Letter from a J6 Political Prisoner

Below is the text of a letter to American Greatness by Ethan Nordean, who has been incarcerated awaiting trial for more than a year. Nordean committed no violent crime on January 6; surveillance video shows Nordean walking into the building with hundreds of others as Capitol police stood by.

Judge Timothy Kelly, appointed to the D.C. District Court by Donald Trump, refuses to release Nordean and his other nonviolent co-defendants while at the same time delaying their trial, which is now set for August 2022.

As it stands the American government has placed more value on a particular narrative than it has on truth itself. You can find examples of this going on all over the country, look no further than the covid pandemic, the department of education, Donald Trump, January 6th, or the ideological differences between the left and the right. Nothing is off limits when it comes to perpetuating the narrative or protecting it for that matter. There is no price too high, or constitutional right that can’t be infringed upon. For the narrative, all cards play.

On January 6th protesters entered the capitol and temporarily paused the officiation of president Joe Biden. In 2018 protestors stormed the capital and temporarily paused the officiation of supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh. One of these events will be hardly mentioned, the other will be called one of the greatest attacks on American democracy, a terrorist attack, some will compare it equally to 9/11. One of these events will result in a few fines given out, or a few days in jail. The other event will result in several thousand indictments and years of prison time. Seems a bit biased if you ask me.

I am a January 6th prisoner. You might assume that I assaulted police, or caused harm to someone or extensively damaged property to end up in federal prison, but you’d be wrong. I did none of those things and I am not a criminal. A narrative was created about me and that narrative is why I am behind bars. My detainable charge is a nonviolent crime and this charge on me has actually never been used in this manner ever before. Apparently my mere presence at the capitol endangered the official proceeding, even though I never went into or even got near the senate chamber in which this proceeding was being held. It certainly begs the question as to why it’s ok for some protesters (Kavanaugh) to storm into the capitol during one official proceeding, but not ok for other protesters (Joe Biden) to enter into the capitol during another official proceeding, so much so that you can attain severe felony charges for simply being associated with the event.

Why not charge the same way AOC leading 1000s of protesters into a federal building, picketing and parading and obstructing duties of congress demanding to be heard. Apparently truth is not relevant. A narrative gets pushed and as a result, people like me have been kept in prison for over a year still awaiting trial and forced to endure some of the most harsh and inhumane conditions imaginable.

The stories I’ve heard from other January 6th prisoners and the things I’ve experienced myself are too disturbing to talk about openly. I would argue the treatment of January 6th political prisoners is far more egregious than the entirety of all the accused crimes committed on January 6th. I’m not going to lie, this last year has nearly broken my spirit,

I’ve been starved and kept in a freezing cold cell for 24 hours a day for several months at a time. I have lost over 40 lbs. It’s truly tested my mind, body and spirit to the max. Nonetheless, I have decided to be a mouthpiece for truth and stand against this narrative built upon lies and corruption. I speak not just for myself, but for others who can’t speak, or are too afraid to speak out for themselves, but I can’t succeed in this battle for our rights alone. I am calling upon our government officials who still value their oath to the constitution, to take a good look at us and observe that we have been deleted from the constitution.

Every right we were supposed to have has been taken away. We are denied everything that our Constitution protects us from. We, the J6 defendants, have no rights and are denied due process. Fellow Americans, help me to remind all Americans that WE are one nation under God, and a people who value liberty and justice for all

Above all, help those of us who have been ensnared and falsely accused have a voice to prevent being politically persecuted. Stand with me America. My name is Ethan Michael Nordean and I am a God fearing, freedom loving, American patriot and I stand for truth. Look at us America and see this injustice playing out before your eyes.

What will you stand for America? Thank you and God bless you all!

Ethan Nordean

Northern Neck Regional Jail

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Photo: WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 06: Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. Trump supporters gathered in the nation's capital today to protest the ratification of President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College victory over President Trump in the 2020 election. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)