Groomer Fragility

It was easy to see this coming. We knew the moment any Republican legislature pushed back in even the slightest way against gender identity indoctrination in public education the Democrats and the media would lose their minds in a frenzy of wrath. 

One thing I didn’t see coming: The Walt Disney Company going all-in to defend the proposition that 5-year-olds should be exposed to sexualized content in public schools, and committing to further sexualizing their content aimed at young children.

This is not normal. But it’s also not at all surprising. After all, anyone who has “done the work” to understand the postmodern American Left recognizes this reaction for what it is: groomer fragility. 

The spectacle of America’s cultural elite uniting to defend the propriety of child porn in school libraries, insisting that a gender ideology they had not even heard about until seven years ago must be taught to seven-year-olds, and a presidential administration publicly celebrating the breast amputation, genital mutilation, and sterilization of autistic children, should be utterly appalling to anyone with a shred of human decency. This all has led some on the Right to finally try to do what the Left always does: coin a novel political epithet. 

“Groomer.” It’s not a very nice word, to be sure. But the Right must decide: Do we prefer to play nice with perverts who are very sexually interested in our children? Or do we prefer to stand up for the innocence of childhood against societal forces that seek to mutilate little kids for political gain? 

We can expect most conservative pundits and Republican politicians to choose the first option. Because they crave a simulacrum of respectability above all else, they’re more likely to be offended by association with people who call liberals mean words than by the psychosexual campaign against childhood innocence. You should not take any moral cues from them. You should call a spade a spade. 

When you say “OK, groomer,” the best defense they’ve got is to be outraged as though you’ve just called them a pedophile. And it is, of course, not very nice to go around calling people pedophiles. But don’t let that trouble you. That isn’t what you said. That’s just where their minds jumped. Kind of weird, isn’t it? I mean, look it up in a dictionary. Synonyms: “educate, train, coach, drill, tutor.” Relevant definition: “to get into readiness for a specific objective.” 

The fact that they hear the word “pedophile” when you don’t say it is part of their groomer fragility. Most, after all, don’t intend to acquire direct carnal knowledge of children. (CNN producers, Disney employees, and Epstein’s friends excepted, of course.) But most are accessories to a project of sexualizing and confusing children for political gain. This fact deserves vastly more public attention and scrutiny. And many do seem to derive a very perverted sense of psychic satisfaction from children being sterilized and mutilated in pursuit of a “transgender identity.” Public attention must be drawn to this fact as well. 

The best way to draw public attention to the profound moral abyss that has seized the hearts and minds of America’s liberal cultural elite is to call them out for the perverted groomers that they have become. Sure, we could play by our normal playbook. Sit back, point out the “overreach” in the nicest possible terms, win an election or two, and then lose the issue when the Left’s government institutions and media inevitably resets public morality in their favor. 

Or we could try using their playbook. Fighting fire with fire. Calling things by name. 

The difference, of course, is that we have truth and virtue on our side. The postmodern American Left’s political philosophy is deeply rooted in profoundly perverted ideologues. Michel Foucault, godfather of political postmodernism to whom everything was “power,” was an (alleged) pedophile. Wilhelm Reich, godfather of the sexual revolution, believed that the only way to stop fascism was to smash the “patriarchy” by sexualizing children. John Money, godfather of gender ideology, was a pro-pedophile scientific fraudster. 

Of course, your average American journalist or Democrat apparatchik has barely read or perhaps even heard of any of these guys. No matter. Their commitment to grooming is, as they like to put it, structural and systemic. It might be unconscious. But we shouldn’t give unconscious groomers a pass. 

Last week, the Biden Administration affirmed the goodness and justness of what it calls “transgender affirming care.” “Affirming care.” Such nice words. What is involved in this “affirming care”? Cutting off the breasts of healthy girls. Inducing permanent sexual dysfunction. Sterilizing them. 

Have you heard any conservative pundits or seen any major politicians be so bold as to say: “It’s bad to sterilize kids”?

A little moral clarity goes a long way. Yet here we are, seven years into the grips of a gender identity mania, with relatively little public recognition that the “affirming care” being pushed by Big Pharma sterilizes children. With this mania edging ever closer to institutionalization in American public education, we should try speaking with a little moral clarity. 

As Christopher Rufo, who has done more in a year single-handedly than Conservatism, Inc. has done with billions of dollars over decades, put it: “A group of adults is very interested in your child’s sexuality.” 

They are groomers. Call them groomers. They won’t like being called groomers. But pay no attention to their groomer tears. Have no sympathy for their groomer fragility. Be a mom. Be a dad. Be a normal human being ante-2022. Don’t be afraid to fight perverted adults who are sexually interested in your children.

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