The Left’s Response to Fetterman Puts a Spotlight on Insanity

Let me start by saying that if any readers are still recovering from Election Day, or week, or months (depending on which state you live in, because that definitely makes sense), feel free to contact me for some bourbon recommendations that will be sure to take away the pain. Now that we got my community service announcement out of the way, let’s focus on what is one of the most painful, and definitely the most cringey election results of all time: the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race. 

I’ve been saying for quite a while that I don’t think Dr. Mehmet Oz should ever have been the Republican nominee for senator. I was much more in favor of Kathy Barnette who was able to come within 6.5 points of the Trump-endorsed candidate who had 100 percent name identification. After the primary, I supported Oz and felt certain Pennsylvanians would choose the former talk-show host over a man who had recently suffered a stroke and lacked the full cognitive ability to process the English language.

But since the current political climate is void of sanity and each day proves more and more that we are living in an actual clown world, Fetterman won on Tuesday night. How could we have possibly arrived at this result? Let’s take a look at all of the crazy that brought us to this point. 

First, we must acknowledge the strikingly uninformed and depressingly detached state of the Democratic voters who allowed this to happen. I’d bet money that liberals would vote for a rusty nail if it had a “D” next to its name on the ballot—and frankly, many times they would be better off if the nail were on the ballot. Reports said that Fetterman’s campaign actually pushed off the debates as long as possible to secure the mail-in ballots that the Left had wanted ever since they seized their pandemic-level opportunity in 2020. 

Fetterman—and whatever that thing on the back of his neck is—received more than 463,000 votes before the debate, which at the time was 73 percent of the vote. After the debate, more than 82 percent of viewers agreed that Dr. Oz had won, which led to Oz’s first lead since the start of the race. These statistics should be a no-brainer considering all of Fetterman’s word fumbles, awkwardly long pauses, and inability to remember his stance on key issues like fracking. 

Fetterman’s win also highlights how successful the Democrats have become with their name-calling and woke jargon. An army of social justice warriors would call anybody who dared to question Fetterman’s competency an “ableist.” That’s right, we live in a time where if you question the ability of someone with a medically diagnosed incapacity to comprehend English to serve in public office, you’re a bigot—forget the logic that said person needs to understand the English language in order to be able to vote on laws that affect the entire country.

With Fetterman’s election, the Democrats have also proven that their desire to have cognitively impaired public officials doesn’t stop at Joe Biden. Indeed, they want to promote Fetterman to an even higher office! On an MSNBC panel covering the election results, Katy Tur actually proposed a Fetterman presidential run. She noted there were “some variables, obviously,” which might be the understatement of the century. 

To add to the nonsense, Tur’s comments came right after Jen Psaki praised Fetterman for his “realness,” saying, “he ran as exactly who he is. I mean, I have no doubt that if John Fetterman were sitting here or in a bar, or if he was with his family in a restaurant, he’d be exactly the same person.” This may be one of the only times I actually agree with Biden’s former press secretary, but only because Fetterman lacks the cognitive capacity to be anybody else. Psaki lost me, however, when she added, “This is a guy who knows who he is, you know what you’re getting and that ultimately matters in politics.” If Fetterman were really a guy who knows who he is, he would remember his stance on fracking, or his stance on Roe v. Wade. Alas, he does not. 

As we look ahead to 2024, Republicans cannot underestimate the power that the Democrats have to mobilize their ignorant and complacent voter base. Their anti-Republican and anti-Trump rhetoric has become so strong that not only can a man who probably shouldn’t even be operating a vehicle be elected senator but he can be pushed to be the next president after the term of another mentally disabled president who needs cards directing him to sit in his seat and can’t seem to find his way off of stages. We have reached a point beyond parody, and calling it a “clown world” is a gross understatement.

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