The Devil and the Death Shots

I am energized. I’m angry. I’m more determined than ever to stand against this evil.

What got to me was a photo of Joe Biden holding an innocent baby reaching up to touch his masked face.

Biden the Idiot. The court buffoon. The puppet hobbling along, falling off his bike, staring into space, saying weird and unintelligible things, guided along by his poor little wife and his anxious handlers, setting the example for the masses so that they, too, will happily be led along. Close your eyes, shut off your mind.

Yes, that photo brought it all together and made it difficult for me to contain my rage. If ever I was convinced our government leaders serve the Devil—the actual Devil—that photo brought it home. No mincing of words today.

And then the headline associated the photo: “Biden visits clinic, celebrates COVID shots for kids under 5.


He celebrates that 17 million more children, down to the age of 6 months, are now eligible for the death shot.

Six months-old, surely that will be the end of it. But you know what? They still aren’t satisfied. Those CEOs at Pfizer and Moderna, Albert Bourla and Stéphane Bancel, are in a little competition with one another. Who can inject the most babies and make the biggest profit?

Moderna is wasting no time: “Moderna to Study Its Covid-19 Vaccine in Babies as Young as 3 Months,” reports the Wall Street Journal. As many as 700 infants would be enrolled to test proper doses for ages 3 months to 6 months.

This evil is out of control. Where are the angels, the warriors? How does one fight against an enemy that cannot be attacked by sword or reason?

Visiting the Washington, D.C. clinic where the first shots were being administered, Biden proudly proclaimed to parents: “Relief, isn’t it? Being able to do it? We’re the only country in the world doing this right now.” Turning his dead eyes on one young girl, the White House occupant said, “This is a great place for you all. We’re going to beat this thing. You’ll be able to go anywhere you want.”

You’ll be able to go anywhere you want.

What kid doesn’t like the sound of that? Freedom! Just like any drug pusher on the street, take this little pill and you’ll fly. Except you will always and forever be their slave.

Come on just this one shot—or is it two or three or infinity? And then, who knows? Maybe when you’re 10 years old, you’ll want to change your sex, something your school will encourage you to do. By then, you’ll be so pumped full of drugs and used to it, what will be the harm of adding puberty blockers to the mix? Don’t worry, you won’t even need your parents’ permission.

Shh! don’t tell them! The state will take care of you. We will oh-so-lovingly pick you apart, piece by piece, and then put you back together again, scarred and addicted to our drugs forever. Or maybe we won’t put you back together again. Maybe we will extract your organs, your cells, your DNA, your young, fresh blood, so that the elite can tinker and play with it, finding ways to live longer while you die.

Think about it. All of these drugs and procedures are being approved. By the Biden puppet regime—owned by the pharmaceutical companies. They want every person in the United States to be an addict, starting at birth, or if they can achieve it, before birth. Little by little by little the public has been led to believe they cannot survive without their injections, pills, patches, and microchips.

Shame on us for not stopping it sooner. Because there were plenty of opportunities to stand up and refuse if we had just paid attention.

They did it with Ritalin, in 2011, lowering the age of prescription to 4 years-old. Ritalin was an important “gateway” drug easing parents into accepting governmental control of their children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued new treatment guidelines for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” that said ADHD can be diagnosed in kids as early as age four, and that Ritalin and similar drugs are an appropriate treatment even for children this young.

Never mind that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration categorizes Ritalin in the same class of highly addictive drugs as cocaine, morphine and opium.

Some severe side effects of Ritalin include:

  • cardiovascular reactions, including sudden death, stroke, and heart attack;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • increased heart rate (tachycardia);
  • psychiatric adverse reactions, including worsening of a pre-existing psychiatric condition;
  • development of new psychotic or manic symptoms;
  • sustained and sometimes painful erections in males;
  • poor circulation, including Raynaud’s phenomenon;
  • long-term suppression of growth and weight loss in pediatric patients;
  • potential for abuse and dependence.

And yet, if a psychiatrist determines that a child has a mental “disorder” (ADHD) based on a checklist of behaviors such as “loses pencils or toys,” “often does not seem to listen,” “is easily distracted by extraneous stimuli,” “fidgets” or “runs about or climbs excessively in situations when it is not appropriate” he or she may be administered this drug.

Parents agreed, willingly sedating their children in order to comply with the state.

We complain about injecting our children with an mRNA gene therapy. Yet, vaccines previously given to our children contained poisons like mercury, or ethylmercury (commonly known as thimerosal).

A CounterPunch article in 2012 lays bare how the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), surely an organization parents should be able to trust, vehemently opposed the United Nations proposed “binding treaty to ban ethylmercury from all medications and vaccines worldwide.

In the December 17, 2012, issue of Pediatrics, former AAP president Louis Cooper wrote:

Science clearly documented that we can’t find hazards from thimerosal in vaccines . . . The preservative plays a critical role in distribution of vaccines to the global community. It was a no-brainer what our position needed to be.

This despite its official position on mercury being made clear as far back as July 2001: “The developing fetus and young children are thought to be disproportionately affected by mercury exposure, because many aspects of development, particularly brain maturation, can be disturbed by the presence of mercury. Minimizing mercury exposure is, therefore, essential to optimal child health.”

Isn’t it amazing how “science” changes its position to validate the agendas of powerful drug companies?


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