health policies, as well as management of safety and quality of manufacturing of biologic drugs,” he said.

Levi explained that he first became concerned about the safety of the mRNA jabs in the summer of 2021 “when it became known that the mRNA vaccines cause myocarditis, inflammation of the heart.”

Since myocarditis is known to be hard to diagnose because it is often subclinical with no symptoms, Levi said he was worried that the condition would not be picked up by existing vaccine surveilling systems. So he and his team decided to analyze EMS data in Israel and found that from 2019 to the first half of 2021 there were “very concerning signals.”

“We detected an increase of 25 percent in the calls of cardiac arrest diagnosis amid ages 16 to 39 in the first half of 2021—exactly when the vaccination campaign in Israel was launched,”  Levi said.

A smaller increase was also detected in the older ages.  Moreover, we also detected a statistically significant temporal correlation between the number of Pfizer vaccine doses administered to these populations and the number of EMS calls with cardiac arrest diagnoses.  Interestingly, we did not see any statistically significant  correlation with the number of COVID-19 infections during this period of time.

Levi said he called for the Israeli Ministry of Health to investigate “the underlying causal mechanisms of these observed increase in the cardiac arrest calls,” but unfortunately, no investigation was conducted.

Regardless, the professor argued that now “the cumulative evidence is conclusive,” that the mRNA vaccines cause sudden cardiac arrest—which he noted is “only one mechanism by which they cause harm.”

Levi pointed out that EMS data from Great Britain, Scotland, and Australia “replicate the data from Israel.”

Additionally, according to the professor:  “two perspective studies from Thailand and Switzerland in which vaccinees were tested before and after they received the vaccine indicates that the rates of heart damage are likely to be significantly higher than the rates detected by clinical diagnoses.”

Another study conducted at Harvard Medical School detected in the blood of children with vaccine-induced myocarditis an entire spike which is another indication of the underlying mechanism of harm, but in fact, has even broader implications about the safety of the vaccine given that the repeated evidence that we have that the mRNA and the lipids [lipid nanoparticles] are actually penetrating the blood system.

And finally, autopsies of people who died closely after receiving the vaccine indicate that in a large number of cases there is strong evidence that the death was caused by vaccine-induced myocarditis.

In addition, a new peer-reviewed study from Michigan State University estimated 278,000 Americans have died of reactions to the jabs since Dec. 18, 2021, Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz reported.

The study, published last week in BMC Infectious Diseases, used Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform, to create a random sample of 2,840 Americans to report their experience with the shots: 15% of those surveyed indicated they had experienced a health issue after vaccination, and 13% of those indicated that a severe adverse event had occurred, in line with many other surveys.

Using extrapolations from the survey juxtaposed to state-by-state VAERS deaths, the researcher estimates that, as of Dec. 18, 2021, there were a total of 278,000 vaccine fatalities in the U.S. Further, “severe” adverse events are estimated to be about one million nationwide, and “less severe” adverse events are about 2.1 million. Estimated nationwide fatalities, “severe” injuries, and “less severe” injuries tally to 3.4 million.

This is just after the first year of the vaccine. The results should shock the conscience of the public.

So how many died in the world over two years of vaccination? Using the numbers from Our World in Data, 493 million doses of the vaccine were administered in the U.S. at the time of the Michigan State survey. So, if 493 million doses were enough to kill 278 thousand Americans, how many would have died at the same rate globally from the beginning until today? At 13.24 billion doses administered globally, that would result in 7.47 million vaccine fatalities, more than the Holocaust! That would be in addition to 27 million severe injuries globally!

Given the overwhelming evidence that the mRNA products are doing much more harm than good, Levi argued that “there is no other ethical of scientific choice other than to pull out of the market these medical products and stop all mRNA vaccination programs.”

He concluded: “This is clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products both in terms of efficacy and safety, and we need to investigate and think hard how did we end up in a situation that is also the most profitable medical product in the history of medical products.”



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