Afghanistan One Year Later

This month marks the first anniversary of Joe Biden’s surrender in Afghanistan.

Americans saw real-world ramifications of a bungled foreign policy decision live as they unfolded. We will never forget the images of Afghanis clinging to the sides of American planes and falling to certain death. The embarrassment we felt as millions of dollars of American military equipment and vehicles were abandoned to our enemies hasn’t left us. We will never comprehend why such a disastrous exit allowed 13 service members to be killed as Afghanistan descended into chaos.

While these blunders were sickening enough to watch in real time, the Afghan surrender was simply the first domino to fall in Joe Biden’s America-last foreign policy. 

Think about what has happened in just one year since we surrendered in Afghanistan. 

Russia has invaded Ukraine, leading to one of the most deadly conflicts in a generation—and one that will now leave Russia stronger and our allies in Europe more vulnerable. 

America is begging Middle Eastern dictators and South American despots to help offset our oil crisis, while we are selling off our strategic oil reserves to China and limiting clean and safe domestic production.

North Korea is back to test-firing missiles, restoring the serious threat of a nuclear conflict on the Korean Peninsula. 

Iran is openly talking about access to uranium and flaunting plans to acquire nuclear weaponry. 

China is running live ammunition drills off the coast of Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi’s provocative, self-serving stunt.

And now, rockets from Gaza are once again falling on Israel.  

American leaders who prioritize a globalist, America-last foreign policy encourage the kind of chaos that has spread across the world. Dictators and strongmen seize these moments of American weakness to expand their influence. This chaos makes Americans less safe, our way of life becomes more expensive, and our position with our allies weakens. 

During my time in the United States Marine Corps, I experienced firsthand the power morale plays in the hearts and minds of our men and women in the military. Our troops see us surrendering treasure and blood in Afghanistan, they see dictators and tyrants running roughshod over America, and they certainly see a diminished America turning away from our allies and opportunities to lead. It is no wonder the military is struggling to recruit.

While this president is talking about transgender military service and taking our service branches to next-level woke, our adversaries are laughing at us. They are filling the vacuum formed since the day Donald Trump and his America First foreign policy left the White House.

During my time in the Trump Administration, I led efforts to expand the America First agenda into the most dangerous regions, including North Korea and Afghanistan. Alongside President Trump, I was able to witness some of the most historic foreign policy negotiations in American history. 

With President Trump, it was always America First, unequivocal strength, and making our interests clear to friends and enemies alike. When America is strong and respected, our enemies fear us and our allies are firmly behind us.

When the America First team reclaims congressional majorities, there will be no time for complacency. If Joe Biden wants to diminish the strength of America and bend the knee to a new global order, they will have to explain why in front of the American people. We will work every single day to hold Joe Biden accountable for his decisions and we will expose the foreign policy failures so every American is empowered with the truth.

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About Max Miller

Max Miller was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio. He served his country in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and in the White House as a Senior Adviser to President Donald J. Trump.