Never Forget Biden’s Big Lie About COVID Shots

In an ugly and remarkably authoritarian speech almost a year ago, Joe Biden declared that his “patience” was “wearing thin” with a “distinct minority” of Americans who refused the COVID vaccine. Biden’s remarks proved to be the start of a cruel and gratuitous attack on millions of Americans. While Biden has since moved on to other scapegoats, his campaign of hatred against the unvaccinated should not be forgotten. 

The “scientific” pretext of Biden’s war on the unvaccinated was like something out of a pre-genocidal radio broadcast. The unvaccinated were likened to filthy plague carriers recklessly and selfishly harming others. Biden and others in his administration declared COVID a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” 

While Biden’s premise was known to be false from the start, the past year of experience has proven beyond all doubt that the shot is worthless at stopping transmission. Biden and Anthony Fauci both know this personally, since both have experienced COVID recently despite being quadruple-vaccinated. Moreover, both have experienced “rebound” infections. Yet, Fauci had promised the shot would make the vaccinated into “dead ends” for virus spread, and Biden is on the record with similar claims. 

Were Biden and Fauci spreading misinformation about the shot? It sure appears that way. 

Once the Omicron wave made it undeniably clear that the vaccine does not stop the spread, Democrats and their ideological allies in the hopelessly corrupt “public health” bureaucracy have been backpedaling. Now they are telling us that the whole point of taking the shot is to mitigate the severity of the illness. Except that is not what they told us initially, and it is clearly not what many unpleasantly surprised people who took the shot, then got sick anyway, had been led to believe. 

As it became clear that the vaccine had been oversold, the Democratic Party’s vaccine propaganda became oddly tautological. We began to hear of a new status: “fully vaccinated and boosted.” If full vaccination is not enough to provide protection, then why call it full vaccination? Of course, we now know the truth: “fully vaccinated” was an arbitrary political term the Democrats devised to divide and control people. 

Since they won’t admit the vaccine doesn’t work as advertised, Democrats are now stuck on a treadmill of touting the dubious benefits of indefinite, periodic “boosters” to an increasingly skeptical, pandemic-weary public. Parents of all political persuasions are refusing to get their kids vaccinated. It looks like there are many more “anti-vaxxers” in this country than many of us anticipated. 

The vaccine pushers lied. A hoax this big and consequential shouldn’t be swept under the rug. But Biden and Fauci have not acknowledged having misled the public and there is no reason to expect they ever will. Instead they are using their encounters with COVID to prod the public some more to get “boosted.” The inefficacy of the vaccine is just another reason to take the vaccine, according to the Democratic Party’s tortuous reasoning. We hear the same robotic, counterfactual talking points from politicians in both parties: I got COVID anyway, but think what might have happened if I didn’t take four shots. Thanks, Pfizer! 

Of course, there are plenty of people who didn’t get the shot and did just fine with COVID. There are also people who did not want the shot, were forced to take it anyway, and got injured as a result. When do they receive an acknowledgment? What about those who took the vaccine on false pretenses, and now regret it? 

Many people took the shot willingly, although it’s difficult to say they were able to make an informed decision. Others vehemently objected and had valid reasons for doing so. The vaccine has serious side effects that are still being studied. The risk of COVID varies greatly: for some, it’s a death sentence, for others, it is on a risk-level similar to a cold or a bad flu. Some people simply felt the vaccine was not necessary for their protection.

Why were the modest wishes of the objectors not respected? That would have been a civil, science-based compromise. But political leaders found it too convenient to shut them up and cast them aside. Fanaticism and corruption won the day. Politicians bought out by indemnified pharma companies took the side of their true constituents, against the regular people they claim to serve. 

From the beginning, Biden’s vaccine coercion was magical thinking rather than science. It was about establishing political uniformity, not protecting people. It was about giving loyalists to the Democratic Party a talisman to mark themselves special and “safe” from people they were told to hate. 

That some vaccine mandates came with no religious exemption was a tell. As New York’s Democratic governor Kathy Hochul put it, the refusers weren’t doing “what God wants.” Friends and relatives were excluded from weddings and Christmas dinners over this nonsense. 

Democrats used an egregious lie to divide the country and ostracize innocent people. Shouldn’t political leaders (especially Fauci) who misbehave like this be punished? This is a democracy, after all, isn’t it? They aren’t really just going to move on like nothing ever happened, are they? When can we expect a primetime hearing to address the vaccine-injured and Biden’s Big Lie about the shot? When will those who were broken by the mandates be made whole again? Will Biden issue a groveling apology at some point to the people he needlessly demonized? 

Beneath all of his Dear Leader propaganda, Biden has quietly admitted guilt. With little comment from a complaisant press, he has retired his crude “pandemic of the unvaccinated” rhetoric and has shifted to trumpeting a return to “normalcy” before the midterm elections. No longer does he claim that it is possible to vaccinate our way out of a pandemic that he once outlandishly promised to tame with “science.” 

Although he will not acknowledge it, Biden is on the same page now as the “anti-science” heathens: The virus is gonna virus, and we must learn to live with it. Yet  Democrats are still pushing the shots on little kids, and Biden is continuing to impose discredited vaccine mandates on workers. Biden and his party don’t have the guts to abandon for good their failed “mitigation” regime and acknowledge the grievous harm it has done since March 2020. They have been telling lies too big for too long to come clean now.

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About Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

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