They’re Trying To Hide It, But Joe Biden and the Democrats Have Cops’ Blood On Their Hands

Joe Biden last week went to New York Police Department headquarters amid out-of-control crime in Democratic-run cities and a deadly war on cops. Biden and the Democrats are terrified at the abysmal poll numbers because of their pro-criminal policies. Feigning a newfound concern over violent crime, Biden stuck to the far-left Democrat script literally—having to read it aloud from pages in a binder. 

Biden’s sad presentation was a rehash of the crime plan he announced in June—a leftist fantasy that would increase, not reduce, crime. 

The Democrats’ plan misdirects the majority of law enforcement resources at illegal guns instead of targeting thugs who use guns illegally. It would avoid holding criminals personally responsible for their behavior by declaring that gun crime is no longer a criminal problem but rather a “public health” problem. And it “reimagines” policing by replacing cops with social workers; and attacks the rights of legal gun owners.  

Biden really showed the Democrats’ hand with what he did not talk about. Not once did he mention the priorities and concerns most average Americans share—restoring the rule of law in our cities, putting criminals in jail, and calling out radical state attorneys who enable violent criminals by refusing to hold them accountable.    

But the biggest outrage was Joe Biden paying lip service to murdered NYPD officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora. Biden and the Democratic Party have the blood of these heroes and dozens of other dead police officers on their hands. It has been the lie of systemic police racism and their ongoing demonization of the police that created an environment in which such despicable violence against the police can occur.  

The war on America’s cops is real. Last year, 346 police officers were shot—the most ever. Seventy-three were feloniously killed. Ambush attacks on police increased 115 percent. Deadly attacks on the police skyrocketed with the arrival of the new year. In January, 30 more officers across the country were shot and five were killed by gunfire—a 67 percent increase over the same period last year.  In addition to their two murdered officers, three more NYPD members were shot; in Harris County, Texas, Constable Charles Galloway was shot dead in cold blood by a criminal illegal alien; and Los Angeles Police Department Officer Fernando Arroyos was murdered by four gang members. 

Violence against the police is the worst we have ever seen, and the savagery of cop killings has intensified. The alleged killer of Officers Rivera and Ramos, a career criminal who was out on probation, continued firing bullets into the officers even after they were down. In December in Bradley, Illinois, police sergeant Marlene Rittmanic was attacked and disarmed by a violent criminal who shot her to death with her own weapon as she pleaded for her life. She had been responding to a barking dog complaint. In Maryland, Baltimore police officer Keona Holley was assassinated as she sat in her parked squad car at 1:30 a.m. when two career criminals snuck up behind her vehicle and shot her in the head. 

This didn’t happen overnight. So, how did we get here?

To become a cop-killer, a person must first learn to hate the police. In America, the easiest way to hate someone is to believe that he is a racist. The Obama Administration adopted the lies of Black Lives Matter (BLM) Marxists—that American policing is systemically racist and that the police are guilty of an epidemic of fatally shooting innocent, unarmed black men. Obama continually repeated these myths and publicly embraced BLM extremists. 

The lie of systemic police racism was part of the 2020 Democratic Party platform. The Biden-Harris Administration has practically incorporated the entire Black Lives Matter anti-police program as Democratic policy and ramped up the BLM hate-the-police propaganda campaign to a new level. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the entire leftist elite establishment have spread these lies continuously. They have ignored every murder of a police officer—except when they can use the death for political expediency. 

Hatred of the police has been fabricated by delegitimizing the police as a systemically racist institution, and demonizing individual officers as murderers and racist oppressors of black people—individual police officers have been dehumanized. As a result, noncompliance with, resistance to, and violence towards the police have become justified and accepted

When Biden spoke at NYPD headquarters last week, he dutifully recited how he is not on board with “defunding the police”—the BLM slogan that Democrats loudly proclaimed until about five minutes ago when pollsters told them it would be political suicide. But Biden’s reimagined stance is designed to divert voters from a deeper truth. The truth is that the effort to defund police is based upon the ultimate lie of systemic police racism—and its disastrous effects go far beyond the dollars in a police department budget.

The lie of systemic police racism has been utilized not only to cut police funding and manpower but also to justify eliminating cash bail for criminals and enact laws that strip away the protection of qualified immunity from individual officers. The lie has paved the way for the election of radical George Soros-funded prosecutors whose purpose is to dismantle our justice system and the rule of law. Subversive district attorneys have dropped tens of thousands of felony cases, refused to charge gun and other violent offenders, emptied jails, and arbitrarily stopped prosecuting multiple categories of crimes. 

The propaganda of systemic police racism and its repercussions have crushed police morale. Thousands of veteran officers have retired early or quit. Recruiting enough replacements has been impossible.

In major Democratic-run cities proactive policing has almost ceased to exist. Because of hostility and lack of support from Democratic leaders and sometimes their own chiefs, officers have pulled back from seeking to engage with criminals.  

Most importantly, the lie of systemic police racism has undermined the public’s trust in the police—the essential element of police-community partnership. 

The lie of systemic police racism has not just killed cops. By devastating policing, it has also unleashed a violent crime wave on Democratic-run cities—with blacks the primary victims. America’s crime epidemic saw a 30 percent homicide surge in 2020. Almost 10,000 homicide victims were black—56 percent of all homicide victims, despite blacks constituting only 12.4 percent of the U.S. population. 

The Left wants black people to hate the police. But the truth is that there is no other American institution more committed to saving black lives than the police—that is the reason why, despite all the anti-police Democrat propaganda, 81 percent of blacks want the same amount or even more police in their communities. 

The lie of systemic police racism is the root cause of the war on cops and the crime wave resulting in the deaths of thousands of black citizens. From now until the November election, Democrats will insist frantically that they are against defunding the police—in fact, they never even heard of the idea. 

Of course, it won’t work—the evidence of their complicity is clear. But we can’t be satisfied with that. This heinous myth was allowed to take hold because it was met with almost zero resistance from police chiefs and from only a handful of Republicans. Far too many were either indifferent or too afraid of being called racist to speak up. 

Everyone needs to stand up now. The lie of systemic police racism must be confronted, exposed, and destroyed. Standing in truth must be the foundation of our efforts in supporting our police, fighting crime, reestablishing the rule of law, and taking back our country. 

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About Maurice Richards

Maurice Richards is the former chief of the Martinsburg Police Department in West Virginia. He served as chief from 2015 to 2020 after a 24-year career in the Chicago Police Department. Richards holds a doctorate in adult education from Northern Illinois University. His writing has been featured in Human Events, The Federalist, The Hill, and The Daily Caller

Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images