Can We Survive?

The context of our survival is now a political game on the part of some Republicans to denigrate Donald Trump to advantage Ron DeSantis. To do this the critic must disparage Trump’s Administration—the most successful in recent history—or the man himself. Thus, the ad hominem remains the coin of the day. 

Meanwhile, Democrats, who have the weakest and most incompetent administration in American history, can sit back and feed the grist of misinformation into the mill. Their agenda is still on target. 

Given the nature of our current government, the primary battle line is the vote. There are many forms of vote tampering, from changing the laws for counting the votes after the fact, or ranked-choice chicanery where a vote for one person is counted for another, and the unmonitored dropbox where ballots can be collected willy-nilly and helter-skelter. But the most flagrant form of tampering is the mail-in ballot. It’s clear to anyone who cares to know that Trump did not lose the election of 2020. This has been confirmed by the facts—with key-state vote fixing from Georgia to Arizona being the most important. 

This particular fraud was predicted following the Hillary Clinton 2016 debacle when her handlers did not take Trump seriously early enough in the campaign. And the efforts to make sure Trump would lose the next time were extensively covered by good reporters such as Michelle Malkin, Sheryl Attkisson, Diana West, and Sara Carter (just to name a few of the ladies first) well in advance of the 2020 election, and these facts have since been confirmed. 

It was important to make much of these facts, given the consequent loss of faith in free elections. But the anti-Trump faction in the Republican Party has stood in the way of formal investigations and has thrown mud and cold water on any attempt to make this deceit clear to a public pre-soaked in anti-Trump media propaganda and, again, misinformation. 

The Russiagate hoax, among others, is the perfect example of the misinformation method—to this day it is not admitted by the mainstream media. That fabrication, of course, was yet another form of vote tampering. Now we have had the midterm elections where the same bunco was used again. And the Republican Party bosses remain silent. 

Until recently, it could be supposed that each election was the most important. But now, that most important election is behind us. It is clear that the 2020 presidential contest was the most important in our lifetimes, and it was lost to massive fraud. Alas, with the corruption mechanism in place, every election for the foreseeable future will play out in about the same way, only worse. “Let the little people vote to vent their frustrations but keep control at all cost” is now the routine. 

How is the average voter to deal with this sham?  The argument is made, not very convincingly, that reform has to begin from the ground up and first internally within the Republican Party. Yes, with time enough, it might be done. But if elections are meaningless exercises to preserve the powers that be, we have no choice. If we are ruled without our consent, we are slaves. 

In the meantime, the Democratic Party, guessing that their time may be short, is selling out the country at a quickening pace to an international power coalition enamored of Chinese dictatorship. How can that be possible? The concept is insane on the face of it. The Chinese Communists are incompetent! Their “progress” is made on the backs of their own people, using our money. Examination of the details makes it nonsensical. Yet, it is. 

Recently, two excellent essays presented the dismal picture. Glenn Ellmers’ “Hard Truths and Radical Possibilities,” and Roger Kimball’s “Highways to Utopia.” 

Getting beyond the psychological effects of reading the two statements is a chore in itself. Imagining solutions seems impossible. Yet, it must be done. 

After at least three generations of public school indoctrination, I have been inclined to think that the best we can hope for is to slow the descent, continue to educate the ignorant, and clean up after the incompetent. Vote like our lives depend on it, even if we are going to lose. Let them know we know. Reject any politician willing to compromise. Replace the ones we can—the ones without backbones or souls. But that will clearly not be enough in a larger world already possessed by demons—i.e., the bad guys—those willing to enslave mankind for some twisted idea of a greater good through pain and suffering and death. But no, it won’t do. 

I look to the recent protesters in authoritarian Iran for some inspiration. They have been through this seemingly hopeless exercise for 40 years, and they are still at it. Why? Because there is no alternative. Giving up is cultural suicide. Better to die at the hands of your tormenter. And in the meantime, you might inspire others. 

Understand that right now, and for the present at least, if you don’t give in there is still a chance of the bad guys losing. They cannot make “affordable” energy without slaves. They cannot grow food without slaves. They cannot rule without slaves, and there are many more of us slaves than there are members of the ruling class. And we have several great American examples to guide us. 

The numbers of the slaves paying the bills is key. It may be that one of their objectives is to eliminate all of us in time—that being the reason for their war against the family and limits on growth, using the phony excuse of anthropomorphic climate change. But they can’t just yet. They need us to achieve their ends—to produce the fuel for their private jets, to grow what they eat, and to clean their rooms at Davos. They cannot afford a true revolt at this time. It’s easier to lie to our faces about cause and effect. 

For the present their actions are caught on camera by analysts such as Neil Oliver and Tucker Carlson. The reasons for what they are doing are made clear by Thomas Sowell, Douglas Murray, and Victor Davis Hanson. Controlling the internet is still a matter of herding cats. And meanwhile, there is a better future for us that is still possible—one that respects human beings and that can be seen in the work of current thinkers like Iain McGilchrist and Jordan Peterson. Perhaps Elon Musk will succeed in opening Twitter to free speech again. If so, that is another crack in the wall. 

The outright comparison to slavery in all of this is not one I make lightly. Taxation without representation is slavery. Importing cheap labor to replace Americans to cut wages is slavery. Contracting for manufacture in China where slave labor is used to keep costs down is still slavery. Inflating the currency to reduce the value of American property is, ultimately, slavery. Apparently, the public school education of a significant percentage of Americans is insufficient to think through any of these statements. 

William Lloyd Garrison is my own model for all of this. He worked at his goals of ending chattel slavery and for women’s suffrage in America for most of his adult life. Famously, he wrote his editorials not with pen and paper but while actually setting the type for his newspaper The Liberator (much as Benjamin Franklin had done before him). And he said, 

I am aware that many object to the severity of my language; but is there not cause for severity? I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject, I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. No! No! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen; —but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest—I will not equivocate—I will not excuse—I will not retreat a single inch—and I will be heard. The apathy of the people is enough to make every statue leap from its pedestal and to hasten the resurrection of the dead.

Because Garrison primarily wrote short essays and speeches against slavery and for women’s rights, there is no one book to link to, though much of his work is available at The Liberator Files. A short biography of the man, All on Fire by Henry Mayer, is both edifying and sobering. But quoting other great Americans who made this nation possible such as Frederick Douglass, Elijah Lovejoy, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton can also be dispiriting when confronted with indifference in the face of such evil today. 

For a moment, imagine Garrison’s mind when he was dragged by a rope through the streets of Boston in 1835 after being burned in effigy for advocating human freedom! Garrison was a pacifist for much of his life, facing the mob without a gun. He had many ideas which were wrong-headed and deserving of condemnation, but the sum of his life was in the service of what was right. He accomplished one major goal, the end of chattel slavery, in his lifetime. Women’s suffrage came 40 years later. 

The rhyme to be heard here in this repeat of history is that there is no easy way. Slavery, as a habit and institution, was accepted for all of human history until just the last 200 years. Such habits are not broken so easily. Relabeling forced labor does not make it better. If we are ruled without our consent, we are slaves. There is still work to be done. If we are to survive in these times when human life has been cheapened yet again, we must persist. What pleasure we now have must be found in the work.

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