The Woke War Machine vs. America’s ‘Minutemoms’

Critical social justice’s (CSJ) march through America’s institutions is very nearly complete. CSJ, and its woke evangelists, easily penetrated and commandeered U.S. colleges and universities. 

Even White House occupant Joe Biden speaks incessantly about “white supremacy.” The Department of Homeland Security tells us white domestic terrorism is the top threat to America. 

Not to be left out, corporate America has proclaimed its total fealty to woke ideology. Leaked documents show companies like Coke imploring their employees to be less white. Raytheon—whose laser-guided bombs are disproportionally dropped on people of color—tells its white, straight, Christian, able-bodied, English-speaking employees to deconstruct their identities, “identify [their] privilege,” and “step aside” in favor of other identity groups. AT&T offers employees training that says racism is a “uniquely white trait,” telling white employees that they are the problem.” It’s pure racism, of course. But not a single Fortune 500 CEO has spoken out against it. They’re too frightened to do so. 

America’s institutions have fallen to the neo-Marxist, critical social justice ideology without a fight. 

But then, along the way, the unexpected happened. The woke CSJ takeover of America ran into a barrier it never expected: the American Mom. 

It turns out that a mom’s instinct to protect her offspring is a fearsome thing. Think Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the movie “The Revenant” when he’s brutally mauled by a grizzly bear. His sin? Simply coming between a mama bear and her cubs. CSJ had almost fully captured America when it came between American moms and their children. 

Yet to ensure total victory, CSJ advocates know they must indoctrinate children, as early as preschool, to see the world through a lens of oppression and race. CSJ cannot be fully successful unless the next generation adopts a neo-Marxist view of American society. Whereas old-fashioned Marxism stoked conflict between the affluent bourgeoisie and the working-class proletariat, this new brand of CSJ “neo-Marxism” instigates competition for power among racial groups. Public schools are critical to achieving these ends. So schools have started to teach children that white people are “oppressors” and to regard all people of color as “victims.” Same old divisive Karl Marx playbook, just with a different spin. 

For American moms, however, critical social justice is correctly perceived to be dangerous to their children. In the face of that immediate threat, moms are willing to stand on the tracks in the face of the oncoming CSJ train and say, “Not on my watch.” After all, nobody cares more for a child than that child’s parent. Moms know that woke ideology demands that their kids be labeled, pigeon-holed, and punished over something they can’t control: their skin color. 

CSJ seeks to build a new hierarchy based on perceived victimhood, as determined by color, to achieve its goal of “equity,” wherein we will finally be assigned to our proper station in the society of racial justice. To do so, CSJ aims to create a world that actively discriminates against an entire generation of children in order correct for past discrimination, as “antiracist” neo-racist Ibram X. Kendi advocates. 

Moms understand that this ideology has the power to destroy their children’s future. If CSJ succeeds, it will ultimately destroy America by pitting ethnic groups against each other.  

So if moms are the final barrier to a social justice, neo-Marxist takeover of America, what is the CSJ movement to do about them? The answer is to slander, defame, and lie about the mothers of America.

Moms of all ethnicities and walks of life have risen to defend their children against the woke onslaught. Yet the CSJ movement seeks to label them as hateful “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists.” These parents are being called “book burners,” when all they want banned is critical race theory and its offshoots. They say these moms reject “truthful history.” But patriotic moms only reject a racialized, fake historical narrative about America that seeks to divide, like the debunked “1619 Project.” 

Truth is, a mother defending her child cares little about cancel culture. All she has to do is close Twitter and look at the face of her child to be reminded of what truly matters. 

Brave Minutemoms who’ve risen by instinct to protect their children’s freedom should realize they are ultimately protecting all Americans’ freedom. The battle for our nation’s soul is reaching a fever pitch. Critical social justice advocates understand they must control the next generations’ minds, and moms are the last formidable hurdle standing against a revolution that seeks to re-racialize America. Therefore, American moms should expect the woke machine to deploy every weapon and tactic available against them. This is war, after all.  

The  history of war, however, is chock full of stories of the rag-tag bunch of rebels that defeated the evil war machine. Look no further than 1776-1783 on this continent. Can the American moms, a new class of underdog, do it again in 2022? 

Moms of America, you must steel yourselves. The attacks from the woke Left are about to get much worse. Prepare to be defamed, lied about, and smeared. But remember, you are not fighting for yourself, but for your children’s right to live in a free society that judges them solely by the content of their character.

You are demonstrating what true strength and courage looks like to the next generation. As you lovingly tuck your children into bed each night, realize that you are raising up the next generation of heroes who will save this country, not serfs enslaved to a Marxist ideology. But to do so, this generation’s Minutemoms must be willing to continue to march into this vicious battle, no matter the cost.

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