Neutering Putin the Hard Way

Joe Biden’s abilities under pressure seem to be limited to tying his shoes and waving “bye-bye.” It is obvious that he cannot muster the brainpower to simultaneously increase U.S. oil and gas production as he cuts off Russian production, so there’s no hope to push back inflation

Oh well, half a brain is better than none; after all, Kamala Harris could be in charge.

Adding to the Ukraine disaster (after the Afghanistan disaster) is the utter ineptitude of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, whose only experience with a character like Putin comes from producing a horror film about vampires addicted to heroin. (The black and white photography was very creative.)

To date, Blinken has demonstrated that he has just two operating modalities: Hem or Haw.

Then, of course, there is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, the losingest general since George B. McClellan: Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Watchthisspace. Has anybody noticed that his discovery, five months ago, that Communist China’s headlong arms race is “one of the largest shifts in global geostrategic power that the world has witnessed” was only 30 years late? Has anyone heard a peep out of him with bright new ideas for Ukraine since his pre-invasion bluster last month? The man is so dense he makes plutonium look supple.

And last, Biden’s Climate Czar John “Swift Boat” Kerry thinks “massive emissions” from the Ukraine war are bad for the climate.

The idea of thousands of innocent dead Ukrainians and the possibility of a wider war have not penetrated the microclimate in Kerry’s skull which masquerades as a brain.

Meanwhile, the private sector is ignoring the White House’s dithering and incompetence (some might add incontinence) and proceeding to help by following the obvious course of making Vladimir Putin’s political position “worserer,” so that the price for the conquest of Ukraine becomes too dear.

Major companies like General Motors, Exxon, and even Disney, all with long-standing business relationships, are pulling out of Russia in order to squeeze the economic garrote just a little tighter.

In addition, some American organizations are attempting to make it easier for the Ukrainians themselves to get their hands on the garrote.

As an example, Charles Pinck, the president of the OSS Society has already republished the OSS World War II-era manual Simple Sabotage and translated it into Ukrainian for anybody in that country to download before the Russians can completely cut off communications. The basic knowledge in Simple Sabotage when placed in the hands of a bunch of pissed-off, revenge-seeking Ukrainians could be breathtaking. Are you listening, Vladimir?

A new group of anonymous American veterans has started an interactive website called Bolotnalysytsya, which means “Swamp Fox” in Ukrainian and teaches the principles of guerrilla warfare based on the victories of the American Revolutionary War hero, Francis Marion, and adapted to any environment including urban, mountain, or forest. Moreover, the website’s veterans can answer questions from Ukrainian partisans in real-time. 

The group is seeking to create large-scale video meetings to aid guerrilla groups. It has already added “OSS Simple Sabotage” to its website as well as the following ideas:

Disunifying attacks. Ratcheting up the domestic political pressure around Putin by using indirect kinetic effects to scale up the misery created as a result of the unjust war on Ukraine. Political pressure gets extreme when large numbers of Moscovites get perturbed by the disruption of electricity, transportation, and water

Very deep attacks against force multipliers. By using the methods pioneered by the British Long-Range Desert Group and Special Air Services in World War II, it would be possible to drive into Russia from any of a number of countries on the Russian border. Camouflaged within an ordinary car, plastic explosives could be molded and hermetically sealed into fenders and bumpers to beat bomb-sniffing dogs and their human handlers. 

Ukrainians who are fluent Russian speakers and very Russian-looking could attack deep airfields where specialized aircraft are kept. Using stealth, they could attack such aircraft with camouflaged explosives. It is a nice time of year for a jaunt to Taganrog.

The veterans at Bolotnalysytsya are looking for veterans who speak Ukrainian. Any takers?

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