Americans Deserve Better

Due to decades of “progressive” policies forced upon the West, we live in a “global” economy that has made countries dependent on one another. But that shouldn’t mean America, the most powerful and still the greatest nation on the planet, needs to operate at the mercy of others. Unfortunately, because Joe Biden ended our energy independence when he came into office, we find ourselves vulnerable to the whims of Vladimir Putin.

You wouldn’t know that from the way Washington elites talk. They’re so eager to start a full-blown war with Russia, you can see them salivating. It might be profitable for the military-industrial complex and convenient for Democrats who have plenty of failures to hide, but any escalation of hostilities with Putin can only end in disaster, furthering loss of life in Ukraine.

Globalists like it when everyone relies on everyone else, because codependent countries are more easily controlled countries. They also like it because it enables corruption in unaccountable, far-flung places. Now Biden—together, I’m sorry to say, with many of my Republican colleagues—seems desperate to protect one of his bases of self-enrichment, Ukraine. But Biden and our compromised Washington institutions and politicians do so at the risk of a nuclear world war.

Remember when we were told that “the adults” were back in charge? Sorry to be blunt, but these are the same “adults” who have been screwing up (and us) on the world stage for generations. They’re the same adults who took out Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Of course, Joe Biden said “NATO got it right” after Gaddafi’s execution. But the reality was Middle Eastern chaos and the resurgence of slave markets in which human beings are sold for $40 or less. 

Libya was a catastrophe, just like everything else the supposed adults in the room have done. They encouraged the Arab spring, which replaced one group of tyrants with another. They are responsible for the emergence of ISIS. And while these elite buffoons in the State Department and the Democratic Party remain delusional enough to believe that they can outwit and outmaneuver Xi Jinping and Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman, we all know the truth. They’re dysfunctional, corrupt idiots. 

America deserves better. America deserves true adults back in charge—responsible statesmen who put America first. But today, the same people who wrecked the world—and who stole the last presidential election—are desperately trying to provoke Vladimir Putin and back him into a corner. It’s as though they are secretly wishing for him to press the nuclear button his finger hovers over. 

Our government under Joe Biden is handing power to Putin while recklessly destroying America. Putin isn’t nearly as wounded by Western sanctions as Biden’s propaganda arms like CNN and the New York Times would have you believe. He can still sell his oil to China and India—with the added bonus that these transactions now occur in yuan, rupees, and rubles. Never before has there been a president so inept and hopeless that his toothless saber-rattling threatened to kill off the petrodollar and collapse the U.S. economy.

And never before has there been a president so callously indifferent to human suffering. Biden’s deliberate prolonging of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is already fostering famines in Africa. Cameroon is experiencing wheat shortages, since Ukraine and Russia are both major exporters of grain. Less than a third of the usual volume of bread is available in many places. People are going to die—and all because Biden wants war. For the sake of the world’s poor, we must end this conflict now. 

It won’t be easy. The Biden crime family has corrupt business dealings in Ukraine going back decades. But we cannot allow them to hide these crimes by fueling a war that will cover up the evidence. After all, who will be able to investigate revelations from Hunter’s laptop when Kyev is a smoldering crater? If you think that’s too cynical or implausible, well, I’m sorry. You just haven’t been paying attention.

Who will be able to afford food when Russia, the source of 50 percent of the world’s fertilizer, won’t sell to us, thanks to Biden’s masochistic sanctions? Because it’s not just the Third World that will suffer. Americans are staring down the barrel of food shortages, exponentially inflated prices, and who knows what further nightmares. It’s getting worse with every day that passes.

The solution to this mess is not sending jets and establishing no-fly zones that guarantee our participation in a devastating worldwide war. The solution is the negotiating table and peace. 

No one in my district wants to fund Biden’s war. They want lower gas prices, a secure southern border, and transgendered men in women’s clothes and polyester wigs out of their daughter’s dressing rooms. The elites are trying to channel two years’ worth of bitter frustration from the American people at Russia. But American anger doesn’t belong there. 

We should be angry with the people who muzzled our children, wrecked our economy, and forced us to take a vaccine with unknown future side effects. And we should be angry, most of all, with the Biden crime family and their shameless attempts to cover up decades of corruption by leaving Ukraine in ruins. I can’t believe so few of my colleagues in the House have the courage to say so. They don’t have long to wake up.

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About Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the U.S. representative for Georgia's 14th congressional district.