Trump Needs to Alter His Message on COVID

At every Donald Trump event, we hear the president repeat the same message about his success with “Operation Warp Speed” and how he persuaded the pharmaceutical companies to develop the COVID vaccinations in record time while also implying that everyone should be vaccinated. As a long-time MAGA activist, I sense a great deal of dissatisfaction among the grassroots regarding Trump’s pro-vaccine position. The polls seem to bear this out.  

Nevertheless, he either seems to shrug this off or is completely unaware of how unpopular his pro-vaccine position is. Trump’s continued praise of the vaccination program may very well cause him to lose supporters and may even open him up to attack by his opponents. As he prepares to run for the presidency in 2024, Trump would do well to drop his pro-vaccine rhetoric and embrace an entirely different COVID agenda that reflects what we have learned over the last two years about both the pandemic and the vaccines.   

Such an agenda needs to acknowledge the real size and scope of the COVID epidemic, the failure of the vaccines, the economic damage inflicted by the lockdowns, and the impact federal and state COVID policies had upon drug use, youth suicide, depression and the quality of “long-distance” education, or lack thereof. The agenda also needs to promote solutions that actually work, regardless of opposition by compromised healthcare “leaders.”

The evidence is now overwhelming that just about everything we’ve been told about the COVID epidemic is false or greatly exaggerated. First and foremost, COVID-19’s fatality rate is nowhere near what we’ve been told, as Stanford researchers have found. Moreover, a review of all the studies about COVID’s actual fatality rate finds that the rate may be as low as the fatality rate of a bad flu epidemic. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control admits that 75 percent of those who died from COVID had four or more comorbidities, meaning these folks were near the end or had compromised immune systems and all COVID did was speed up a process that was already happening. We also now know that the CDC inflated the fatality rate, creating a fear campaign that led to lockdowns and other policies which were not needed and did not work. 

As for the vaccines, well, none of them worked as advertised, since study after study shows that the vaccinated are still contracting COVID, regardless of how many booster shots they get. Then there’s the vaccine safety issue. It is now accepted science that the vaccines can lead to adverse heart conditions. And we now know the vaccines cause menstrual irregularities and miscarriages. The vaccines may also cause neurological problems. Then there are warnings from European scientists that the vaccines may be compromising our immune system. 

Indeed, the latest adverse reactions stats as reported to the VAERS system maintained by the CDC is now over 1,287,595 injuries and 28,500 deaths. Experts caution, however, that only a fraction of adverse reactions and deaths are being reported to the VAERS system and that the real number of vaccine injuries is much higher. One expert believes the real number of fatalities is as high as 400,000, just in America alone.  

Alarmingly, solid studies have been published showing that the vaccine is deadlier than COVID itself, and the British government says that children are 52 times more likely to die from the vaccine than from COVID itself.  

Even if you accept the official government statistics on vaccine deaths and injuries, such stats far surpass those of any other “medicine” or drug in history and, in normal times, the vaccine would have been yanked from the market in the first month. Yet the Democrats, the media, and our medical leaders continue to promote the vaccines as if they were as safe as eating candy bars. This is malpractice of a sort we have never witnessed in American history. 

The COVID epidemic and how the ruling class handled it will continue to be an issue for years to come and it’s likely to be an issue in the 2024 presidential campaign. Indeed, we should expect several mini COVID epidemics between now and 2024—all the more reason why Trump needs to have a clear agenda regarding COVID.

Here are some ways Trump can stay on top of the issue: 

Switch the focus from vaccinations to early treatment. Countries such as India have shown that the early treatment of COVID patients with ivermectin has practically wiped out the virus in countries trying it. Hydroxychloroquine has been wildly successful in numerous countries as well. Trump should therefore call upon the Biden Administration to promote these two drugs for early treatment use and, if elected, Trump should order the HHS to make these drugs widely available.

Trump issued an executive order regarding hydroxychloroquine, but it was sabotaged by HHS bureaucrats who restricted the use of this drug to only those hospitalized, even though it is far more effective during early treatment. He cannot allow that to happen again. Hundreds of thousands of lives may have been lost due to disloyal HHS bureaucrats who refused to carry out Trump’s executive order. 

Promote the rights of all Americans to make their own choices. Trump needs to constantly repeat that all Americans have the right to make their own choices with respect to what drugs are injected into them, and that the First Amendment is a foundational right that needs to be respected by the government and the private sector. To that end, Trump needs to call upon Biden to drop all vaccination mandates and to quit firing federal employees—including military personnel—for refusing the vaccination on First Amendment grounds. If he wins in 2024, one of his first actions should be to drop all vaccination mandates and then order all federal agencies and the military to readmit or rehire employees who were fired for refusing to take the jab.  

Expose the failure of the lockdowns. Trump needs to publicly discuss the failure of the lockdowns, school closures, etc., that did tremendous damage to the U.S. economy, the business community, and the mental health of children. 

Expose how Dr. Fauci lied to him and the American people. As Dr. Scott Atlas has documented so well in A Plague Upon our House, Anthony Fauci ignored science, misled Trump, and used the COVID epidemic to accumulate power. His fear-mongering led to lockdown policies by the states that destroyed the American economy and led to illegal voting law changes in many states, giving Biden an edge in the 2020 presidential campaign. Moreover, it appears Dr. Fauci was compromised early on as he was accepting millions of dollars of “royalties” from the same companies that were developing the vaccines.

Call for congressional hearings. Once elected, Trump needs to call upon the GOP-controlled Congress to hold hearings to investigate the government’s response to the COVID epidemic, the safety of vaccines, and the actions of Dr. Fauci for the role he played in misleading America about all aspects of the COVID epidemic. The hearings should touch on these issues: 

  • The severity of the COVID epidemic and how Fauci exaggerated it.
  • The failure of Fauci and the National Institutes of Health to pull the vaccines from the market once they were aware of the unacceptably high rate of adverse reactions and fatalities.
  • How unnecessary state lockdown policies devastated America’s economy.
  • The ineffectiveness of the vaccines in stopping the spread of COVID.
  • Fauci’s/NIH’s role in promoting gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab.
  • Fauci’s/NIH’s efforts to block usage of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin despite the success of these drugs all over the world.
  • Fauci’s acceptance of “royalties” from pharmaceutical companies and the impact this had on developing vaccines.
  • Fauci’s and the NIH’s role in covering up China’s role in developing COVID. 

Call for a U.N. investigation. Trump needs to have his U.N. ambassador call for an investigation into China’s role in creating the COVID virus. Indeed, a former Chinese scientist has testified that the virus was purposely created by China for biological warfare purposes. Moreover, it is now clear that China failed to give the United States key documents about how the virus came to be and that Fauci and the NIH covered for them

Urge private employers to drop vaccination mandates. While Trump has no power over the actions of private employers, he does have the power to order the Department of Justice to protect the First Amendment rights of Americans. Indeed, corporations that fired employees for refusing the vaccination on First Amendment grounds should receive letters from the Justice Department advising them that they are violating the Constitution and must immediately cease such actions. 

Stop NIH corruption. Trump needs to call upon Biden to terminate all NIH-funded foreign research—including all funding for the Wuhan laboratory—which clearly does not follow safety standards. Once elected, Trump needs to clean house at the NIH and terminate all funding of foreign laboratories. Why is the United States engaged in dangerous virus research in foreign countries to begin with?  

Assuming Donald Trump runs for the presidency once again—and he’s giving every indication he will—this is the kind of COVID agenda the America First Movement will expect of him.  It’s not enough to boast of his efforts to develop vaccines in record time. Too much has occurred since then, and our knowledge of the COVID epidemic, the vaccines, and the various governmental responses to it have unquestionably hurt our economy, our health, our way of life, and even our elections.

Instead of aiding the denial and whitewashing the truth regarding COVID vaccines, Trump must lead the effort to get to the bottom of what went wrong and punish those who profited from this widespread incompetence and abuse of our public health system.

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About Steve Baldwin

Steve Baldwin served as a California State Assemblyman representing the 77th District in the San Diego area from 1994-2000. For a decade after that, he served as the executive director for the Council for National Policy. He works currently as a freelance writer and is the author of From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth About America’s Public Schools. His work has been published in The American Spectator, WorldNetDaily, Barbwire, Newsmax, Human Events, National Review, and many other publications and blogs.

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