The Left’s Misogynistic ‘Chivalry’

One of the many risible ironies of the Left’s pro-abortion minions is how its male members confuse their misogyny for chivalry. Despite identifying as male, they reveal themselves as paragons of hypocrisy and anything but gentlemen.

There are two types of progressive misogynist males: the corporatist and the activist.

The misogynistic, abortion-promoting progressive corporatist’s environs are, not surprisingly, found in . . . corporate bureaucracies. For these venal males, supporting abortion is part of the bottom line. While craven in this later stage of the #MeToo era, it is a practical instance of professional survival, given they are surrounded by women who have long ago made the determination that pregnancy is a barrier to attaining their professional goals. 

Whether corporatist males truly support abortion is irrelevant to the reality that to express a pro-life view would not only impair their career path, it would quite likely terminate their employment. Their misogynistic attacks are usually more subtle than those of their more activist counterparts, often hiding behind the corporate veil and its jargon in its expression. Nonetheless, their misogyny remains. In an instructive article, the Federalist’s Jordan Boyd records how

The actual ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ parallel isn’t that unborn babies in multiple states will now have a law-protected chance at life. It’s that powerful corporate America is paying to end human lives because some of its biggest players believe a female employee will not be as effective if she’s a mother.

It’s anti-women, anti-life, and the opposite of the ‘progress’ so many big businesses and woke human resource departments regularly tout to score points with the left.

The second type of misogynistic, abortion-promoting progressive male is the activist. While the activist can also be found in corporate environs, his natural habitat is the academic and political circles. Unlike his corporate brethren, the activist is fully committed to promoting abortion; and, in his zeal, is predominantly (though not exclusively) the progressive misogynist most likely to publicly assail pro-life women. If such an “activist” works in an organization promoting abortion, haranguing pro-life women may well be part of his job. 

But make no mistake: the ardent abortion activist would do it for free. In the disturbed world of the Left, such a cretinous activist is able to make his passion for misogyny his profession; and in doing it, he is not only excused but rewarded. 

Of course, the anti-life corporatist and the activist both decline to abide by the bumper sticker diktat that men can’t have an opinion about abortion. This is but the tip of the Left’s hypocritical iceberg when it comes to promoting abortion and its accompanying misogyny. After all, both types of abortion-supporting progressive males utilize sundry stock pretexts to indulge their misogyny—usually some variant of the theme of speaking for women who “don’t have a voice.” The clear implication is that every single woman capable of thinking or speaking up for herself must believe the ability to destroy innocent human life is a human right; and only the patriarchy is holding her back from saying so. It couldn’t be her genuine opinion that it’s wrong.

Though both types would disingenuously disclaim any adherence to such an “antiquated code,” progressive, misogynistic males’ implicit claim to the mantle of chivalry on behalf of women is absurd. What could be less chivalrous than savaging pro-life women with every sexist slur for the supposed “sin” of disagreeing with progressives? What could be less chivalrous than presuming women are a monolithic bloc on any subject? What could be less chivalrous than condescendingly concluding all women need you to speak for them—or at them, if they dare to contradict your sexist presumptions? What could be less chivalrous than debasing the value of women into just another entry in the corporate ledger’s bottom line? What could be less chivalrous than abetting the devolution of women into disrespected, ill-defined objects to be preyed upon without consequence?

Without love . . .   

Yet, what else could anyone expect from abortion-promoting, misogynistic progressive men who can’t define what a woman is?

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