Americans Need the Freedom Fighters to Win in China

What can we call the authoritarian movement that has seized so much power in Western Civilization? The media, universities, our sprawling bureaucracy, unions, the military, even our local politicians all seem to have been corralled into a rigid pen of groupthink. Our ongoing decline and loss of freedom does not appear directly tilted towards true fascism or communism, but something indistinct and perhaps even more frightening. What we do know is our leaders clearly have a fetish for authoritarian systems which dominate private life with a mandatory political orientation. 

In North Korea, for example, there are four television channels but they all relentlessly parrot the same political propaganda. Is the situation really significantly different here? Change the channel from CNN to MSNBC in America and try to detect a difference. We flatter ourselves if we imagine there is a substantial one.

The Chinese call their system “Communism with Chinese characteristics,” meaning that the totalitarians in China found, paradoxically, that the Communist Party can maximize its control of that regime and its people by permitting just enough market economics to keep the money flowing. And, indeed, many of our own oligarchs have spoken with admiration about the Chinese system. For now, let us call this system they admire “Sinocracy,” a tyranny following the Chinese model of business and government partnering to oppress.

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, said in 2013, “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar . . . There is a flexibility that I know [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.” 

For over a decade, many of the richest people in the United States (such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet) have cultivated an affectionate relationship with the Chinese Communist Party to pursue various utopian visions while themselves getting rich at the cost of our freedom. Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden said of China, “I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks,” when asked whether the United States should be concerned about potential challenges from China. He made this statement before Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed the “big guy” (believed to be Biden) would take 10 percent of his son’s lucrative deal with cutouts for the Chinese Communist Party.

America but also the West, seems increasingly to be sliding towards a one-party system in which people are encouraged to hate each other over superficial political issues to distract and cover for the oligarch’s real objective of merging control of government with the globalist oligarchy. China has always been suspicious of competitive democratic systems and has spent lavishly to coax America away from its traditional form of government. 

As I write this, masses of protests throughout China challenge their system of government which is quietly spreading to every corner of the world. While Bill Gates and Joe Biden see the Chinese Communists as a model and a partner, the people actually living under the system have had enough.

Chinese protesters hold up blank sheets of paper as they clash with police. What does that mean? It’s a reference to the censorship and information control that metastasized from China to the rest of the developed world during the COVID age. When one removes all the forbidden dissent against authoritarian COVID policy, a blank sheet of paper represents the permitted opposition that remains.

If Americans were so inclined, we could easily hold our own blank sheets of paper to protest the coordination between the federal government and tech companies to suppress opposition and dissent. For example, one can watch hours of videos “proving” the world is flat on TikTok and YouTube. They don’t censor things because they’re wrong or hateful. As Clarice Feldman observed in the American Thinker, pre-Musk Twitter happily broadcast virulent antisemetic tweets from the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. No, the most vigorous censorship is always reserved for the truth: Hunter Biden’s laptop, masks don’t work, the vaccine doesn’t stop COVID, the virus came from a lab in China, etc. etc. “Misinformation” that aligns with the interests of American Sinocrats isn’t censored, it’s amplified. 

Further, practically every so-called “justice” riot began with a distortion or exaggeration of the truth. Jacob Blake, hands up don’t shoot, every detail surrounding Kyle Rittenhouse, etc. The old saw justifying censorship to prevent the figurative cry of “fire” in a crowded theater is never applied to lies meant to stoke race riots and leftist violence.

Pay attention to what’s happening in China. The fate of America’s political freedom is now intertwined with the fate of the long suffering Chinese. Rich and powerful people in the West do not look upon Chinese social control as a bug but as a desirable feature to be imported and deployed here. On the same day Chinese citizens risked their lives to protest censorship, Jeff Wise, writing for the Intelligencer, published yet another piece exploring ways to suppress the First Amendment to prevent political opponents from disputing official narratives. In China, criticizing the government can result in a loss of access to public transportation and freedom of movement. In Canada, not long ago, supporting anti-government protests resulted in frozen bank accounts. With a little paperwork, a government official can simply press a button and take away the life savings of anyone criticizing ineffective COVID policies. 

As the Epoch Times put it, “President Biden’s silence is deafening.” This is the greatest pro-freedom movement of the age and the Biden Administration is clearly more concerned about offending the Chinese Communists. Good luck, Chinese freedom fighters. If the Chinese people discredit Sinocracy at its source, perhaps Americans will have the courage to reject it in Washington, D.C.. I hope for our own sake the Chinese succeed where we Americans are failing.

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About Adam Mill

Adam Mill is a pen name. He is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. He graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri. Mill has contributed to The Federalist, American Greatness, and The Daily Caller.

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