CNN Adds Don Lemon’s New Show to its Long List of Failures

Yet another CNN venture has failed to grab the attention of American viewers: Don Lemon’s new show “CNN This Morning,” which turns out to be just as sleepy and lame as it sounds. They would have been better off calling the show something more creative like “Cup o’ Propaganda,” or “Is Anybody Even Watching This?”.  At least those titles would have been honest about the quality of the content the viewers were about to receive.

The Left’s grip on media control is slipping, and there is really no better example than CNN, which has about the same level of credibility as gas station sushi. The only people who still take CNN seriously are the people who double mask alone in their cars or say they welcome all immigrants and then deport them from their island 48 hours after they arrive. You know, the real intellectual and moral superiors of society.

I cannot remember a time when CNN, Don Lemon, or any of their other DNC talking points-pushing hosts were in the news for anything positive. At this point, whenever I see Don Lemon’s name is trending, I just assume he’s finally been fired from the network for either bad ratings or a claim of misconduct outside of their studios. And I have to believe we’re getting closer and closer to that day, because the launch of the new show, which also features two people you’ve probably never heard of—Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins—only reached a total of 387,000 viewers. To put that number in perspective, Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” averaged 1.5 million on the same days. 

The last time the letters CNN came up in an enjoyable clip, Arizona gubernatorial candidate and scourge of the fake news industry, Kari Lake, shut down CNN’s Kyung Lah when she requested an interview. “I’ll do an interview . . . as long as it airs on CNN+” Lake snarkily remarked to the reporter. “Does that still exist? I didn’t think so, because the people don’t like what you guys are peddling, which is propaganda.”

Lake was absolutely correct. CNN has lost the respect of everyday Americans, and lost the eyes of the people who tuned in to them for years because “the walls were closing in” on Donald Trump. CNN executives’ inability to correct the problem they’ve created for themselves is most likely beyond the point of no return, and is exemplified every time they launch a total flop of a segment or show, or hire a new left-wing lunatic host.

Just in case you’re still confused as to just how insane the casting of CNN has been, know that former CNN+ host Rex Chapman just made headlines for strangely fetishizing Nancy Pelosi in response to speculation that her husband Paul may actually be gay. Chapman went on a bizarre Twitter rant about the theory, which he eloquently wrapped with a confession about his crush on the allegedly alcoholic speaker of the House: “I love Nancy Pelosi. Full disclosure Like huge crush,” he shared. “Huge. From way back. Beautiful yea. But big brain. Big big brain. Huge confidence. Sexy personified.”

That wasn’t satire. He was serious. Those are the types of people CNN chooses to represent them on airand it doesn’t end there.

It’s clear that when CNN hires a host or other media personality, they aren’t sending their best. From Chris Cuomo to Jake Tapper; Brian Stetler to Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s personality problem is systemic, and a direct reflection of the network’s inability to relate and market to the vast majority of Americans.

It seems like CNN’s only chance at accomplishing anything as a network is to just start boasting about their sheer number of failures, which may be approaching a Guinness world record. Even if CNN executives woke up tomorrow and decided to actually start reporting honest news, the respect they’ve lost from Americans is irreparable. 

At this point, the network best serves as a warning sign to people in media and journalism who still hope to be taken seriously to pay attention to what’s legitimately happening in the country. Do not abandon, disrespect, and demonize the very people that you need.

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