The Hill to Die On

Growing up in our house, Election Night was like the Super Bowl. We would stay up late into the night watching the returns. The 2020 election was no different. That night, I watched Donald Trump take state after state with ease. Then I watched as votes started to fluctuate, barely trickled in, and then, with only a handful of states to go, I watched as counting was halted altogether. A sinking feeling crept over me as I witnessed things I had never seen in my life.

The media, the Left, and RINOs like to say that these “feelings” about Trump stem from a cult-like devotion to him. It couldn’t possibly be that for years, prior to the election, we observed an unprecedented witch hunt against him. Neither could it be that I, like many others, watched as states halted their counts under the flimsiest of circumstances. It certainly looked odd. Almost two years on, Americans still question—with evidence—whether or not the 2020 election was rigged. 

But polite people are not supposed to mention it. America, we are supposed to believe, is far too civilized for cheating. That’s for Third World countries and communist regimes, not us. Right?

They’ve taken gaslighting to a whole new level. 

And now, with last week’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, I felt that sinking feeling again. They are expecting us to believe that a raid that was authorized by a judge who had previously represented Jeffrey Epstein’s staff isn’t fishy? At what point does objecting to such “coincidences” stop being labeled conspiracy-thinking and start being recognized as a true representation of corruption?  

What we have seen over the last year and a half, with hundreds of Americans locked up for a faux “insurrection,” sends a clear message of intimidation from the Justice Department, the FBI, and this administration. They are showing the American people what happens when they don’t conform. 

We are in dangerous territory. Whether you like Trump or not, these are obviously abnormal times. Even if we take Trump and the mass media hysteria surrounding him out of the equation and just look plainly at the number of people being censored for opinions, the extreme gun bills being advanced, the planned hiring of 87,000 IRS agents, the FBI classifying the Betsy Ross flag as a symbol of militant violent extremists, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognize our country. Is this the America that once was? 

This goes far beyond Trump. He is simply the one being used to bring their contempt for us and the things we want politically into the light. The ocean of corruption in our government has been building like a massive tidal wave for decades and many are just now seeing it.

The economist Martin Armstrong writes about The 224 Year Cycle of Political Change. No matter how an empire begins, Armstrong argues, it always results in a dictatorship. We allow this cycle to continue because we let parties and issues divide us instead of focusing on government overreach. Do you think it is an accident that one of our founding principles was limited government or that George Washington himself was opposed to the people dividing themselves into separate political parties? Washington knew that if we fought among ourselves over petty partisan differences it would authorize those in office to increase their power over us.

There comes a time when one realizes all that is at stake. Then one must decide to put aside the petty issues and focus only on the truly important ones. Our founders knew that freedom of speech and the right to bear arms were the only way to achieve true freedom from tyranny. That will never not be true. For me, these two issues—the First and the Second Amendmentsare the hills I’m willing to die on. 

It is no coincidence that these two amendments are attacked relentlessly every day in our country. If they fear what we will say and fear our ability to defend ourselves their motives can only be impure. 

Between now and November, be prepared for the Left to pull out all the stops. These are desperate times for those in power because they are realizing the stronghold they once held over the American people is weakening. Trust in the media is the lowest it’s ever been. The scourge of inflation, coupled with the obvious corruption of our governing elites, leaves us with the perfect storm where people cannot help but be energized. 

As we have discovered, voting is not enough. Activists in Arizona knew there was much more to do this year and decided to hold drop box tailgate parties during their primary to curb the temptation for the Left to commit fraud. This is just one way to be more involved. Become a poll watcher. Become a poll worker. Get creative. But more than anything do not be complacent, do not give up. Now is the time to be resilient and energized.

This country was founded as a middle finger to tyranny and it’s about time we got back to those roots. As Americans we have to stop waiting for someone else to fix our problems. We have to be courageous enough to be our own saviors. Individually, it is your responsibility to play a bigger role—if not for yourself then for the future of your children and the future of America. Do not let complacency be our downfall.

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About Lauren Farrell

Lauren Farrell is the development coordinator for American Majority. A self-proclaimed political junkie, she has loved politics since she was a child. She resides in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with her fiance and three dogs.

Photo: Kyle Mazza/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images