Courage Begets Courage 

The 2022 midterms are mere months away, and Democrats are running scared. They fear reaping the consequences of what they have sown by putting Americans through lockdowns, quarantines, and mandates that have left our economy battered and bruised.

Many businesses still suffer labor shortages and others never reopened their doors. Hardworking people lost their jobs, and the futures that they dreamed about for their families are gone, likely forever. 

Some people gave in to socialism by accepting Joe Biden’s “free” money instead of returning to work. Our liberal leaders lured desperate Americans with a buffet of freebies in which very few took just what they needed. Instead, they gorged themselves to the point that they became reliant on the government—especially those who were unemployed or in desperate situations created by the man-made pandemic.

As the liberal media overwhelmed the airwaves with tales of COVID-19 deaths and “15 days to flatten the curve” turned into several months, the United States spiraled downward into a dark abyss that blinded nearly everyone. 

And then it happened. We woke up!

When the scales fell from our eyes, we could see that the Democrat-led government wasn’t taking care of us. It was taking control of us. Radical progressives were pulling Biden’s puppet strings.

Business owners began to stop voluntarily following mandates that were killing their profits and keeping customers away. At first, many were fined and some were jailed. Courage begets courage, and more business owners across our nation started saying, “No more!”

Officials quickly realized that they couldn’t jail everyone, and most backed off.  

Unfortunately, businesses in blue states like New York and California continued to struggle. When their liberal leaders saw that businesses were no longer complying, they took the insanity to the next level by allowing criminals to loot and steal without punishment. They turned a blind eye to the homeless encampments driving away customers. And illegal aliens were welcomed with the promise of jobs and benefits when American citizens were barely surviving. 

The American people continued to fight.

Red states like Florida and Texas pulled the plug on Biden’s plan to destroy their states. Once again, courage bred courage. More states stepped up for their citizens, and their citizens began to stand on their constitutional rights. Capitalism thrived and getting back to normal seemed within reach.

But the radical Biden regime couldn’t let that happen without a fight. Inflation soared. The supply chain came to a standstill. Gas prices skyrocketed. Grocery store shelves emptied, and prices for basic necessities went through the roof.

The American people remain resilient. We continue to push forward with an understanding that we live in the greatest country in the world. America gives us the opportunity to prosper, produce, innovate, and live free. 

Now, here we are with the 2022 midterms looming, and the Democrats are scattering like rats on a sinking ship. Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted. Political affiliation that used to divide our nation is no longer as important as standing together to fight for our constitutional rights. 

Then just when the Democrats thought it couldn’t get any worse, a freedom convoy of up to 50,000 truckers standing in solidarity against vaccine mandates barrels across Canada, shutting down roadways, cities, and even access to the United States. Blaring horns are a call to resistance and noncompliance. 

The Freedom Convoy has not only captured the attention of the entire world, but also inspired others to stand up against tyranny. And we see it again . . . courage begets courage.

People around the globe are saying, “Enough is enough!” But what does that have to do with America and the 2022 midterms? Everything!

The American people have also reached that enough-is-enough line. We are no longer standing in the shadows watching as the current administration destroys the country that we love. Instead, we are taking our country back and that includes showing up in massive numbers to participate in free and fair elections. 

Business owners and entrepreneurs must get back to the core fundamentals of capitalism and refuse to allow the socialists to destroy our free enterprise system. No more handouts. Working to achieve the American dream is not a new concept. 

I believe we are headed into the greatest economic explosion since President Trump was in office, but it will only happen if we stop the erosion that is eating away at the foundation of America. 

In my book, Making Capitalism Great Again, I discuss how innovation and creativity will create record-breaking results in a business and ultimately the lives of customers. This is the American entrepreneurial spirit that cannot be broken no matter what the current administration comes up with next. 

We’ve seen their playbook and know their socialist endgame. 

Socialism is the snake that got into our house through radical politicians, but communism is the venomous bite that will destroy life as we know it. Communism begins with compliance. It’s the germ of control that grows to a plague of destruction. 

As President Trump said, “America will never be a socialist nation.”  It’s up to us to make sure that statement remains true.

The 2022 midterms are going to be a nightmare for the Democrats as long as we continue to stand together in the fight for the future of America. 

Just remember: courage begets courage.

About John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme, is author of Making Capitalism Great Again: The ABCs of Socialism Versus Capitalism. Di Lemme is a speaker, capitalism strategist, host of the explosive CBJ Real News Podcast Show and founder of the Conservative Business Journal.

Photo: iStock/Getty Images

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