Video: Is It Time for Intellectuals to Talk About God?

American Greatness fellow Tal Bachman interviews author Naomi Wolf, whose recent essay, “Is It Time for Intellectuals to Talk About God?” and criticism of the public policy response to COVID-19, has attracted widespread attention and controversy.

“I was now willing to speak about God publicly,” Wolf writes, “because I had looked at what had descended on us from every angle, using my normal critical training and faculties; and that it was so elaborate in its construction, so comprehensive, and so cruel, with an almost superhuman, flamboyant, baroque imagination made out of the essence of cruelty itself—that I could not see that it had been accomplished by mere humans working on the bumbling human level in the dumb political space.”

Watch and listen.

About Tal Bachman

Tal Bachman is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness. A writer, Sirius XM host, Bachman is also the musician best known for his 1999 hit, "She's So High." Join Tal and his Dad online every Friday night at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST for their unrehearsed live musical show, "Friday Night Trainwrecks." Tal can be reached at

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