Leftist Political Terror Against Republicans Greenlighted by Biden and the Left

The leftist elites and their Democratic Party have perfected the tactic of political projection. Democrats attribute every despicable trait of their own and every evil act that they would do to their opponents. They are masters of the con. 

Here’s a short list. 

The Russia Collusion Hoax. They falsely accused President Trump of colluding with Russia when the real Russian colluders were Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and a corrupt FBI. 

Ukrainian corruption. They impeached Trump over the bogus claim that he attempted to blackmail President Volodymyr Zelenskyy into investigating Hunter Biden’s Burisma corruption by withholding military aid. The truth? While he was vice president, Joe Biden was the real blackmailer. Biden publicly boasted that he had threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless its government prosecutor investigating his corrupt crack addict-pervert son was fired. “Well son of a bitch. He got fired.”

Election denial. Democrats smear and destroy all Americans who acknowledge the rigging of the 2020 election or question the integrity of the process. But it is Democrats who deny the results of almost every major election they lose. They celebrate defeated candidates such as Hillary Clinton who perpetually carries her 2016 election denial torch and Stacey Abrams who still masquerades as “governor” of Georgia. 

Projection is leftist standard operating procedure. 

In his dark and chilling speech on September 1, Joe Biden took Democrat projection to a new level. Biden declared “MAGA Republicans” (all 74 million Trump voters) to be “semi-fascists” and representative of the “party of political violence.” 

Fascists? What word would you use to describe the following?

Government collusion with media and Big Tech to suppress news and information, censor opinions, and punish free speech by destroying people’s lives, careers, and finances. 

The emergence of a partisan two-tiered justice system that functions to reward the Left’s friends and punish its enemies and calls itself the Department of Justice. 

A Federal Bureau of Investigation that has been transformed into an American version of the Gestapo or Stasi—seeking out, monitoring, persecuting, and destroying political opponents of the state. Branding parents as “domestic terrorists,” the FBI has been turned loose on any who speak out at local school board meetings against the indoctrination of their children in the racism of critical race theory, child pornography, and the perversion of transgender ideology.

Democrats rammed through legislation authorizing 87,000 additional IRS agents who will function as armed adjuncts for FBI targeting of Americans who dare to stand up against leftist totalitarianism.  

Party of political violence? No, that would be the Democrats too. Consider the near-fatal shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise by a Bernie Sanders campaign worker, five months of Black Lives Matter/Antifa race riots in 2020, and the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

This is only the beginning. Biden’s projection is greenlighting what will be an explosion of politically targeted and racially motivated leftist violence against half the citizens of our country. 

Democrats are being persuaded to commit violence against their Republican fellow citizens by a systemic process of dehumanizing and hating their opponents. Leftist elites and every social institution they control—particularly media and education, have been working on this for a long time. For 50 years, students have been indoctrinated into believing the lie that America is a racist, illegitimate nation. Anyone standing up in support of American principles is described as fascist, racist, and a white supremacist. 

The conclusion leftists want people on the Left to make is “These types of people are so evil; we’ve even fought wars against them. And how did we eliminate the threat? We killed them.”

The coming violence will be delivered by several means. These include manufacturing irrational fear that Republicans are “enemies of Our Democracy™,” inciting hate by demonizing Republicans and white people in general as racists, and reactivating Black Lives Matter and Antifa street thugs. Supporting and enabling the political violence will be Democratic mayors, George Soros-financed state’s attorneys, and disgracefully—leftist police chiefs already collaborating with pro-criminal mayors and prosecutors.

Let us consider each of these. 

Republicans as “Enemies of Democracy”

Biden’s speech was the capstone on a successful leftist elite disinformation and propaganda campaign waged for the past six years to demonize Republicans. Polling shows that 73 percent of Democrats actually believe that there are “tens of millions of dangerous MAGA Republicans” who are openly “backing violence and trying to overthrow the Constitution.” 

As we saw with the Bernie bro’s attempted assassination of Rep. Scalise, this kind of paranoid delusion can directly result in deadly political violence. We are seeing more of it now.

Last week in McHenry, North Dakota, Shannon Brandt, a 41-year-old man got into a political argument with Cayler Ellingson, a local teenager. Brandt deliberately ran the teenage pedestrian over with his car and drove away—leaving Cayler to die in the street. When police arrested Brandt at his home, he matter-of-factly proclaimed that Cayler Ellingson was a “Republican extremist”—the killer’s self-justification for the murder.

Demonizing Republicans as Racists 

In America, the easiest way to hate someone is to believe that he is a racist. To incite widespread violence against half of the country will require generating a more visceral form of hate than just calling them “fascists”—but calling them “racists” will do the trick. 

MSNBC is fanning the flames, expanding the target from MAGA Republicans, first to all Republicans, and then to white people in general. Here’s a sampling. 


“White people turn violent when they don’t politically get their way all the damn time in this country. It’s what they do.” 

When people are demonized and dehumanized as “racists,” violence and killing become justified. We have seen this in the war on cops. The Democratic Party and their leftist-elite media perpetuated the big lie of systemic police racism. Shootings, murders, and ambush attacks on police are at all-time highs. The leftist elites are now inciting violence on average citizens. 

An increasing number of black criminals are picking up on the racist Democratic message. Only a week after Biden’s inflammatory speech and MSNBC’s racist rants, two black thugs in Memphis, Tennessee released a video on social media announcing that they were out hunting for white people to kill. 

This isn’t new. During last November’s Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Darrell Brooks—a black, racist, career criminal—carried out an anti-white massacre. Brooks murdered six and seriously injured 62 as he plowed his SUV through the parade, targeting white people to kill. A staunch BLM adherent—Brooks had a history of calling for violence against whites, supporting black supremacists, and praising Adolf Hitler for exterminating Jews.

Darrell Brooks. MARK HOFFMAN/POOL via Getty Images

Reactivating Black Lives Matter/Antifa 

The 2020 BLM/Antifa riots were well financed, organized, and directed with a purpose. The riots were not spontaneous, and it was not the police who stopped them. The violence was eventually turned off by the same people who stoked it. As the 2024 election approaches it will be turned back on again—this time not as widespread across cities, but primarily targeted at Republican individuals, groups, events, and conservative Christians. 

As I observed in American Greatness last April, Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the stormtroopers of the Democratic Party. During the summer of 2020, BLM/Antifa thugs carried out the real armed insurrection with 537 riots, $2 billion in arson and property damage, 26 people killed, and more than 2,000 police officers injured.

In Democrat-run cities, left-wing mayors and collaborating police chiefs stood their police departments down, enabling the violence while police officers, for the most part, observed the anarchy as spectators. In Minneapolis and Seattle, police chiefs abandoned precinct stations to the mob.

Open support of the criminality reached the highest levels of the Democratic Party. Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris solicited contributions for the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), an ultra-radical bail project designed to get rioters back on the streets almost as soon as they were arrested. In Minneapolis, MFF bailed out multiple violent offenders, including two rapists (one victim was an eight-year-old girl), armed robbers, a burglar who had tied up and brutally beaten a 71-year-old woman, and a domestic abuser who was later arrested for murder. Harris helped the MFF rake in $35 million—effectively keeping the jails empty of rioters. This time, with Kamala Harris actually vice president, the terrorists will be even more emboldened. 

The 2020 riots were designed to undermine President Trump’s reelection campaign by extorting votes for Joe Biden. The mob’s message was simple. “If Biden wins, the riots stop.” Well son of a bitch. Biden won, and the riots stopped. They will be going for a repeat in 2024.

George Soros-Financed State’s Attorneys

The pandemic of lawlessness and violence across America is primarily enabled by radical district attorneys backed by the anti-American currency manipulator, George Soros. Since 2014, the Hungarian-born American billionaire has spent more than $40 million to elect radical district attorneys in 75 major Democratic jurisdictions representing 72 million people. All are committed to “reimagining” the criminal justice system by putting the interests of criminals ahead of victims. Standing on the myth of “systemic racism,” their mission is to keep criminals out of jail and subvert the American criminal justice system from within.

This will fuel the coming violence. 

In the summer of 2020, these leftist prosecutors aided and abetted the insurrectionists both by refusing to prosecute and dropping criminal charges against thousands of Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters, arsonists, and looters. These treacherous district attorneys support BLM ideology that justifies mob violence as a legitimate response to “systemic racism,” killing police officers as acts of “self-defense,” and looting as a form of slavery “reparations.” 

Subversive prosecutors are undermining citizens’ right to self-defense and the legitimate use-of-force by the police. Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin and U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Perry in Austin, Texas, are victims who used legal and justifiable deadly force to save their lives from Antifa and Black Lives Matter assailants. Both were prosecuted as offenders for murder by radical state’s attorneys. Police officers have been criminally indicted for trying to protect their communities during the riots. 

Pro-criminal Mayors and Collaborating Police Chiefs 

This time, out of political self-interest, some Democratic mayors will make a better show of at least the appearance of preserving order. Average citizens are fed up with rampant criminality. And with Soros-backed prosecutors recently defeated in San Francisco and Baltimore—they won’t want to be perceived as too pro-criminal. 

As to police chiefs in major Democratic-run cities, almost all have been hired either because they adhere to leftist ideology themselves or are willing to go along with the program. This was clear during the 2020 riots when some enthusiastically agreed and some meekly acquiesced to their mayors’ orders to surrender the streets to thugs who were burning down their cities and putting their policemen and women in the hospital. 

What America desperately needed at that moment was for just one of these chiefs to give us a profile in courage. Just imagine if only a single big-city chief had the guts to defy their leftist Democratic mayor and say, “You can fire me tomorrow, but today my police department is going to restore law and order in this city.” That would have been a game changer.  

Finally, as has already happened with the FBI, the danger of a leftist takeover of local law enforcement is real—and already happening. We got a good look at what lawless policing is at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

Led by a supervisor, D.C. Metro Police officers sadistically beat unarmed protesters, including two women trapped in the lower west terrace tunnel. Police officers have been sent to prison for less, but this outrageous criminal assault has been covered up and buried by Democratic D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metro Police Chief Robert Contee.

Inside the Capitol building, U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd fired from ambush and killed Ashli Babbitt—a five-foot-two, 110-pound, unarmed woman who posed no threat to him or anyone else. His malfeasance should have resulted in a murder charge. Instead, he pretended to be a hero while a bad shooting was covered up and whitewashed by the Capitol Police, the Justice Department, and the national press. 

Where Do We Go From Here?

First, we must recognize the seriousness of the threat. The leftist elites realize what is at stake and are unleashing security-state persecution, mob violence, and political assassination in order to win. 

After regaining control of Congress in November, the top Republican priority should be launching concurrent investigations into January 6 and the 2020 riots. 

A January 6 investigation is needed to learn the full role of FBI agents, informants, and agents provocateurs in planning, instigating, and committing the violence. 

The 2020 riot investigation must uncover the complete role of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Who funds them? How much money are they getting? From where did they get their marching orders? 

We must hold Democratic mayors accountable for allowing the mobs to destroy their cities and make it more difficult for them to allow it to happen again. These mayors and their police chiefs should be called to publicly testify and explain why they refused to stop the violence and let their cities burn. State’s attorneys and the Department of Justice must explain why they dropped criminal charges for thousands of rioters. 

Finally, fighting for constitutional policing and preserving the rule of law in every Republican state is crucial. In this fight, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is leading the way. Democrats never hesitate to wield power to subvert the rule of law. Republicans, where they have the power to do so, must step up to strengthen it.

Of all America’s governors, DeSantis has been the most outspoken in his support for police. Enacting anti-crime legislation last year, he proclaimed, “Make no mistake: the reason that you have such huge spikes in crime in many parts of the country is because of not standing up for law enforcement, having weak policies where you’re letting people out, and you’re not prosecuting people who are committing habitual offenses. That is clearly causing disastrous consequences.” 

This wasn’t idle talk. DeSantis recently removed a subversive Soros prosecutor in Hillsborough County for refusing to enforce state laws. 

DeSantis understands the threat of renewed leftist mob violence and has actually done something about it. Florida enacted the “Anti-Riot Bill,” increasing penalties for crimes committed during violent assemblies and protecting law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens. The Florida law also makes it more difficult for municipalities to defund the police.

Cultural Marxists have captured virtually every American institution and will complete their total conquest if they can secure another presidential victory. They have the institutional power, but we still have the people. But we have to stand up together. And do it now.

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About Maurice Richards

Maurice Richards is the former chief of the Martinsburg Police Department in West Virginia. He served as chief from 2015 to 2020 after a 24-year career in the Chicago Police Department. Richards holds a doctorate in adult education from Northern Illinois University. His writing has been featured in Human Events, The Federalist, The Hill, and The Daily Caller

Photo: Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images