Kevin McCarthy Gets It Right on Communist China Protests

Finally, it appears the “Zero COVID lockdown” protests roiling the People’s Republic of China have brought some among America’s political class to the long overdue realization the Chinese Communist Party is an enemy of the Chinese people, the American people, and all free and yet-to-be free people across the globe.

As Breitbart’s Joshua Klein reported on November 29, despite Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party’s bloodthirsty dictatorship, there is transpiring  

. . . a wave of protests over the weekend in the country’s largest cities involving hundreds, or possibly thousands, of citizens demanding an end to extensive use of house arrest to contain citizens potentially exposed to the virus, the shipment of thousands to unsanitary and repressive quarantine camps, routine government testing, and the mass shutdown of businesses.

Current House Minority Leader (and presumed next Speaker) U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has assessed the situation and gotten it right, supporting the Chinese people in their calls for freedom from the regime’s lockdowns, dictator Xi Jinping, and the entire Chinese Communist Party.

On Twitter, Leader McCarthy denounced the communist regime and issued a vow:

The Chinese Communist Party’s lockdowns have imprisoned people against their will—many have died. As Chinese citizens bravely protest, Joe Biden & the corporate class shrug. 

Our Select Committee on China will do what Biden refuses—finally reckon with the pariah that is the CCP. 

Two things leap from Leader McCarthy’s tweet. 

First, he did not refrain from castigating America’s corporate class for its indifference to the suffering of the Chinese people. This is an eminently promising development regarding how he and his House GOP caucus in the coming Congress may well redress the damage done to Americans’ liberty and prosperity by the corporate elitists, oligarchs, and monopolists.

Secondly, under his direction the next Congress will have a Select Committee on Communist China to comprehensively address Communist China not as a “competitor” but as a pariah constituting a strategic threat and rival model of governance to the United States and the community of free nations; and, yes, as a direct and persistent threat to the liberty and lives of the Chinese people.

Regrettably, one notable individual—[ahem] the president of the United States and leader of the free world—has cravenly refused to support the Chinese protesters, instead preferring to directly and through sundry mouthpieces mutter mealy-mouthed utterances of appeasement, all of which make Communist China’s totalitarian leader Xi Jinping’s lips curl in a wry smile of contempt. Biden’s refusal to denounce the brutal communist regime and support the protests may be part of a craven political calculation to avoid the accurate comparisons between his and Xi’s embrace of lockdowns and permanent COVID emergency powers. 

Yet, there may well be another reason, as Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) notes. Per Breitbart:

Earlier this month, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) accused President Biden of being ‘highly compromised’ by the Chinese government, pointing to the scrapping of the United States Justice Department’s effort to combat Chinese economic espionage, which Johnson asserted ‘made no sense whatsoever.’

‘There’s only one explanation: Joe Biden is compromised,’ he said.

Given the Biden family’s rapacious venality and the rank appeasement blubbering forth from this administration regarding Communist China and other enemies of the United States, Leader McCarthy may want to mull creating similar House select committees on Communist Cuba, terrorist-sponsoring Iran, and dictatorial Venezuela. 

Those struggling to breathe free will suffocate under the totalitarian yoke, if an American president is compromised by the enemies of liberty. Such brave dissidents risking their lives for the liberty we take for granted need the wholehearted support of champions of freedom. 

Leader McCarthy has accepted this challenge personally, and on behalf of his caucus and the entire 118th Congress. Godspeed. 

The world is watching.

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