Who’s Paying These Guys?

Poland announced Tuesday it would be giving all of its MiG-29s to the United States. The United States would, in turn, hand the fighter planes over to Ukraine, so that Poland wouldn’t directly be providing anti-Russian military aid. At least that was the plan. Just hours after Poland announced it was sending the planes, the United States announced it was rejecting them. 

This story is unraveling almost faster than I can write about it: On Monday, just the day before, Poland’s deputy minister of foreign affairs said explicitly that Poland would not be giving fighter planes to Ukraine. 

Why would Poland make this announcement all of a sudden, right before an apparent reversal? Because just the day before that, Secretary of State Antony “Genius” Blinken gave an interview to CBS in which he said that they’d given Poland the “green light” to send fighter planes to Ukraine. “In fact,” Blinken continued cheerfully, “we’re talking with our Polish friends right now about what we might be able to do to backfill their needs if, in fact, they choose to provide these fighter jets to the Ukrainians. What can we do? How can we help to make sure that they get something to backfill the planes that they are handing over to the Ukrainians?”

Now, if you were Poland, in secret negotiations with both Ukraine and the United States to send military aid to Ukraine, but in such a way that you didn’t immediately get attacked by Russia, how would you feel if the American secretary of state suddenly blurted all this out on national television? “We’re talking with our Polish friends right now—in secret, of course, so don’t tell anyone!” 

Faced with this astonishing interview, it’s no wonder Poland felt compelled to contradict the “rumors” immediately to avoid worse fallout. It appears the Biden Administration is so desperate to show that they’re doing something to stop the world from disintegrating that they’re willing to air private conversations with a NATO ally, even if they wreck a strategy in the process.

Now, as icing on the cake, a deal that involved a lot of negotiation and that even got Blinken’s official “green light” on CBS finally comes off—to the point where Poland makes an official announcement—and, hours later, the United States gives Poland the shaft, presenting our allies the worst of both worlds and sacrificing Poland (again) to appease Russia. What kind of disaster are we witnessing here?

People used to make fun of Donald Trump for projecting “strategic ambiguity,” but that’s exactly what you should do in a world of adversaries and potential adversaries. Putin wanted to invade Ukraine, but he didn’t know what Trump would do in response. The uncertainty was great, therefore Putin’s risk was great. 

Now we’re witnessing the reverse approach: Tell your enemy exactly what you plan to do, and leave him in no doubt as to your sincerity. (Remember when the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told his Chinese counterpart that he would be sure to warn him in the event America planned to attack?) Biden announced repeatedly that the United States would do nothing to defend Ukraine. When was Putin going to get another invitation like that?

This has been happening continuously since the Biden regime took over: News outlets reported last week that Biden Administration officials had shared U.S. intelligence on Russian troop movements ahead of the invasion with our great strategic ally, China. Of course, China turned right around and shared this top-secret information with the Russians.

In June, Biden actually bragged, as a strategic accomplishment, that he had shared with Russia a list of 16 of America’s “critical infrastructure entities” that he wanted Russia to regard, in his words, as “off-limits to attack by cyber or any other means.” 

That’s right, folks, he actually gave Russia a written list of ways to cripple us.

These incidents aren’t an aberration, and they’re not just a pattern. They’re what the Biden people consider strategic clarity. Total openness. Help your enemies, screw your friends. It’s like playing poker with your cards facing the wrong way. When you really think about it, it’s almost like the Biden Administration is playing for the other side. But how could that possibly make sense? After all, who’s paying their salaries?

Now isn’t that an interesting question?

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