Would a Kamala Harris Presidency Be Better or Worse?

Joe Biden is as unpopular as any other United States president in the history of polling. A recent Monmouth poll had his overall job approval rating at 36 percent. On the flip side, his disapproval is at 58 percent. Biden’s approval has dropped by a whopping 15 points over the span of a year. 

A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll found that 71 percent of registered voters do not want Biden to run for reelection in 2024. 

These are atrocious numbers; hemorrhoids and paper straws would poll better.

Cracking Democrats

It is no secret on why the poll numbers are abysmal. Record high fuel prices, highest inflation in 40 years (and rising), supply chain debacle, a looming recession, and a foreign policy that has the Taliban and China’s President Xi elated. 

The unpopularity of the commander-in-chief seems to have the unity of the Democratic party collapsing. Anonymous Democratic lawmakers are beginning to sing like birds and throw poison laced vocal darts at one another. 

Some members of the Democratic party are starting to grumble. One anonymous Democrat on the Hill criticized the Biden Administration as “rudderless, aimless and hopeless.”

That’s a massive understatement!

Another democratic lawmaker said that “it’s almost like he’s (Biden) hiding. He has the bully pulpit, and he’s either hiding behind it or under it. I don’t know where he is.”

To be fair, Biden doesn’t seem to know where he is most of the time. 

Democrats who would like to keep their seats on Capitol Hill are certainly paying attention to the  administration’s dreadful position in the polls. Recently, Joe Biden has made stump speeches in both Georgia and Ohio. Stacey Abrams, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, and Rep. Tim Ryan, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Ohio, both snubbed Biden, choosing not to appear, claiming they had “scheduling conflicts.”

Conflicts such as washing your car in the rain? I get it. I wouldn’t want to show up either. Biden is almost certain to embarrass himself by stuttering through the teleprompter and the chance of him actually pronouncing the candidate’s name correctly is about as good as the Oakland Athletics winning the World Series in 2022. 

November 2022 Red Wave

Do we expect a “Red Wave” in the midterms? Of course we do. I cannot help but remember that they also expect us to believe that Biden garnered 81 million votes. 

Millions of other Americans are not that gullible. 

While we do expect the GOP to take over the House and quite possibly the Senate, let us not be quick to forget about the myriad issues that arose during the 2020 election. 

Obscure water pipe leaks that didn’t really occur, spontaneously stopping the counting before midnight, hundreds of the thousands of one-sided ballots dropping at 4 a.m., and the remarkable percentage of acceptance of mail-in ballots when compared to previous elections were just a few of the “coincidences” that helped get a basement mannequin elected.  

It can all happen again. Anyone who raises concerns is a racist!

Is Biden Out?

It does appear that the DNC is starting to distance itself from Biden. No one is coming out with pom-poms declaring he will be the nominee in 2024. So far, that has only been Biden and Kamala Harris who boldly said, “Joe Biden is running for reelection, and I will be his ticket mate. Full stop.”

After a quick scolding from those who are actually running the White House, Harris retracted her statement and softened it up. 

With Biden’s advanced age (he’ll be 80 in November) and overt cognitive shortfalls, party officials have begun to murmur about whether he’s really up for a rigorous reelection campaign in 2024. And even if he could, his heinous poll numbers point to certain annihilation. Minus any chicanery, that is. 

Mark Leibovich wrote this about Biden in the far-left Atlantic, “Let me put this bluntly: Joe Biden should not run for re-election in 2024. He is too old.

There are concerns that Biden may not be able to finish out the current term. He is increasingly having troubles with teleprompter reading, sleeping through meetings with world leaders, diction, walking, and has been seen attempting to shake hands with air. Sorry, but as one who practices medicine for a living, these are not signs of a lucid, vibrant, and spry individual.

It’s quite obvious what the alternative to Biden would be if he were to resign or the 25th Amendment is somehow invoked. 

President Kamala Harris

If Biden does not complete the full term in office and the 25th Amendment is invoked, we all know who ascends to the office.

We all also cringe at the thought of cackling Kamala leading the United States. She polled at less than 1 percent during her presidential run during the primary season of the 2020 election. She tanked in her own state of California and barely outlasted a life cycle of CNN+. 

Her popularity as vice president has mingled in the sewer along with her boss. She has consistently had an approval rating in the 30s. Current polling numbers have her approval at 38 percent and disapproval at 53 percent.

What would a Kamala Harris Administration look like? If you ask this question in public many would look at you cross-eyed, dismiss it altogether, or give a defensive Harris cackle because they simply do not know the answer.

But it is a serious question that many have dreadfully pondered.

The Lesser of Two Evils?

Conventional wisdom on the Right is that Harris would be worse than Biden in the White House. I argue that she wouldn’t be better or worse. 

Even though Biden sits in the Oval Office, he is clearly not calling the shots. If Harris were catapulted into the position, nothing would change. It was the intention of the ticket from the outset. 

Those pulling the puppet strings pushed to run a decrepit old man with cognitive incontinence. His running mate would have to meet the progressive criteria of a black female. Both would have to be equally imbecilic so they could be controlled by those behind the scenes. 

You couldn’t have synthetically produced a better match! 

Harris Has a Track Record

Harris was given the task of being the “border czar.” She has essentially done nothing with this as illegal immigrants cross the border in record numbers month after month. She still hasn’t been to any portion of the border that is significant. I’m sorry but El Paso doesn’t count, as we have a major military base (Fort Bliss) located there and this just isn’t an area where the cartels are bringing their clients. 

She hasn’t hosted an immigration event in 10 months. She is either not interested in the job or she is just not good at leading. In either case, the fortitude required for a real presidency is not present. 

But the puppeteers, whoever they may be, do not care. They would control a President Kamala Harris in the same way they have controlled Biden. 

The plan would be to keep her away from the media as much as possible, provide handwritten explanations on what to do in every situation, make the teleprompter her best friend, and blame Vladimir Putin for everything that has been and will be disastrous moving forward. 

In the end, President Harris would be as detrimental as President Biden. 

Because it isn’t the president or vice president calling the shots. 

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