Klaus Schwab’s Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel was real. The structure, reaching far into the skies, was built in the land of Shinar, in ancient Babylon. It was constructed some years after the Deluge, or what is commonly called Noah’s flood.

Globalists in the European projectespecially at Davos, in Switzerland, and in the U.S. Democratic Partyhave been building their own modern-day tower for many decades. Their punishment of Europe has been Biblical in scale, and now they want to expand it worldwide. Joe Biden and his advisors are fully on board with the project of bringing it full-scale to America.

Today that Tower of Babel is the World Economic Forum, the European Union, and other globalist organizations. Tomorrow, it will expand and include one-world government, currency, and media.

The original tower broke God’s covenant and his commandmentsunifying people in sin. Similarly, Davos’ Babel is rapidly becoming the gate through which Hell itself spills onto the continent and spreads its tentacles to places like Canada, Australia, and even the United States.

This warning has been ignored by the Eurocrats in Brussels and Strasbourgthey speak of building a European empire, with sons and daughters drafted into a European Army going off to die for the socialist Chancellor of Germany. Klaus Schwab, in Kungian fashion, preaches a “global ethic” that does away with diverse faith traditions handed down over the centuries. In America, Biden sacrifices our hard-won sovereignty in everything he touchesfrom healthcare to homeland security to green new deals.

In truth, such actions represent the sinful pride of mankind and an act of ultimate hubris—wanting to reach the heavens—where persons in the elite cadre could become like gods themselves.

Historically, Babel has been explained as an attempt to comprehend the existence of so many diverse languagesan allegorical myth.

To prevent the wrath of God, Davosians, like Americans, must keep faith in the system the Lord gave them. The sacred canopy and laws of an ordered universe were not meant to be sacrificed for some socialist, earthly one-world political goal.

Towering over the nations of Europe, Brussels promotes nothing like a healthy culture. The elites of Davos favor instead a universalist anti-culture, a sinful attempt to standardize every nation into sameness and socialism. They seek to reset the present system with a trans-human ideology of an expert illuminati, headed by a Dr. Evil-like character, one Klaus Schwab.

And who is this Schwab character?

He is the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum. Schwab was born in Ravensberg, Germany in 1938 and before migrating to become Swiss neutrals, his family was involved with the Nazis and young Schwab was a member of the Nazi Youth. Schwab’s economic forum on management started in 1971 and was transformed into an international foundation with global ambitions over the decades. There is no transparency so there is no record of its doings, budget, or tentacles. With Schwab as its dictatorial, maniacal leader, the organization has become the hub of all globalism, elite domination, and what is termed, the “Great Reset.”

The Flemish master Pieter Brueghel’s influential portrayal of the scene at Babel was based on the Colosseum in Rome, while later conical depictions of the tower (as depicted in Doré’s illustration) resemble much later Muslim towers observed by 19th-century explorers, notably the Minaret of Samarra.

The Law of Europewhimsical, unenforceable, and ill-advisedis no substitute for Holy Writ. Nor are the tyrannical mandates in Canada and the feeble attempts by the Biden Administration to reign in the citizens of America. Davos’ edicts of wokeism, green nonsense, and one-world globalism have no basis in reality and cannot be allowed to come to fruition. (The composer Anton Rubinstein wrote a powerful opera based on the very same story, called “Der Thurm zu Babel.”)

It was on account of this sin, the same as that in the original Garden of Eden, that God divided humans and made them speak foreign tongues, whereby they could not understand each other, they could no longer communicate and conspire to set themselves up over Him.

Conservative political philosopher Michael Oakeshott surveyed at great length historic variations of the Tower of Babel story in different cultures and produced a modern retelling of his own in his important 1983 book, On History. 

In his retelling, Oakeshott expressed disdain for human willingness to sacrifice individuality, culture, and quality of life for what he called, “grand collective projects.”

He attributed this behavior to a fascination with novelty, persistent dissatisfaction, greed, and lack of self-reflection and self-governance.

Oakeshott, of course, was prescient and entirely correct.

Today, the new Tower of Babel is the EU and all of its related Davos globalism. It is saturating the globe on all continents. It pretends to make the world a better place. It does no such thing.

This is the prevailing ideology of global elites and the institutions and machinery they deploy to make themselves gods—to maintain control over humanity.

Setting aside all tradition, all past custom, often rewriting history, and most notably, eradicating the nation-state and religions, these globalists and the crony capitalists and socialists who fund them and all their doings, seek one thing: the power to control.

Zbigniew Brzeziński, a Davosian if ever there was one, former national security advisor to President Carter, put it in his own book, Between Two Ages, America’s Role in the Technotronic Era: “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen.”

Reread that and you have the doctrine of globalism in a few short sentences.

Here is the same edict in the recent words of the real Wizard of Oz, Klaus Schwab, “I believe that, if managed well, the Fourth Industrial Revolution can bring a new cultural renaissance, which will make us feel part of something much larger than ourselves: a true global civilization.”

Hating the common man and woman, while elevating their own self-righteousness and power, the global elite at places from Davos to Bilderberg and from the UN to the EU, and especially in the mainstream media and the deep state, want to end life as we know it—in the “little platoons” as Burke called them.

As shown above, they abhor freedom, family, and especially faith.

They want one huge psychobabble and one world government controlled by them and their unelected pawns in the administrative state.

The conservative worldview is founded in the dignity of persons, subsidiarity of institutions, and their flourishing in freedom, while globalism entails a worldview of domination.

This new order of globalism would be neither democratic nor representative; it would be what Oakeshott himself termed an “enterprise” association—a unitary Leviathan.

It bears mentioning that Leviathan, a mythical sea-monster whose defeat precedes civilization, is syncretic with Ouroboros, the snake that ate its own tailwhich fits the bureaucratic state perfectly.

Like the Tower of Babel, today’s acts of global arrogance run contrary to the very nature and metaphysical definition of man. Defeating it will allow the flourishing of sovereign nations again and the restoration of religious practice, family life, and meaningful existence.

It sounds lofty, even perhaps sometimes falsely ideal to bring people together and facilitate some far-reaching, new, so-called do-good international order. Often couched as “social justice,” globalism in fact provides no justice at all.

It is always attempting to bring heaven to earth, an impossible feat. Immanentizing the eschaton always ends in human suffering and death.

Never learning, it is the same sin over and over again.

Nimrod’s tower fell, as did Alexander’s, Cyrus’, Attila’s, Napoleon’s, Hitler’s, Stalin’s, and Mao’s.

They all fall.

The EU is next. Davos will inevitably follow.


Because such global geopolitical projects, even when buttressed with so-called “noble” reasons, are utter and sheer vanities.

They are not noble at all.

So too, Schwabian globalism itself must and will inevitably fall.

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Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, scholar-diplomat-strategist, is CEO of the thought leadership firm The Roosevelt Group. He is the author of 18 books, including The Plot to Destroy Trump and, with Felipe J. Cuello, Trump's World: GEO DEUS. He appears regularly in the media, as a keynote speaker, and on television around the world. 

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