The Long, Horrifying History of Groomers

In the 1980s and 90s, I worked in child advocacy. One of my jobs was to teach children how to protect themselves from abuse. First and foremost I taught children that adults should not be telling children to keep secrets. I taught children if an adult were to tell a child that something the adult does or says must be kept secret from mom or dad, the adult was doing wrong. The first way for a child to protect themselves was to immediately tell mom and dad about adults wanting to keep secrets.

Florida took that safety lecture I used to teach children and turned it into legislation, (HB 1557) Parental Rights In Education. Simply put, the law requires schools to keep no secrets from parents. Whatever the schools are teaching children, the schools must notify parents. This is basic safety for a child, codified into law. 

It was once my job to give children this knowledge to protect themselves. Imagine my stark horror now. Now, if you tell children to protect themselves from secret-keepers you are labeled a bigot, homophobe, and transphobe. The entire media industrial complex is demanding teachers be allowed to keep secrets from parents. 

Teachers have decided they are victims if they aren’t allowed to keep secrets with five year-olds. Pedophilia acceptance seems like a new and horrible idea, but it is older than most people know. My own personal heroine, Judith Reisman, spent decades identifying and staging a crusade against pedophile acceptance. 

Alfred Kinsey, the godfather of the sexual revolution, is a secular saint to leftists. His lifelong “study” on human sexuality was in fact constant campaigning for every and all sexual perversion. Kinsey was especially interested in “studying,” that is to say, normalizing pedophilia. In the name of science, he collected data and financially compensated pedophiles. He recruited pedophiles from prisons and paid them to molest children. 

Kinsey is considered a great man, a brave scientist. He was in fact a truly evil man. The pro-pedophile movement is his brainchild. 

We are told again and again that the sexual revolution, and the entire catalogue of LGBT+ demands are just about “consenting adults.”  I will believe that when they denounce Kinsey and all his works. If it is just about consenting adults why does pedophilia acceptance keep coming up? 

Every few years another academic writes a paper in support of pedophilia. Last November an academic  gave us the newest, and most horrible, politically correct term: “minor attracted persons.” This grotesque phrase even has its own Wikipedia page.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court will soon have a justice who has made it her life’s work to protect pedophiles. I can’t describe Jackson’s evil stance better than Robert Spencer at PJMedia did: “And it’s even worse than we thought: investigative journalist Paul Sperry revealed Saturday that Jackson ‘heard horrifying details of ‘sadomasochistic’ torture of young kids—including ‘infants and toddlers—yet challenged the disturbing evidence presented by prosecutors and disregarded their prison recommendations to give the lightest possible punishments in each case.’” 

When the subject of normalizing pedophilia comes up, most Americans are horrified and  insist, blindly, that this will never happen. If I had a nickel for every time something that could never happen, happened, I could afford to buy my own Supreme Court Justice. 

They are coming for your children. They will have an advocate on the Supreme Court. Do not assure yourself this will never happen, because that is when it will happen. Be aware, be ready. This must be fought, every day. Blindly insisting that legalized pedophilia can never happen is exactly why it will happen. The only way to stop this is first to accept the awful fact that this is what the Left is after. 

Then we must stand firm and fight it, again, and again, forever.

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About Antoinette Aubert

Antoinette Aubert is a homemaker, secretary, and internet commentator. She has resided her entire life in California and admits that is a foolish choice. Her great accomplishment is her son.

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