Steel Yourselves, Conservatives

The Democratic Party’s remarkable midterm election performance—arguably the best for a first-term president since FDR in 1934—despite Joe Biden’s declining popularity, economic headwinds, and growing social and political divisions, portends a dim future for the Republican Party. 

In the lead up to 2022, Democrats not only refused to moderate their support for unlimited abortion up to the moment of birth, transgender surgery for minors, critical race theory, criminal justice reform, and illegal immigration, they doubled-down. Voters rewarded them with additional governorships, four flipped state legislatures, an increased Senate majority, and minimal losses in the House.

The Left has zero reason to take the foot off the gas. Elections, legitimate or not, have consequences. 

The most likely outcome of the 2024 election is that Democrats retake the House, keep the Senate, and retain the presidency, regardless of who they run or what the economy looks like. As Joe Biden and Jon Fetterman proved in 2020 and 2022, respectively, Democrats don’t need to actually campaign in order to win political office. Nor do they need to be able to string together a coherent sentence.

In the wake of the Trump presidency, the Left has reached a new fever pitch of political intensity. The Left’s access to nearly unlimited money, total control over the media narrative, and an unparalleled national vote-harvesting operation make campaigning and candidate quality of only tertiary importance.

A recession likely won’t change these dynamics either. The economy boomed under Trump and experienced severe dislocations and inflation under Biden. But Democrats won big in both 2020 and 2022. Taking the state of the economy as a useful metric for political prognostication is largely a thing of the past. Liberal voters’ religious commitment to abortion and anti-racism is infinitely more important to understanding their political habits than measuring their material self-interest. 

So, is it simply over? Should conservatives pack it in and go home? Jump off the nearest bridge?

No to all three.

That the Right has lost (or may soon lose) the ability to win national elections is not an end but a beginning. It requires a fresh view of our true political reality.

Forming Majorities Through Demographics

In thinking about our current political position, the American Right should recall that the vast majority of successful political movements in human history have not come to power through electoral majorities. America’s current ruling class certainly did not. The Left didn’t seize power in the media, Hollywood, or Wall Street by holding a vote! Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates didn’t gain the ability to censor tens of millions of Americans and make COVID policy because they had popular backing. 

The Democrats believe in democracy as long as they get to choose the demos. That is why they have relentlessly supported mass immigration from the Third World to the United States. Under 1965 demographics, the Democrats would be a political non-entity, blown out by double digits in every national election. 

In 1965, Congress overhauled the nation’s immigration policy by radically reducing immigration restrictions from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The Pew Research Center estimates that without the 1965 Hart-Celler Act, the American population in 2015 would have been only 252 million. In other words, the Hart Celler Act introduced 72 million more people into the country in the 50 years after its passage. Those 72 million new Americans overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party. 

The top-10 sources of immigration between 1965 and 2015 were Mexico, China, India, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, El Salvador, the former Soviet Union, and the Dominican Republic. Latino and Asian countries dominate that list. Two-thirds of Latinos favored Joe Biden in 2020, compared to just 32 percent for Donald Trump. Asians favored Joe Biden by 2-to-1, voting 63 percent in his favor compared to just 31 percent for Trump.


Encouraging mass immigration from countries with radically distinct cultures from our own was a mistake. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in his Notes on the State of Virginia, large communities of immigrants “will bring with them the principles of the governments they leave, imbibed in their early youth; or, if able to throw them off, it will be in exchange for an unbounded licentiousness, passing, as is usual, from one extreme to another. It would be a miracle were they to stop precisely at the point of temperate liberty.”

No such miracles were forthcoming in post-1965 America. 

Without mass immigration, the Democratic Party could not electorally sustain its wild leftward turn. Immigration therefore is the single most important issue facing America. A nation is indistinguishable from the people who inhabit it. They are the raw material out of which lawgivers create regimes. Mass immigration radically transformed the American people and thereby radically changed the political possibilities available. 

Now, it has become clear that immigration hasn’t just changed the country’s political order, it has completely undermined it. The Democrats learned a useful lesson over the last 50 years—if you don’t like the way the vote turns out, just import more voters. Then hold the election again. If this cycle isn’t broken, we can expect our national decline not just to continue, but to accelerate. If nothing is done, this subversion of the political order will be fatal.

It doesn’t matter how hard the Right wants to fight on cultural issues like gay marriage, abortion, and gender ideology. Even if conservatives could win on these issues today, they will lose tomorrow if nothing is done to push back against the destruction of the nation. We cannot fight the culture war without a country.

The conservative grifter class spent the entire postwar period ignoring the radical byproducts of open borders. They believe that as long as immigration is legal, it will be enough to maintain good old fashioned American values. With the right combination of think tanks, charter schools, and online publications, we can ensure America’s Afro-Chinese Latinx future respects the Constitution. 

This vision is a pipe dream wired to a pipe bomb. We have run this experiment for almost 60 years, and the results are obvious. The Constitution isn’t in force now in large part because of both illegal and legal immigration. You can have open borders or you can have a country. You cannot have both.

We are living through our own cultural revolution. We have our own Red Guard, made up of students, professors, and journalists who “cancel” those who violate the woke orthodoxies. We have our own leftwing paramilitary organization, Antifa, that terrorizes the regime’s enemies. We have our own struggle sessions where ordinary Americans must confess their white privilege as oppressors of the new and improved BIPOC proletariat. 

The new American Left, in short, is communist in its thrust and direction. Instead of the old material dialectic, however, the new Left weaponizes a racial dialectic. Leftists replaced the struggle between capitalists and workers with a new struggle between oppressors and oppressed in which a coalition of “BIPOC,” women, and gays aligns itself against the exploitive white heteronormative patriarchy. This is why the Left tears down statues, drenches our children’s schools in anti-American propaganda, and commands the fealty of every corporation in America preaching a commitment to “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

The liberal goal is a universal, homogenous, anti-racist world state in which all peoples live in perfect harmony and equality. It is supposed to be a world without exploitation, colonization, or bigotry. The ideal liberal regime is John Lennon’s “Imagine” come to life: “Imagine there’s no countries / It isn’t hard to do / Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion, too / Imagine all the people / Livin’ life in peace.” After all of this is achieved, the “world will live as one.”

“Imagine” is the right title to the song because that is all this vision will amount to—a dream. But it, like all utopian dreams, is dangerous precisely because it is unrealizable. Once the reality sets in for liberals that some human beings actually cherish their faiths, families, and countries—no matter how much propaganda they spew—that realization will flare into an all-consuming spiteful rage. If the Left cannot have its perfect world, then it will deny the rest of us our imperfect but decent one.

We live, unfortunately, already in the midst of this last, true “Great Awokening.” 

Liberals no longer hide who they are. They do not have to. The openly racial character of their political program and the vicious resentment that animates it is widely, even ubiquitously, broadcast. Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock, in a sermon delivered in 2016, argued America needed to repent of voting for Trump and the “worship of whiteness.” Joe Biden has claimed that America’s law enforcement is “absolutely” systematically racist. The state of California is openly pondering reparations payments for blacks amounting to $500,000 per qualifying individual. 

“Come and Make Me”

Leftist hegemony isn’t guaranteed, however. For one, despite the American Left’s power, it lacks the hard-edged character of its Soviet predecessors. Stalin and Lenin were tough—more than willing to slaughter their political and class enemies in cold blood. Modern leftists are soft in comparison. They aim to perpetuate their cultural revolution through their control of Human Resources departments. This isn’t exactly intimidating. What good is a vaccine mandate if you won’t back it up with real force?

The Right’s response to the Left’s demand to submit should be, “come and make me.” 

The true test of a regime’s staying power is this: Does it have the strength of will, and the capacity, to kill its existential enemies in order to preserve itself? One need look only at the legacy of Louis XIV and Czar Nicholas II for examples of what happens to rulers who lack these qualities.

We may also ask: Does Biden command this loyalty? Will the military and federal law enforcement gun down civilians en masse for our current, senile, leadership class of corrupt gerontocrats? I harbor a growing suspicion the answer to that question is “no.” 

This opens up a wide field of political possibilities for the Right. Instead of relentlessly focusing energy on winning elections, conservative political leaders should concentrate on developing other forms of power. The mass rally, general strike, and paralyzing public protest are all powerful tools the Right could leverage against our current regime. Our rulers cannot tamp down on societal distress forever. In the right moment of weakness, bringing the American supply chain to a screeching halt could cause a leftist government to capitulate. 

If Donald Trump had called for a joint trucking and rail strike before the election in 2020, it is possible he could have used that economic pressure as leverage against the administrative state and Democratic Party in their efforts to illegally change election law, lock American citizens in their homes, and encourage political riots in order to remove him from power. The Canadian truckers’ freedom convoy protest in 2022 is the model. It nearly caused Trudeau’s government to implode, despite mainstream Canadian conservatives leaving the protestors out to dry. Only by implementing authoritarian emergency measures could Trudeau put down the challenge to his power. 

Future liberal rulers will not be so lucky. 

The looming electoral annihilation of the Republican Party is not cause for despair. For a long time, the GOP has been unserious about politics and the interests of its voters. It took Donald Trump’s comet blazing across the political sky in 2016 to focus the party, if only in part, on the issues of national sovereignty and existence: immigration, fair trade, war, and law and order. 

Outside of Trump, the machinations and petty maneuverings in America’s imperial capital are of little importance to the Right. It should concentrate its energy toward the cultivation of its political base—the white middle class. Straight, white, married, gun-owning, Christian men and their wives (and their allies, like black “white supremacist” Clarence Thomas and others like him) are the backbone of both the conservative movement and the country itself. Every day, crowds of middle class, morally decent, and hard-working men clock into work at power plants, water treatment facilities, and train yards across America. Without them, the American way of life would not be possible. 

Conservatives should focus on mobilizing this faction. 

Our regime depends on the competence and compliance of these people in order to function. The regime especially depends on such types within the military and law enforcement. They are, whether liberals admit it or not, their most important servants. 

The Democratic Party would love nothing more than to deploy federal forces against its political enemies in the very near future. Eisenhower, for instance, used federal troops to force the Southerners to submit to school desegregation. In the liberal mind, there is zero difference between recalcitrant Little Rock residents fighting against racial integration and today’s Trump voters. Biden, in a speech earlier this month, criticized opponents of gender transitions for minors as antisemitic. It won’t be long before the Left will declare simply possessing a middle-class lifestyle a sign of fascism and white supremacy. 

Spiritual Warfare

The Right can prepare for this eventuality by laying the groundwork for a counterrevolutionary political movement now. Spiritual warfare against America’s leftist ruling class is a must. Communism is a Christian heresy. Atheistic liberalism is an offense against God. Christians should resist it on those grounds alone. Believers and their allies should take every opportunity to disobey, reject, and delegitimize the ruling class whenever and wherever they can. 

Elon Musk’s liberalization of free speech on Twitter is crucial in this regard. Our regime has a massive propaganda arm, but its very scope and scale have made it weak. The ham-handed character and hubris it elevates does not compel a significant portion of the population, especially young men. 

Good humor and mockery are anathema to our scowling schoolmarm rulers. The Right needs to focus even more energy in an information insurgency against our decrepit ruling class. It should emphasize just how profoundly uncool, boring, and morally preening the Left really is. These people are not liberated in any meaningful sense. Smoking weed, giving lectures about how bad racism is, and joining a polycule are profoundly loser activities that appeal primarily to the obese and the ugly. Hammer that point home over and over again and the propaganda value of the Left’s control of Hollywood will fall. 

The Right is the only realm of real cultural and political freedom. It is the home of real rebels, taboo-breakers, and humorists. Promoting joy, youth, strength, and beauty should be the aesthetic and political aim of the Right. “We are pro-nature, pro excellence, pro-happiness, and pro-LIFE in the highest sense” is a winning message. The Left has no match for it. They offer only resentment and seething hatred in response. It is a bad look! 

Promoting healthy living, exercise, and a nourishing diet serves the mission of making clear how degenerate the Left really is. It will also promote the kind of vital energy necessary to mobilize successful political action. Better still, it will strengthen the bodies and souls of men of good will.

America is in for very turbulent times. The best way to prepare is through spiritual and physical training. Daily prayer, like daily exercise, is a must for both men and women of the American Right. It is especially critical for young men. We must break them from the shackles of pornography, marijuana, and general lassitude. We must liberate our youth from the belief that piety is weakness. These men need meaning again, the promise of a brighter future, and of more. They deserve more than to be dominated by ugly screeching losers. They deserve more than an America reduced to a global shopping mall and tax collection entity—they deserve to have a real country. But to have one, they will need to fight.

At core, it all boils down to this. Too many conservatives simply want to “make policy.” This isn’t enough. Guiding a corrupt system is little better than being guided by it. In the end, it amounts to the same thing. Much better to dismantle the system altogether.

True patriots should dedicate themselves to fighting utopian and tyrannical communism wherever they find it. They should promote and focus within themselves the habits of resistance. 

We will not submit. Let this phrase never depart from your lips or from your mind. We will not submit. Bury it in your heart. We will not submit. 

When we have done this, and only when we have done it, will victory in this spiritual war come within reach.

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