Princesses of the Proletariat

“There is a natural aristocracy among men,” Thomas Jefferson famously observed. “The grounds of this are virtue and talents.” But, he continued, “there is also an artificial aristocracy . . . without either virtue or talents.” That artificial aristocracy, Jefferson wrote, “is a mischievous ingredient in government, and provision should be made to prevent its ascendancy.” 

The Democratic Party serves a modern aristocracy. This aristocracy is global, artificial, and lacks virtue. To expose this aristocracy, Republicans should cover billboards, light up cell phones, and litter mailboxes with two pictures from last year. The theme of each is power and sacrifice.

The first is a picture of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) officiating last year’s unusual wedding of Ivy Getty. Ivy Getty is an heiress to the fantastic oil fortune of J. Paul Getty.

Along with Pelosi, guests for Ivy’s extravagant festivities included: a Democratic Party governor; a Democratic Party mayor; a transsexual-rights activist; a prince; another prince; a princess; another princess; an actress; a pop star; three famous fashion designers; something called a “fashion editor”; something called a “social media influencer”; and the host of a TV show about fashion. 

Guests were instructed to put masks on just before Pelosi arrived for the ceremony. Perhaps political donors in attendance feared bad optics for the San Francisco Democrat. 

As for bad optics, Ivy’s dress was made of mirrors—and her chihuahua was the ring bearer. The dog wore a sweater made by a famous fashion designer. 

Nancy Pelosi grinning at the avant-garde altar of wealth is the very metaphor of the modern artificial aristocracy. The power showcased in this spectacle flows from the 26-year-old titan of unearned wealth to the speaker of the House. In the trinity represented in this photo, the spirit flowing between those pictured is an enslaving one. It does not set people free. It is an unrestrained and childish ethos, the master of all who succumb to it. The servant speaker—and all of her political kin—are priests of a new wokeism and preachers of a new indulgence. 

Where does the everyday American fit into this spectacle? Where is the American whose fiancé wears a white dress and who gets married before a sacred altar? Where is the Uber driver? The Amazon laborer? The indebted student? Where are all those without whose reliable votes no Democrat at any time this century would ever have been speaker? 

They’re at the foot of the blasphemous altar: they’re the sacrifice

So begins the MAGA Republican’s 2022 campaign: The Democratic Party sacrifices its own voters to feed an artificial aristocracy’s designer revolutions and fashion philosophies. The extravagant indulgence hurts America. Wokeism hurts America. Censorship hurts America. Sexual revisionism hurts America. Radicalism hurts America. Political racism hurts America. Authoritarianism hurts America. Attacks on voting laws, attacks on the Senate, and attacks on the Supreme Court: it all hurts America. 

And everything hurting the everyday American gets ignored. Falling real wages. Failing domestic manufacturing. Fewer families. Fewer births. Fewer working men. Flat or declining wealth for each new generation, each one smaller than the last. 

More illegal aliens. More overdoses. More weed. More porn. More burnout. Soaring costs for college, housing, and medical care. Distortive taxes. Draconian regulations. Disempowered workers. Dubious retirement savings. Disappearing free markets. 

Discrimination from corporations. Dereliction of duty from the military. 

The mass killing of babies. 

Pay no attention to any of it. Joe Biden will nominate only a black woman to be the next Supreme Court justice. Biden appointed a transsexual to head the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, calling him the “first woman” to hold the post. Rachel Levine, when he was Pennsylvania’s health secretary, issued official pandemic guidance for orgy-goers. Wear a mask and don’t kiss, he suggested.

Bad optics, indeed. 

America needs its natural aristocracy back. Yes, it needs specific solutions—solutions grounded in America’s founding principles. Yes, it needs to continue the progress President Trump started. But most of all, it needs the people in charge to be focused and adult. 

That brings us to the children. It is essentially unrebutted that masks hurt children, particularly the youngest. Because of the masks schoolchildren are coerced to wear by way of the twisted logic that it will keep their teachers safe, many are less developed, less intelligent, less sociable—and all are without smiles. Some experts argue much of the damage could be permanent. 

Adults—in age but not in virtue—cause the damage our children suffer. But it was not caused by the adults who voted for Donald Trump. Not by the adults who watch Tucker Carlson. It was caused by adults who vote for the likes of Biden and Pelosi. The same people who would hurt your schoolchild with a so-called sex-reassignment surgery will also hurt your schoolchild with a mask. 

These adults would hurt your child not because they lose patience or lose control. They do it because they have convinced themselves that they must. They will brook no dissent. They will entertain no debate. They will hack through a jungle swamp to wrap a mask around your child’s face. As if cinching masks onto heads with ratchets, their dictates will go in only one direction. No matter how the virus weakens, no matter how thoroughly others are vaccinated, having begun by urging all to go without masks, they will end by forcing our kindergarteners into wearing three—maybe forever

The children hurt but they do not benefit. For long has it been clear that the Wuhan Flu causes them little harm. Today, it causes them essentially none. 

And that brings us to the second and final picture. Here, the power is the Democratic governor of New York, Kathy Hochul (shown here when she was still lieutenant governor). The sacrifice is at her feet: 

Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

In case you were wondering, Pelosi and guests were maskless for Ivy Getty’s wedding reception. It was crowded.

About Sean Ross Callaghan

Sean Ross Callaghan is an attorney and a former law clerk for a U.S. District Court judge. He served in the Treasury Department, the Justice Department, and in the D.C. Attorney General’s office as an Assistant Attorney General. He is currently a tech entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter @seanrcallaghan.

Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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