The War We Are In

America is in the middle of a political and information war. It is in the midst of this war that Americans are going to vote today to continue once again the American experiment in free government. They do so even though public opinion polls tell us that over half the country believes the 2020 election was stolen. Given the narratives currently being spun, some may even be discouraged from voting. Although our election system has not been repaired, Americans still need to vote. Here is the current state of affairs: 

The Narrative War 

It is an unfortunate development in American politics that honest discourse is no longer possible on the American Left. They have replaced it with the “narrative” which is a series of assertions or memes that are established to serve some political end. It matters not whether they are true. In political warfare, what matters is that they are effective. 

The election of 2022 has been built on different narratives than the election of 2020. The 2020 narrative was driven largely by: “Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler and anything, and everything, should be done to ensure that he’s not reelected.” This narrative was advanced by an army of radical leftists from Antifa and Black Lives Matter on the ground, to George Soros and a network of dark money organizations financing multiple independent operations that sowed chaos throughout America. It had the advantage of both scaring people, justifying large-scale violence, and paralyzing law enforcement at all levels. This kind of chaos gave political oxygen to the idea that the so-called suburban white women had been alienated from Donald Trump and a return to normalcy could be found in Joe Biden. That suburban white women had never thought this way before was irrelevant. 

In 2022, the predominant “narrative” is that President Trump and his many supporters are a threat to Our Democracy™. America has lived with this meme for the past two years. California Governor Gavin Newsom recently said in an interview that his party was losing the “narrative war.” This is a rather quaint way of saying that their lies are not working. But the goal of this narrative war, interestingly enough, does not appear to be to win over voters. 

Who could believe that “Trump is a threat to Our Democracy™” would be effective in 2022, given the wholesale destruction of the U.S. economy by the Biden Administration, or the crisis that must not be named on America’s southern border? Instead, the purpose of this narrative is to signal to the radical leftists in this country, and their willing allies in the media, that they have carte blanche to do whatever it takes, and to say whatever they have to, to make sure that Republicans lose the midterm elections. 

To this point, Joe Biden has stated, unilaterally, that the election will not be decided on Tuesday and that counting may go on for several days because of mail-in ballots. Americans must reconcile themselves to the new fact that the most powerful and wealthy nation on earth cannot count ballots on a single night, even though it has always been possible until now. And, so the logic of the narrative would suggest, the election of 2020 was perfectly fair despite the apparent need to pause it in the middle of the night and count newly discovered ballots for days on end. Why wouldn’t the election of 2022 be equally “fair”? 

Our Election System 

The simple truth is that America’s election systems are broken. The Chinese virus in 2020 accelerated and justified, in much of America, the widespread use of mail-in balloting. There has always been absentee balloting in America, but the numbers were limited. In general, this process was reserved to those people who would not be able to make it to a polling station and had to opt for an absentee ballot. The vast majority of Americans voted in person after having proven who they were by showing their IDs. Universal mail-in balloting is an entirely different process. Here secretaries of state send mail-in ballots to millions of Americans and are relying on outdated computer systems when it comes to signature verification and determining whether or not the voter is who he says he is. Many American voters will have filled out and signed their voter registration forms decades ago. 

In America’s large and medium-sized counties, the bias of the local county registrar is to allow as many votes as possible. Because of this, in many counties, signature verification on ballots is all but meaningless. It is done on machines that are less than reliable or by humans who, under time pressure, are even less reliable. The ability to engage in fraud on a very large scale is, therefore, massive. 

There is nothing to stop the counterfeiting of tens or hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots, filling them out, and turning them in. We know that there are countries and criminal organizations that successfully counterfeit U.S. currency. If a nation-state, or Communist front organization, wanted to control the most powerful nation on Earth, would they not counterfeit U.S. election ballots that are about a thousand times easier to replicate? 

That is the bad news. The good news is that on Election Day, thousands more people than there were in 2020 will be watching the electoral process, including signature verification, to mitigate cheating. And because there will be free and fair elections in enough places, the expected “red wave” will most likely occur. If this does happen, it will be because courageous Americans joined precinct committees, became election judges, poll workers, and the like to make this a reality. And they volunteered for these positions against all acceptable elite opinion and the potential for retribution by the political and legal powers that be who view questioning our electoral system as a form of treason. 

Even then, these elections will not be completely free and fair. Our electronic voting system is a vulnerability and, like anything using computers, is subject to cyber-attack and manipulation. And inexplicably, the vast majority of Americans will be voting on, or have their mail-in vote counted by, a vote-counting machine that is using software designed in Venezuela and tested in Communist China. This is a system to which Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) objected prior to 2020. Now apparently, such systems, even though they have not been changed, are just fine. 

As of today, it matters not whether the theft of the 2020 election can be proven. Efforts over the last two years by private citizens to prove election fraud to the satisfaction of a court—themselves loath to interfere—are also rather beside the point. What we learned is that it requires government officials with the legal power to investigate voter fraud that matters most. Having a governor or attorney general, or secretary of state investigate election fraud is much more consequential than any concerned group of citizens. Today our voting system is built entirely for honest people. It is completely inadequate for any other.  

How Will 2022 Play Out? 

And that really is what this election is about. We are about to find out whether there can be fair elections in 2022 and beyond. If—through the diligence of citizens working throughout America’s election systems—enough governors, attorneys general, and perhaps most importantly, secretaries of state, can be elected, we can as a nation begin the work of restoring faith in American elections, making our elections honest, accurate, and, after each election, easily shown to have been honest and accurate. 

Although much of the evidence from the 2020 election has been destroyed or corrupted, the outlines of the theft and the current vulnerability of our election system can be on clear display for everyone to see. For every voter who wants to fix our economy and stop illegal immigration, there is also a voter who wants to make sure that free and fair elections are possible and wants justice for what happened in 2020. 

No one can doubt that this is going to be among the most consequential elections in the history of our Republic. At the heart of this country is the firm belief, to which the vast majority of the American people still hold, that the cause of American freedom is right and good. Pray that they are vindicated. 





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About Brian T. Kennedy

Brian T. Kennedy is president of the American Strategy Group, chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, and a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. Follow him on Gettr and Truth Social @BrianTKennedy. The views expressed here are his own.

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