AOC vs. Musk Shines a New Spotlight on the Democrats’ Propaganda Machine

Three things are certain in today’s uncertain world: Death, taxes, and whiny leftists picking battles they can’t win on the Internet. This week, we got a closer look at U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-N.Y.) who is upset for some reason that Elon Musk is going to start charging users $8 per month to remain verified on Twitter. 

Musk first announced by tweeting, “Twitter’s current lords & peasants system for who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is bullshit. Power to the people! Blue for $8/month.”

The new verification structure immediately started receiving backlash from public figures and celebrities who are pretending they can’t afford the whopping $8 per month premium. Ocasio-Cortez, who likely spends at least $8 a day on her coffee order, whined so much that she caught the attention of the self-proclaimed “Chief Twit” after she posted, “Lmao at a billionaire earnestly trying to sell people on the idea that ‘free speech’ is actually a $8/mo subscription plan.” 

Musk calmly retorted: “Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8.” 

But Musk wasn’t finished. Twitter’s new chief troll (until he reinstates President Trump) then took another shot, tweeting a photo of a $58 sweatshirt from AOC’s website with the price circled. 

Leftist hypocrisy is nothing new, but the elitist Democrats aren’t used to not having Big Tech on their side. When you look past all the screeching, that has become the real issue for entitled brats like Ocasio-Cortez. She and many other “celebrities” are attempting to argue that free speech is what’s really at issue here, but it isn’t. Celebrities are alarmed and enraged that their totalitarian grip on messaging may now be lost. They refuse to accept that they continue to control American media, and in turn, the American people. 

The response to Musk’s takeover was drafted and solidified well before the Tesla CEO first walked into Twitter headquarters in San Francisco two weeks ago with a sink. No matter what Musk does from this point forward, he’s already been labeled an enemy by the liberal machine, which means leftists like Ocasio-Cortez are only just getting started. Unfortunately for them, Musk not only doesn’t seem to care one bit about the backlash—he revels in it.

“Being attacked by both right & left simultaneously is a good sign,” Musk tweeted Wednesday, and then retweeted a few responses from other verified users who were much more positive about the subscription structure than the queen of anti-capitalism. 

Musk responded with a bullseye emoji to Erik Voorhees, who wrote, “Let’s remember that @elonmusk charging $8 for premium Twitter experience means Twitter becomes the product again, instead of you. And if $8 is too much, you’re free to remain as the product.” 

He also retweeted, “The entitled elite is not mad that they have to pay $8/month. They’re mad that anyone can pay $8/month,” which was shared by David Sacks. 

Since Ocasio-Cortez loves to see her name in the media more than she enjoys not sounding like the most uninformed member of Congress, she continues to cling to her ship of deluded thoughts while it is clearly sinking.

This is just another example of how disconnected the Democrats are from the issues real Americans care about, a trend that will not serve them well at the polls on Tuesday. They’ve grown accustomed to cheers in the form of likes and retweets from bot farms and unemployed Brooklyn-based bloggers that artificially inflate their egos. Paired with a side of sucking up from Democratic Party donors and corporate media types at D.C.’s famous cocktail parties, it explains why they lost complete touch with how normal Americans think and how America actually functions.

While the Democrats screech and flounder to keep their control of social media, they spotlight the monopoly they’ve always had over big media. Musk and anyone with common sense have known what’s been going on for years. But this time Musk has decided to change the game by buying part of the propaganda machine out from underneath the feet of the Left. 

Although we’ve yet to see a significant shift in how Twitter censors or operates—one can hope that in the words of the social media giant’s new owner, it will finally bring free speech, and with it, an end to a significant portion of the Democrats’ propaganda machine. In Musk’s own words, it is time to give back some “power to the people!

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