Will the Upcoming Election Be a Force for Good?

In 2016, Donald Trump stuck his neck out to lead a movement to save the country. Despite intense attacks from the establishment, he righted America’s course on trade, military and foreign policy, economic growth and jobs, and energy independence. The movement to Make America Great Again cannot lose heart or surrender to the establishment just because Joe Biden—and his globalist allies—have dragged the world into crisis. We need to stand up, now more than ever.

From war in Ukraine and tyranny in Canada to the betrayal of the American people and our rights in the swamp of D.C., things look very dark. Our geopolitical rivals think we’re a weak, woke joke unable to secure our own border. Our country is run by elitists who would rather give billions to other countries than spend a dime to protect their countrymen. Children are coerced like livestock into taking experimental vaccines, indoctrinated with radical race and sex theories, and deprived of the environment they need to thrive by an exploitative culture. Big Tech surveillance, censorship, and cancellation have effectively gutted our constitutional rights. Our economy is in tatters, and the streets of our major cities periodically flare into warzones.

We can’t be a “silent majority” and allow a tiny group of Marxists to control the direction of our country. I remember what my Mom and family experienced in Cuba; when the majority didn’t stand up for their country, they lost it to communists. 

These are some of the many reasons I’m running for Congress in Tennessee. My supporters and I believe these problems are solvable. We’re fighters. Just like President Trump in 2016, we can Make America Great Again in 2022 if we understand what we’re fighting for—and fighting against.

Despite what the warmongering corporate media is telling you right now, Americans’ main enemy isn’t some foreign dictator or thuggish oligarch raising hell overseas. It’s our own spiteful, cynical leaders who target concerned parents as domestic terrorists while shipping planeloads and busloads of illegal immigrants to our heartland in the middle of the night. It’s feckless establishment politicians who care more about their stock portfolios or speaking engagements than their constituents. It’s the shock troops of cultural Marxism going scorched-earth in our universities, bureaucracy, workplaces, and digital sphere.

The MAGA movement of 2022 and beyond must be forward-thinking—as Trump was in 2015—and tackle our emergencies first.

Pharmaceutical companies driving Americans into poverty and making billions selling them addictive opioids while ratcheting up the price of insulin? That’s an emergency. Over half of voters think our elections are run by cheaters? Emergency. Inflation? Emergency. Attacks on parents and students? Emergency. Gas prices? Emergency. Allowing China to dominate us in manufacturing? Emergency. Border crisis? Code red emergency

On day one, the new 2022 Republican majority must end the establishment’s dithering and grab the congressional reins. We must break up Big Tech’s monopoly and ignore the voices of politicians who are compromised by corporate donations. We must fight to protect every freedom—expression, movement, association, worship—with laws that can’t be overridden by “disaster declarations.” We must put power back in parents’ hands, both with school choice and protection from obscene or immoral agendas. We must fight to do the work of the people, not the bidding of Amazon. And we must end the plague of illegal immigration and crime with tougher security and stronger laws.

Don’t trust any politician, Republican or Democrat, who wavers on these issues. 

We must win more than just a Republican majority in Congress. We must win the hearts of Americans by showing that our vision for the nation’s future is beautiful and positive. My new Contract with America lays out a forward-thinking approach that explains why the 2022 primaries are just as important as the presidential election.

As a political outsider, I understand America’s need to restore greatness. We must become a country where a young boy can grow up without facing racial resentment from his peers, without being enslaved by propaganda in his school and on his screens. We must be a country where any American who wants to create a family, a business, or a great work of art can do so without being canceled or economically crushed.

When my mom and grandparents fled Fidel Castro’s oppression in Cuba to build a new life here, the American dream was treasured by all and was the envy of our enemies. That American dream made it possible for me, one generation later—the child of a penniless legal refugee from communism—to stand before you as a leading congressional candidate. American greatness is what makes this possible.

The MAGA movement has faced dark times and new crises since the 2020 election, but it’s only made us stronger. Dark times are how this movement began, and it’s how this movement will rise again to heights we’ve not yet seen. Let’s stay focused on what makes our country great and fight harder than ever against the growing threats that seek to destroy her. MAGA must return to become an unbeatable force of good for American families and a terror to their enemies.

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About Robby Starbuck

Robby Starbuck is a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District.

Photo: Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images