UK Announces it Will No Longer Offer COVID Jabs to Children Under 12 Amid New Data That Shows Risks Outweigh Benefits

Children under 12-years-old in the United Kingdom will no longer be offered COVID injections, except for those in clinical risk groups, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) confirmed this week. The agency said the offer of COVID shots to healthy 5 to 11-year-olds was always meant to be temporary.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said children who had not turned five by the end of last month would not be offered a vaccination, in line with advice published by the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) in February 2022. UKHSA said the offer of Covid jabs to healthy five to 11-year-olds was always meant to be temporary.

The risks of the COVID “vaccines” have always outweighed the benefits, especially when it comes to children. According to the Guardian, the JCVI has acknowledged that young children are at very low risk of developing severe disease from COVID, and most will gain natural immunity from infections.

Adam Finn, professor of pediatrics at the University of Bristol, and a member of the JCVI, pointed out that in the UK, the number of parents who had chosen to have their young children immunized has been small, despite the offer being open.

“The main policy focus right now though … is to try to immunize those who are at highest risk of severe acute COVID as per the recent announcement on the autumn booster program,” said Finn.

In the United States, only seven percent of parents of 6 months to 4-year-olds have had their tots injected with a single dose or more.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) own VAERS data, 19 serious adverse events have been identified in vaccinated babies and toddlers. Those adverse events include “death, life-threatening illness, hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization, permanent disability, congenital anomaly or birth defect.”

In children ages 6 months to 17 years, 54,697 adverse events have been reported through August 26, 2022, including 1,902 cases of myocarditis, 658 life-threatening conditions, 507 permanently disabled, and 149 deaths, according to Open VAERS. A total of 4,299 children in that age cohort required hospitalization, and another 5,140 had to visit the emergency room, the data show.

Of babies and toddlers enrolled in the CDC’s “V-safe” monitoring system, more than half of parents reported a “systemic reaction” and about 10 percent reported a “health impact” to the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines.”

A “systemic reaction” is a response beyond the injection site that includes fever, headache, body aches, and fatigue.  “Health impacts” are changes in health resulting from exposure to the injection. Parents of more than 6 percent of these children said their child was unable to perform normal activities after the second dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.

The V-Safe program is a smartphone-based monitoring system that operates through an app that parents download to their phones.

As reported by the Defender, between June 18 and Aug. 21 parents of more than 10,000 young children ages 6 months to 2-years-old reported reactions to the CDC through V-Safe in the seven days after their child had received a COVID-19 injection.

Parents of 8,338 children ages 6 months to 2 years who received the Moderna vaccine reported information through V-Safe, with 55.7% reporting a systemic reaction after the first dose and about 58% after the second dose.

For the Pfizer vaccine, parents of 4,749 children ages 6 months to 2 years submitted reports showing that 55.8% had a systemic reaction after the first dose and about 47% after the second dose of the vaccine.


According to the V-Safe data, 60-70 percent of children aged 5 to 11 have a systemic reaction. In about 5 percent of the cases after the first jab, and 18 percent after the second, the child is unable to work or attend school after vaccination.

Over 30 percent of children in this age cohort have had a health impact for the second and booster dost, with about 2 percent requiring medical care.

“This is much higher incidence of vaccine related disease than that actual disease!” vaccinologist Dr. Robert Malone noted on his Substack.

This data was presented during the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meeting on September 1. According to Malone, “ACIP members who asked questions were ignored and answers were not forthcoming.” The doctor added, “They were blown-off.”

Malone said the CDC data “clearly shows that these vaccines are not safe for children and teens and should be discontinued immediately,” and urged the U.S. government to face the facts like several other countries now have done.

“The UK, Sweden, Poland, and many other nations have it right. They stopped vaccinating babies and children. Parents have it right. The vast majority aren’t vaccinating babies and children,” Malone wrote. “It is time that the US government to face facts. It is time to stop vaccinating babies and children.”

Malone appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast on Wednesday to discuss the CDC data and the UK’s decision to stop offering the jabs to children under 12.

The vaccinologist said the vaccine pushers now “have a problem all across the world, particularly in the Western nations because they oversold this [COVID vaccines] largely on the cult of personality that is built around Tony Fauci.”


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Photo: Children may soon be vaccinated against COVID-19 after the Moderna vaccine acquired approval in Britain and Europe for use in 12 to 17-year-olds. Britain's health regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MHRA], approved the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 12 to 17, on 17th August 2021. The announcement came only days after an announcement that 16 and 17-year-olds in England were to be offered the vaccine. In Europe Moderna was authorised for children aged 12-17 by the European Medicines Agency [EMA] on 23rd July. The Moderna, NIAID vaccine, a vaccine that aims to protect against COVID-19.. (Photo by: Rob Welham/Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)