Government Schools Are Teaching Hate, Causing Violence

Government-run, union-controlled schools are increasingly teaching children to loathe their country and fellow citizens. This systematic indoctrination campaign stayed under the radar until forced at-home learning during the COVID-19 lockdowns exposed the curricula to parents throughout the country.

Children normally welcome with enthusiasm the friendship of any child willing to share a toy, a doll, or a game. They naturally build friendships through common interests and activities. In the current educational environment, however, teachers direct children to dwell on superficial differences instead of enjoying similar interests.

Government-run schools also teach children to hate their country and reject their own bodies, as well as the parents who brought them into the world.

Meanwhile, schools are neglecting essential subjects such as math, language and literacy skills, and science. Positive civic education, which recognizes America’s dedication to individual rights and blind justice despite our failings, is also absent. Such malfeasances leave children ill-prepared for gainful work as adults and thereby rob them of independence and the opportunity to better their lot.

The influence of teachers and the power of the education establishment can easily overwhelm parental authority, especially if the educators have that explicit aim, as is now increasingly the case. Generally, children are with their teachers six or more hours per day, and spend far less time with their parents during waking hours. Children are helpless to defend themselves against the skilled manipulation of these professional propagandists, and parents cannot push back the tide.

These divisions promoted by the education culture are sending America’s youth down a dark path toward destruction. Although much of the media bury these stories faster than the victims can be laid to rest, America is suffering a fast-increasing outbreak of senseless criminal violence.

A New York grandmother, Jill LeCroix, was assaulted recently by three young women in Queens during a bus ride, the New York Post reports. The girls attacked without provocation. The motive appears to have been anti-white hate on the part of the girls, who are black.

“She said, ‘You’re going to get what you deserve! All white people are going to get what they deserve.’ It was crazy,” Le Croix told the Post.

This is no longer a strange occurrence in the United States, where government schools train children to view people like Le Croix not as fellow human beings but as inherently evil exploiters and objects of scorn. This targeting of others as natural enemies has resulted in young people turning violently on one another to a degree not seen in decades. In Portland, Oregon, four teenagers were shot at a house party during a recent weekend. The violence evolved from a verbal disagreement, OregonLive reports. Two of those young men are now dead.

In Chicago, one of the most disturbing trends has been the increase of first-degree murder charges against children under the age of 17, WGN News reports. Children as young as 14 are being charged with murder.

Jackson, Mississippi, has likewise experienced an alarming rise in youth violence, WAPT reports. That city is trying to find ways to reduce the number of violent crimes committed by teens. Solutions attempted thus far include youth basketball programs.

Reported incidents are only a fraction of the actual number of crimes committed by today’s youth. With so many cities having “decriminalized” entry-level offenses, with prosecutors refusing to bring charges for crimes they unilaterally deem inconsequential, numerous crimes don’t even get reported. In addition, many cities have cut funding for their police departments, resulting in fewer law enforcement officers being available to prevent crimes before they happen or find the perpetrators after they occur.

As a result of these police reductions and of district attorneys’ refusal to prosecute even violent criminal offenses, many more crimes go unreported or unresolved than in previous decades. The inevitable outcome of fewer cops, fewer prosecutions, and soft-on-crime policies is a pronounced spike in crime.

Combining that legal laxness with government-run schools training children to be offended and angry and to march for social justice rather than do math, we should expect crime rates to continue to rise.

Parents often say the one thing they want for their children is a life of happiness. Sending children to government-run public schools today puts them in the hands of people who will train them for a life of unhappiness, envy, and emptiness, and very possibly point them toward criminality.

An education system that encourages children to hate anyone has no place in a civilized society. Schools teaching racial division and confusion about a child’s self-identity inflict immeasurable harm on children and destroy public order. 

The only solution is to get children out of this harmful environment before the damage becomes irreparable. Parents must reject the current public school system, and taxpayers must demand change. The current corrupt public education system must be replaced with one where parents decide who will be trusted to influence the precious lives they have brought into the world, and what their children will be taught.

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About S. T. Karnick and Eileen Griffin

S. T. Karnick is a senior fellow and director of publications for The Heartland Institute, where he edits Heartland Daily News. Eileen Griffin writes for Heartland Daily News.

Photo: iStock/Getty Images