Remember Why You Liked Trump In the First Place?

It’s been an interesting week of watching people on the Right scrambling to sling mud at anything or anyone to which or whom it will stick. Perhaps the most interesting of all is “who” the blame has fallen to. Namely, Donald Trump.

Most people do not understand the kind of true sacrifice Trump made when he decided to run for office—even though he surely didn’t have to. The hatred and other persecutions, the sorts that come with such public sacrifices, have the potential of ruining not only one’s own life but that of one’s family. Most people don’t know anything about what that’s like. Nevertheless, Trump chose to make those sacrifices to expose the unabashed corruption at every level of American politics.

Before Trump pulled back the curtain we only saw shadows and projections of what was actually happening there. We got only rare glimpses of what really goes on behind the scenes. We knew things weren’t on the up and up, but little did we know how deep the swamp really was. At that time, the Republican Party was lifeless and without any sense of direction. No one should forget that Trump resuscitated a dying party. He gave it a future. He gave it hope. 

He was the people’s champion among those who felt left behind by the establishment on both sides. He put American politics under a microscope like no other president ever has.

I think that is why the last week has been so inconceivable. People who once supported Trump saying that his era is over, that Trumpism is dead, and casting him aside for the next shiny object. I have to ask these people one very important question: Why is Ron DeSantis, a candidate who is similar to Trump in many ways, now viewed favorably by the anti-Trump crowd on both sides? It leaves me with an uneasy feeling and doesn’t sit well with me.

This does not seem like a coincidence. It seems like an intentional move on behalf of the establishment elites. Indeed, you can be sure of that. Trump stands for everything these people find abhorrent and he can’t be controlled or bought like the majority of those in D.C.. During his four years in office, he showed what our country could be with no new wars, significantly reduced illegal immigration, tax cuts and deregulation, bringing companies back to America, and building a stronger military. 

It is undeniable that Trump brought an authentic and unique agenda to the table and showed himself to be different from anything the Republican Party has ever had. While others have become prominent in our political culture after him, no one is quite like Trump and to think otherwise is ludicrous.

Without Trump at the helm for the last two years, the RINOs have regained much of the momentum they lost and they, like the Democrats, cannot stand the thought of another four years under Trump. Backing away from Trump now is ill considered. Make some of your own observations about these strange occurrences and remember why you liked Trump in the beginning.

Remember, the same people who were attacking him years ago are the ones still attacking him now, only today they are using a well-liked candidate (who owes a great deal to Trump) against him, causing a divide and duping everyone in the process. Consider who that really benefits. That says a lot to me. 

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About Lauren Farrell

Lauren Farrell is the development coordinator for American Majority. A self-proclaimed political junkie, she has loved politics since she was a child. She resides in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with her fiance and three dogs.

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images