The Bitter End:
Christmas Eve 2024 With the Bidens

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. Alas, all of that hosiery contained nothing but coal. 

In Dickensian lingo, it had been the “worst of times” since Senile Joe the Imposter entered the White House and, by 2024, it was all coming to its long-awaited, bitter end. 

Unlike King Midas of ancient lore, Biden turned everything he touched to rubble. There was nothing he did not literally “f-ck up,” to use the crude Obamian vernacular. 

Santa Claus was not jolly. In fact, he mostly stopped coming to town a few years back as things got bad, then worse. The misery index was at an all-time high and the dollar was worth less and less. 

Gas costs approached $8 a gallon in certain parts of the country and the recession hit hard. Not even the normal cognitive dissonance—avoidance of conflicting beliefs and the discomfort that brings—could account for Biden’s total failure. That clash, dealt with by rejecting, debunking, and avoiding new information, had finally come to a screeching halt with the death knell of the sad Biden regime and all the dire harm and damage it had caused. 

Here is the naughty list, and we, the people, checked it twice: 

  • The Afghanistan debacle left the Taliban in power and terrorism ascending.
  • Supreme Court losses on mandates, OSHA, etc. showed disregard for the Constitution and rule of law.
  • Loss of energy independence and astronomical gas prices.
  • Out-of-control record inflation.
  • A deep recession.
  • COVID confusion and lies on its origins, boosters, and vaccines.
  • Supply chain delays on everything and food shortages.
  • Rising violent crime.
  • Intractable immigration woes and total lack of border protection.
  • Kowtowing to China and all-around foreign policy failures in Afghanistan, Iran, Ukraine, North Korea, and the world over. 

And since the midterm elections of 2022, Washington, D.C., and the government have been caught up in gridlock. Thankfully, except for a few more bad nominations and a handful of dubious executive orders, Biden has been checkmated, unable to do much more damage or embarrass and ruin the country much further in his overt plan of progressive woke ineptitude, now referred to as “build back worse,” by a cynical and increasingly angry public. Let’s Go Brandon flags fly just about everywhere. 

Voted the “Worst President in American History,” Biden made Jimmy Carter and his malaise look good by comparison. By November 2024, he falls to an all-time low approval rating of just over 20 percent favorable. He has nobody left to blame but himself and the fools who man his tragic sinking ship of state. 

Many of his progenitors and sycophants depart, while others choose to go down with the Democratic Titanic. Some take lucrative talking-head jobs on CNN and MSNBC making excuses, but most jump off the metaphorical cliff. 

Yes, the 2024 elections were as bad as those of two years previous, when the Democrats lost control of both Houses of Congress and the Red Tide became a gigantic tsunami, taking 65 seats away from Biden’s demoralized and splintered party. 

Losing all the chairmanships and the speaker post unleashed a huge wave of inquiries, endless hearings, and special committees that seemed like they would never end. Biden and his errors, sins, and outright theft were exposed for all to see. Even the Chinese were somewhat embarrassed by the findings. The American public was outraged: mad as hell, they weren’t going to take it anymore. 

The impeachment of Biden on the grounds of corruption and payoffs from foreign governments (China, Russia, Ukraine, you name it) to himself and his notorious crime family flew like a buzzsaw through the House and was led by Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who fought like a champion wrestler to make the case. But alas in the Senate, it lost by just two votes when some RINO leftovers, led by Pierre Delecto, a liberal Mormon from Utah, said it would be improper to convict. So, Biden limped along to the election a wounded, depressed, and increasingly ill person, unable to form a single coherent sentence or even read off a teleprompter. He hasn’t left the White House grounds in months. His Wilsonian-level stroke didn’t help matters, either. (Dr.) Jill played both nurse and surrogate. 

The aged Biden did reluctantly endorse his cackling vice president, Kamala Harris, to take the reins in a hotly contested primary that saw more than a few challengers, including Beto. Joe obviously didn’t care for her much and regretted his decision, based entirely on identity politics, to make her his running mate way back—but what the heck. She ran an absolutely silly, nonsensical, childlike presidential campaign and laughingly lost the general election by 20 percentage points in an overwhelming Red State victory to the new, younger and vigorous—Trump-like, now president-elect Ron DeSantis. His sunny, supercharged campaign promised “Florida Everywhere”—and was fully backed by former President Donald J. Trump.  Harris did win California and New York, though that was it. 451 to 84 in the Electoral College (and without much cheating, this time as the outcome was so apparent and deserved) a score far better than any Yale varsity baseball game. 

The new incoming administration looks like a who’s who of true national conservatives. It includes Tim Scott, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, Candace Owens, Tulsi Gabbard, Steve Scalise, Francis Suarez, and Kristi Noem, among others. OutKick’s Clay Travis has just agreed to be the White House spokesman and director of communication. Manning up, he refused to be called a “spokesperson.” 

The main planks of the Republican platform were open, accountable, limited government, following the Constitution and the rule of law, and policies that promote liberty, safety, and prosperity for all. And in foreign affairs—principled realism, based on putting America first. 

With the dark days of Biden behind, America is about to commence a much-needed new renaissance with states’ rights, gun rights, energy independence, a rebuilt southern border, and lower taxes for all.

DeSantis says his first act will be to set term limits on swampy legislators and ban the revolving door of privilege in Washington. He will construct a complete border wall, a series of oil and gas pipelines, and rebuild the military. His theme was taken right from the pages of *45—Make America Great Again, Again! 

The only thing remaining in the illegitimate Biden term of indefensible office, which the public now knows was stolen in the first place, is the action he is about to take at midnight tonight at the stroke of Christmas dawn. 

He is going to issue a pardon of his criminally indicted son, Hunter, on the charges of racketeering and RICO violations, tax evasion, including money laundering, that he was convicted of just over a year ago. 

He won’t be going to jail after all, thanks to the Big Guy, a.k.a. Mr. Ten Percent Joey. 

And Netflix has offered to give Hunter millions for the new mini-series, based on his sordid life story: “My Travails as a Biden Crackhead, Porn-Addicted, Political Operative.” They say that Hollywood has lots of competition on who will star in the colorful role as “Hunter” in the upcoming series—John Travolta, Robert Downey, Jr., or Charlie Sheen. The roles of stripper, pole dancer, coke supplier, and baby mama are yet to be determined.

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About Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, scholar-diplomat-strategist, is CEO of the thought leadership firm The Roosevelt Group. He is the author of 18 books, including The Plot to Destroy Trump and, with Felipe J. Cuello, Trump's World: GEO DEUS. He appears regularly in the media, as a keynote speaker, and on television around the world. 

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images