Dem Aligned Pro-Trans Group in Virginia Helps Kids Run Away From Home; Places Them With ‘Queer Friendly’ Adults

A pro-trans group in Virginia with ties to the Democrat party says it will help gender-confused students run away from home and will place them with “supportive, queer friendly” adults, according to internal materials obtained by The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak.

The Pride Liberation Project is a pro-LGBT student organization that raises money using the Democrat platform ActBlue to help minors leave their families.

The Pride Liberation Project took credit for organizing a statewide student walkout on September 27 to protest Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s (R-Va.) transgender policies. As many as 12,000 high schoolers walked out of class purportedly to protest a draft policy saying that schools should not hide a student’s gender transition from his parents. An internal PLP video obtained by the Daily Wire, however, indicated that it wasn’t an impromptu, organic student uprising, as advertised, but an astroturfed effort led by Aaryan Rawal, a college student who worked for a Virginia Democrat state lawmaker.

Moreover, organizers indicated that the vast majority of students who participated in the “walk-outs” had little to no interest in the cause and simply wanted to skip class.

In a debriefing after the walkouts, one student asked, “I want to know if anyone else had this problem. Yesterday at the school walkout we had about 200 kids participating. Most of the students were just there to skip class. Most of the fliers I handed out got handed right back to me because most of the people weren’t there for the cause of the walkout, they just wanted to skip class.”

Another activist replied, “I definitely had a lot of those people at my school… they are bolstering our numbers. We can count them as people who walked out for the Pride Liberation Project… They’re still helping and they don’t even realize it.”

According to PLP’s internal message board, the group is now working on more a ambitious project, its “#resources-for-outed-students” channel, which is designed to help kids run away from home and into the hands of “Queer friendly” guardians.

“We’re creating this channel as a way for everyone to understand the mutual aid and support resources the PLP has available for outed and in-crisis students! For full transparency, this channel is catered to outed students who are facing familial rejection or need to leave their home for another reason,” wrote Democrat organizer Rawal.

“In the event of you needing to leave your home, we can provide you with emergency housing from a supportive, Queer friendly adult,” he said.

On it’s website, PLP makes a point of recognizing “the immense diversity in the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“We know that the LGBTQIA+ rights movements have traditionally ignored Queer students of color, even though Queer people of color are disproportionately impacted by Queerphobia. We strive to recognize this interplay of system racism and Queerphobia in our organizing work,” the group says.

Yet, despite their commitment to diversity, the Pride Liberation Project acknowledges that “queer students of color,” will be disproportionately placed with “white” queer friendly adults. “Please note that this adult will likely be white,” Rawal cautioned.

“We may not be able to provide you that housing the same night, but we anticipate that we can secure someone to take you in within 1-2 days, and we will work with other supportive adult organizations in the region to find you someone who can provide you a kind and affirming home,” he added.

“We can pay for Ubers, Lyfts, and other passes if you need to leave immediately. Some students or adults may also be able to come get you individually,” Rawal continued.

“In the short term, we can provide a couple of hundred dollars immediately. We can send this to you through Venmo or Zelle. Please note that it’ll say the money comes from the PLP account, but we may be able to change the name if needed,” he added. “We can also set up a dedicated ActBlue fundraising page for you and get allies to donate. In the past, this has led to thousands of dollars in donations. All of this money is yours.”

The Democrat-aligned group also promises to “falsify documentation” to hide a minor’s activities from his parents. A section titled “Covers/Alibi” said “If you attend an event or protest, we can work with you to craft a valid, non-Queer reason for you to have been there. Sometimes this may be a bit challenging, but we can use official sounding non-Queer related email addresses, email addresses from prestigious universities, and other resources.”

David Gordon, the head of the conservative Virginia Project, told the Daily Wire that helping gender confused children leave their families is dangerous.

“It is irresponsible and reckless to the extreme to be doing this with other people’s kids,” Gordon said. “The way this operation works is nearly identical to sex trafficking.

“This could never be underwritten by any insurer. The chance of one of these kids ending up being sexually abused is almost certain,” he added.

The materials obtained by The Daily Wire also included discussion about the group’s high-profile school walkout, including a video in which core activists conducted a post-mortem of the walkout.

The walkout revolved around guidance from the state’s Department of Education that said that schools should not hide a student’s transgender status from his or her parents, and should only call them by new pronouns with parents’ written permission.

But on the call, Rawal suggested that liberal districts could ignore the governor with impunity.

“They can say you have to implement these, but if there’s no enforcement mechanism, you’re not gonna do s***t,” he said.

In an internal message board after the student walkout, Rawal shared a “talking points” memo that told students what to say about their activism, including lying to reporters about depression and suicide.

“I’ve had to talk friends out of suicide at 2 AM in the morning, and I’ve not met a single Queer student who isn’t depressed” was one talking point.

“Remember to focus on our narrative… Using a student’s true pronouns and name has consistently been shown to prevent suicide,” the document continued.

If someone asked if walkouts jeopardized learning, he told them to say, “How can my friends possibly learn about photosynthesis in biology class when they’re worried about whether they’ll be able to come home to a safe place that night.”

While noting that not all students agree with their radical takes on sexuality, Rawal bragged that their movement has the advantage of “a professional-quality political operation,” not to mention the support of all of the major institutions.

“We have access to messaging research, or we have access to people who have access to messaging research, and that messaging research really guides what we say in the media,” he said.

“It comes down to this: we know what we’re doing, they don’t know what they’re doing. Just remember, we were featured on international news and a lot of national news yesterday,” Rawal added.

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Photo: FALLS CHURCH, VA - JULY 17: Aaryan Rawal, 18, a member of the Pride Liberation Project, speaks during a rally demanding inclusive Family Life Education outside of Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, Va. on July 14, 2022. Groups have been protesting the school board over critical race theory, FLE, and other issues. (Eric Lee for The Washington Post via Getty Images)