When It Comes to Hate Crime Hoaxes, Muslims Are Not Exempt

Before the recent incident in Texas, where a Muslim Pakistani British national held hostage a Jewish congregation inside a temple and was ultimately killed by authorities, had even concluded, Michigan’s liberal Attorney General Dana Nessel blamed the situation on “white supremacists.” Joe Biden, upon being asked about the situation, said: “We don’t have—I don’t think there is sufficient information to know about why he targeted that synagogue or why he insisted on the release of someone who’s been in prison for over 10 years, why he was engaged—why he was using anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli comments. I—we just don’t have enough facts.”

In the aftermath of Muslim fanatics carrying out acts of terrorism in North America and Europe—with dozens of deaths and injuries, culminating in the 9/11 attack, but continuing thereafter—leftists sought to shield Muslims from the resentment of their victims, or their potential victims, by inventing the charge of “Islamophobia.” Of course, they made the term equivalent with—what else?—racism. 

When Trump became president and ordered restrictions on immigration from places known to be harboring Muslim terrorists, liberals became even more hysterical, labeled it a “Muslim ban,” and the cries of “Islamophobia!” and “Racism!” escalated.

Predictably, this line of attack was taken up by Muslim extremists to advance their goal of appearing to be “jes’ plain folks.” And just as predictably, a series of false accusations of Islamophobia by individuals seeking some sort of personal advantage, either to themselves or to their holy cause, began to occur. Such hoaxes are ongoing and, in the wake of the recent terrorist act in Texas, likely to increase.

Before continuing and for perspective, let me briefly digress to cite Jean-François Revel’s superb Anti-Americanism, regarding the Muslim immigrants in France: 

The French-style policy of favoritism towards a minority has been stretched so far that the authorities find it almost normal that there are several million people living in France who don’t consider themselves subject to the laws of the land.

And of the Muslim population: “while it stridently claims to be discriminated against, it is itself deeply xenophobic and racist.” One pattern that recurs again and again in various countries experiencing Muslim immigration is that when they are small in number, they put forth the image of being “just plain folks,” aided by native sympathizers, but when they get to be a sizeable number they begin to make demands, they snarl, they threaten, and they ultimately become dangerous

Elsewhere, I compiled a list of anti-black hate crime reports that turned out to be hoaxes, many of which were carried out for personal advantage or to advance the cause of black victimhood. I did so in order that there would be no doubt that such frauds do occur, and occur frequently. Likewise, here is a list of hoaxes perpetrated by Muslim “victims,” said hoaxes eagerly propagated, as usual, by the media hivemind:

  • Khalil Cavil, a waiter in Odessa, Texas, produced a photograph of a message in a customer’s receipt that read, “We don’t tip terrorist (sic).” He received $1,000 in donations. The Washington Post, USA Today, Huffington Post, Dallas Morning News, Associated Press, Fox News, and CBS News salivated all over the story before he admitted to having fabricated it.
  • An unnamed female student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette claimed to have been beaten and to have had her hijab torn off by someone wearing a Trump hat. The ACLU instantly condemned the act—and, naturally, Donald Trump. It was a lie
  • An Iraqi woman was brutally beaten to death and an Islamophobic message was found next to her. This led to howls of indignation from the media at this horrible “racist” act by Islamophobes. Except it turned out that her husband had beaten her to death because she wanted a divorce and used the Islamophobic note as a red herring.
  • In Canada, an 11-year-old Muslim girl gave the usual accusation of having had her hijab torn off, except this time the perp was said to be an Asian. Regardless, she was a liar.
  • Yasmin Seweid of New York City reported that she had been attacked by three Trump supporters spewing “hatred” and trying to take off her hijab (her older sister abhors Trump). Surprise, surprise . . . Seweid lied, too.
  • A University of Michigan student said that a man had told her he would take and burn her hijab. That, too, was a lie.
  • A Muslim student at San Diego State University reported that two men had accosted her, telling her to get ready to run now that Trump had become president, and stole her purse, backpack, and car. There was no corroborating evidence on video, her car was not stolen, and she refused to cooperate with the police. Come to your own conclusion.
  • Ekran Mohamed, a student at Virginia’s Fairfax High School, said she was the victim of an Islamophobic attack by two other students, one of whom ripped off her hijab. The indoctrinated students at the high school almost immediately held a demonstration in her support. Mohamed declared that she would fight for justice: “It’s for every hijabi out there. Every Muslim girl, every Muslim person, every Muslim guy. It’s not, uh—it’s a daily thing that we go through, and people are trying to cover it up and make it look like, uh, an accident.” The Fairfax Police Department investigated and concluded that although an altercation had taken place, it was most definitely not “a hate crime.”
  • The Huffington Post published a story under the headline “Islamophobia Just Drove This Boy and His Family Out of America.” It was a lie—after all, it was the Huffington Post.
  • In New Jersey, Kashif Parvaiz and his ugly mistress, Antoinette Stephen, murdered his wife, whereupon he claimed that some men had killed her after calling the couple “terrorists,” an act of Islamophobia.
  • Saida Chatti lied when she informed the police that some men were going to bomb the heavily Muslim Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan. 
  • Why should students have all the fun of creating chaos and Balkanizing society? Azhar Hussain, a Muslim professor at Indiana State University, claimed to have received hate messages and to have been physically attacked. Not so
  • Terrorist threats made against Muslim students at Concordia University turned out to come from a man named Hisham Saadi. It is possible that he may be a Muslim.
  • Anti-Arab graffiti on the home of an Arab family in Ohio was put there by Osama Nazzal, possibly an Arab.
  • A small fire at a Des Moines mosque created the usual knee-jerk reactions from leftists, which went silent when videos showed a woman, Aisha Ismail, setting the fire.
  • An illegal alien from El Salvador killed a Muslim, whose murder leftists attributed to white supremacists.
  • Mike Hager claimed his mother died as a result of Trump’s travel ban because she could not return to the United States for continued medical treatment, which would have been some feat, since she had died a week before the ban went into effect. 
  • In New York City, a Muslim was harassing a woman in a parked car. She called her boyfriend who arrived in time to give him a colossal ass-whupping. Although a Muslim tried to make it appear to be a “hate crime,” another Muslim witness explained what had really happened.
  • This one is a little different: Craig Stephen Hicks, a man who was apparently mentally unstable, would pick fights with anyone at all. He shot three people who were Muslims over a parking dispute, even though at previous times he felt sympathy for them. Leftist politicians, Muslims groups, and leftist journalists banded together to proclaim his actions as Islamophobic. And, of course, they blamed Trump.
  • This one is also a little different: At the University of Central Florida, some Muslim girls set up a booth where other girls could try on hijabs (chains were not provided). When a particular girl refused to try it on, one of the Muslim girls tried to get the girl expelled from college. When the campaign fell flat, the lead instigator denied having tried to do so.
  • In New York City, Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam was found dead, floating on the Hudson River. Laurence Tribe, a leftist Harvard Law Professor, instantly concluded that her death was due not only to misogyny, but also Islamophobia—based on no facts whatsoever other than his own wishful thinking. Even after the police ruled Abdus-Salaam’s death a suicide based on video evidence, Tribe stuck to his guns.

Although these and other claims of Islamophobia all turned out to be frauds, the irony is that some (obviously nonviolent) amount of Islamophobia, or Islamoskepticism, is actually rational. When one considers both the historical and contemporary litany of atrocities and fanaticism carried out in the name of Islam, whose holy books unapologetically urge the followers to commit mass murders and rape (and if the reader refuses to believe this, then I would suggest reading them) how could it be otherwise? An open discussion on this matter is, of course, not possible in Western society as it would involve contending with the oppressive, prevailing censorship.

But, whether one is discussing hate crime hoaxes on blacks, Muslims, or gays, it is important to pay attention to some work that is being carried out by research psychologists on victimhood. Participants in the Oppression Olympics tend to be governed by the dark triad of personality, which is composed of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. These traits are very evident in such individuals as they manipulate people and situations for their benefit and ego gratification.  

About Armando Simón

Armando Simón is a retired psychologist, author of A Cuban from Kansas, When Evolution Stops and The Book of Many Books.

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