The Left’s COVID Social Credit System Proceeds Apace

A creature spawned by the pharmaceutical-industrial complex in conjunction with Democratic politicians and bureaucrats, the Left’s COVID social-credit system refuses to wither away in the face of real science. The Left has spent too much time and energy fearmongering and browbeating the public into submitting to coercive COVID vaccine mandates. As a recent spate of events demonstrates, the Left’s COVID social credit system proceeds apace, though the pandemic abates. 

Simply, the Left recognizes the vast majority of individuals who oppose mandatory COVID vaccinations are not Leftists. And there is no room in the Left’s warped world of unreality for any dissenters. Ergo, the Left uses the permanent pandemic’s COVID mandates to identify and cancel its opponents.

Thus, according to Fox News, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention “voted to add coronavirus inoculation to the Vaccines for Children Program. The inclusion does not make the shots mandatory for children but places it on a list of recommended vaccinations the CDC provides to physicians.” 

Republican governors have opposed the recommendation, recognizing the primacy of parental rights and real science, as Idaho Governor Brad Little avers: “I will never mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for Idahoans of any age group, especially children. As long as I am governor, that decision will be determined solely by parents, families and individual citizens.” 

Democratic governors have largely remained mute on the issue, or have pushed the old “bait and switch.” For example, California Governor Gavin Newsom wants folks to take the “freebies” that grease the skids for the mandates that will likely follow.

Further, just to ensure it isn’t only children mandated to be vaccinated, young adults are also on the Left’s target list. Per the Daily Wire: “Notre Dame’s University Health Services announced . . . it was imposing the mandate on all students for the (2023-2024) school year. In order to attend classes on campus, and even remotely, next year, students must receive a booster of the COVID vaccine.”

Naturally, this anti-science diktat was decried by conservative students: 

Mary Frances Myler, a postgraduate fellow at Notre Dame’s Center for Citizenship and Constitutional Government, shared a screenshot of the email on Twitter. ‘As of today, Notre Dame will require yet ANOTHER round of the vaccine for students. The pandemic ended, but the Covid Regime remains fully intact and detached from reality.’

Speaking of being detached from reality—and certainly from gratitude—the flinty Biden Administration remorselessly persists in its persecution of those who showed true heroism during the pandemic: healthcare workers. Evidently, per Biden, some healthcare heroes who have resisted mandatory COVID vaccinations are now pariahs to be canceled rather than acclaimed.

Of course, firing healthcare heroes who refuse to submit to the anti-science vaccine mandate has exacerbated the very “COVID crisis” the Left claims it is trying to stem. Again, as Fox News reports, 22 Republican attorneys general are fighting to end this “draconian vaccine mandate,” which impacts “10.4 million workers at 76,000 health care facilities as well as home health care providers.”

The GOP attorney generals’ pleading rightly contends:

No data at the time conclusively demonstrated that the vaccines would prevent infection and transmission. But that didn’t stop CMS from jamming through the IFR’s draconian vaccine mandate . . .Compelled vaccination of millions of health care workers will not meaningfully limit COVID transmission. Even worse, the emergency vaccine mandate left healthcare facilities—already struggling to maintain needed staff ratios—in dire straits, further worsening staffing shortages in the health care sector, especially in rural and frontier States.

Not content with canceling health care heroes, the Left’s COVID social credit system has also targeted the heroes in the armed services. Once more, Fox News reports how, despite a dangerous 25 percent recruitment shortfall, the Biden Administration is firing military personnel for not submitting to its vaccine mandate. Since its implementation in August 2021, “about 8,000 active-duty service members have been discharged from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.”

A champion of military personnel, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), who sits on the Armed Services Committee, has introduced two bills to protect unvaccinated service personnel. Blackburn starkly identified the stakes to Breitbart News:

When you have a military that is not meeting either its recruitment numbers or its end strength numbers, then it is imperative that we look at this . . . You can get the COVID vaccine, but it does not prohibit you from getting COVID. And this has been proven time and again from people who have been double-vaxxed and boosted, but they still come down with COVID. To dismiss these men and women in the military, in the Guard, in the reserves, at our academies because they did not get a shot, is ridiculous. And it’s imperative that we stand up and protect our men and women in uniform.

Indeed, it is imperative, just as is standing up and protecting every citizen of our free republic from the Left’s COVID social credit system. For beneath the Left’s crumbling façade of “safety,” one can see the dangerous roots of their repressive ideology.

Why, despite the science, would the Left compel children’s compliance with government COVID mandates in order to attend school? To identify, coerce, and cancel the parents who refuse to submit to the mandate and the Left’s capricious social credit regime.

Why, despite the science, would the Left compel college and post-graduate students’ compliance with government COVID mandates in order to attend class? To identify, coerce, and cancel those students who refuse to submit to the Left’s capricious social credit regime.

Why, despite the science, would the Left compel healthcare workers, who are in dangerously short supply, to comply with government COVID mandates in order to attend and heal the sick? To identify, coerce, and cancel healthcare heroes who refuse to submit to the Left’s capricious social credit regime.

Why, despite the science, would the Left compel our men and women in uniform—despite dangerously low levels of recruitment—to comply with government COVID mandates in order to protect America? To identify, coerce, and cancel the heroes in uniform who refuse to submit to the Left’s capricious social credit regime.

Ultimately, no one is safe. In opposing the Notre Dame vaccine mandate, venture capitalist Rick DeVos warned: “Do you realize now that none of this will eventually ‘run out of steam’?”

You should. For the Left, domination is their aim; eradication of dissent is their dream; the collusive machinations and weaponization of state and corporate power are their means to attain them. The only antidote is to terminate the Left’s permanent pandemic, dismantle the cancel-culture Left’s COVID social credit system, and purge the abetting horde of faceless Dr. Frankensteins who deliberately subordinate medical science to political science.

Still, perhaps, one might think the danger is exaggerated. If so, likely they missed the reports of this recent fascist fest.

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